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So Close

by sweethatred 0 reviews

"so close to reaching that famous happy ending" -enchanted ost, "so close"

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2008-04-09 - Updated: 2008-04-09 - 93 words - Complete

You enchant me with your famous happy end
Your happily ever after
And dreams that come true
With just a flick of a wand
Or true love’s kiss

(It’s so easy to fall into your arms)

You say I’m your heart’s desire
Oh how I wish it were true
But darling I saw your eyes
And darling I heard your heart
So I’ll forget my happy end,
My ever after, my dream come true
(For you, just for you)
So that darling, my darling
You can have yours
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