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Beauty and Art Go Way Down

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Marilyn Highmore is just starting to adjust to New York City in her enrollment at a beauty college. She meets a man who is named Gerard Arthur Way who has this wildest dream of making a difference ...

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Author's Note; This is my first story on here and I'm hoping to at least get one review. If you like this story, like I stated, please review it so I can have the need to go on.
I obviously do no own any member of My Chemical Romance and this is all fiction. Marilyn Highmore is a fictional character of mine though.
Alas, on with the story.

“Taxi! Taxi! TAXI!” The female called out for at least one taxi to pull up next to her.
No, instead, a taxi just drove off as it was right next to her as she was on the near end of the sidewalk and the car was at the slight edge of the pavement of the road.
The taxi zoomed right past her, disrupting the puddles of rainwater. The water splashed all around the female’s pants, causing her to groan in anger. “What the fuck?” She mumbled, shoving her hands in her coat. She was fully aware that she was… wet. Hm, it seems that for once, the weatherman WAS right. There would be rain. Who could have guessed? Although, she should have learned her lesson the second she moved into Room 129 in the Millenium Hilton Inn. First lesson she learned was that it was noisy. Obviously, she should have known this. Perhaps this female wasn’t so bright?
Nah, of course this female was smart. Perhaps she just became clueless at some moments. At this point in her post-career, she was in college. What she was studying? Well, technically, it was a beauty college. She was learning how to do makeup and hairstyles at the moment. She really wanted to be a singer of some sort of band, but she gave up on that after failed attempts. Not that she wasn’t a terrible singer, she was actually quite good. The female then chose the second career choice of her dreams; beauty. As far back as she can remember, she’s always been interested in new hairstyles and learning how to create fancy makeup. So, now she was enrolled in the beauty college.
“Taxi!” The female hollered once more, gritting her teeth afterwards. This was just going to be one of those days.
She groaned and decided she’d have to /walk/. She didn’t detest exercise, but you’d be angry at the thought of walking in the hard rain wearing clothes that should be worn to go out to the mall of some sort. Her black All-Star converse were now muddy as she walked on some mud puddles. She sighed, trying to ignore the squishy feeling she felt in her shoes because of the rain. Her hair was clearly a mess now.
Actually, the weather was nice when she left her room. Clouds did accessorize the sky, but it didn’t look too threatening. The sun hid behind one of the clouds so at that time, all you saw of the sun was just the top. The wind sure was hitting full force, but she didn’t mind at all. Then, she felt one drop of water. Then two. Then three.
She never saw it coming, although in New York City, you should expect the unexpected.
The female looked up and noticed that the School of Visual Arts wasn’t too far now as she saw it coming into view. Why was she going there? Supposedly, some volunteers had offered to get their haircut and makeup if they wished. She was one of the few to be chosen to take on such a task. She was no professional, she clearly made mistakes. In fact, one time, she cut off a huge chunk of this one woman’s hair. Thankfully, she hadn’t noticed. The female tried her best to not make mistakes when it came to serious business, such as this.
Speaking of hair, hers felt like it was a total mess. Her hair was a jet black color and it looked even darker now that it was wet. Her bangs, which were quite long and were brushed to the side, dripped with water as they stuck to her chest. She had layers In her hair but they stopped as they got mid-way to her hair. Not that it was a mistake. In fact, she liked her hair like this. She decided that as soon as she reached there, she’d quickly blowdry her own hair and viola, it’d be done. Luckily, her hair was naturally straight.
The female felt a burst of achievement go through her veins as she finally was now in the college. She felt the cold air from the air conditioner hit her face and the feeling felt quite nice actually. She looked around, “Okay..” She mumbled as she tried to find the signs. She noticed one of the signs directing her where to go and headed off that way. Her dark blue eyes scanned the hall and she made a right and entered the first door to her left. She noticed all the other women getting prepared and she gave a sigh of relief.
“Does anyone have a blow dryer?” She questioned with a slight tinge of pleading in her voice.
One of the women handed her one as she stepped forward to grab it. The female began to blow dry her hair and in a few minutes, it was completely dry. She quickly took off the cap of the hairspray can and started to spray it on her layers. As she finished with this, she teased her hair, causing it to hover over the long strands of her hair.
“Marilyn, hurry up!” Cried out one of the girls just before she left.
The female, known as Marilyn, quickly rushed out the door after she opened it and entered the other room.
She noted all the people that were there. Men and women were there. There was one man who wasn’t sitting down in a chair, but he was leaning across the tan colored walls.
His hazel eyes were jumping from one person to a next and then they stopped at Marilyn. The slightly narrowed, as if he was thinking about something related to her. She couldn’t help but lightly smile as an offering hello. He noted this smile and nodded slightly as his timid smile rose on his face.
Marilyn spoke up to him, even though she did not know him. “Are you a volunteer?” She asked, trying not to make a fool of herself in front of someone who she just met.
“Hm? No.” The man spoke back, reaching in his pocket for his pack of cigarettes. He looked at her as he took the pack out and spoke to her again with a smirk, “Go on with the show.”
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