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Chapter One: Old Ties and New Beginning

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On January 23, 1997, Harry Potter was killed in battle. However, for Harry, death was only the beginning. He was given the chance to change his past and undo the dark and desolate future created by...

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Warning! Must read Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Time: Part I to understand what is happening

-- (Buckingham Palace, London) --

Lord Voldemort had just launched the killing curse at Albus, who was on the ground weakened by the Dark Lords last attack; it was over Albus thought he was going to die. In his head he heard a familiar voice cry out

“Like hell you will!”

Less then a yard in front of him someone moved to block the curse with startling speed. The cruse hit the person but was directed into the ground cause the explosion to shoot dirt into the air, masking his defender in a veil of smoke.

The same voice he had heard in his head yelled out “Sorry but Albus isn’t dying today Tommy boy.”

All fighting had ceased.

The smoke cleared and a figure loomed over Dumbledore, his back to the old man. Energy was radiating from him and, like the color of his hair, a golden glow emanated from his being.

Voldemort gasped in shock. “No you can’t be alive I killed you! I incinerated you!”

“You can’t kill an immortal.” He jest.

The figure turned slightly to look back at his mentor who, like his foe, gasped. The figure smirked and said “What you thought someone could get rid of me that easily?”

“Harry? Is that really you?”

“Sure is Albus, sure is. I’ll explain later. Right now I got a destiny to fulfill.”

Harry drew his wand and dueled with the man who had altered the course of his life. In the space of sixty seconds, four-thousand eight hundred and thirty-two spells, hexes, curses, jinxes, and charms were thrown. The duel finally ended when Fawkes appeared and gave Harry the sword he was destined to wield. With his wand in one hand and the Sword of Godric Gryffindor in the other he charged his foe for one last time. Throwing very bit of magic he had ever learned at Voldemort. When he was mere feet away he jumped up and with one mighty thrust, plunged his sword in to the heart of the beast. The creature screamed in pain and agony before exploding into a billion pieces sending a shock wave throughout the a quarter mile area. A blood spattered Harry got up and looked around. All the Death Eaters were on the ground withering away before they too were dust. Tom Marvolo Riddle was no more.


Harry walked over to Albus Dumbledore, who was being helped to his feet by Remus Lupin, an extremely pregnant looking Nymphodora (Tonks) Lupin, and surprisingly enough Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater Weasley. Harry smiled and hoped this meant he had made up with his parents. Then he prayed that Percy parents were still alive because he couldn’t see them anywhere. In fact he didn’t see Mungdungus, Kingsley, or Moody anywhere either.

“Albus,” Harry said walking up to his former Headmaster with his hand extended. “it’s good to see you again.”

Dumbledore took his hand and shook it half in disbelief. “L…l...likewise.” He stammered “Harry how is this possibly? I mean we thought you were dead, were you not.”

“Well I guess I have a few minutes to explain.”

And so he did, starting with the battle in which he died and ending with just before the previous battle began. Although he left some things out like that he would have a chance to change time. After about fifteen minutes of explaining, he was done. They stared in shock and disbelief. After letting the information sink in, Dumbledore told Harry that there were only a hand full of Order members that had been around when he was quote, unquote “alive” left. Percy sadly explained that he was the last remaining Weasley left sane. Molly, Bill, and Fleur Weasley were in the same ward as the Longbottoms at St. Mungo’s. This pissed Harry off even though he knew it would be changed.

“Harry, do you know when you’ll be going back?” Dumbledore asked.

“No. Not a clue.”

“Then lets go to Headquarters.” Tonks suggested.

“Come on the Wizarding Press will be here any min-” Lupin began before a series of pops indicated that the Press had arrived. Once they saw Harry, they immediately began to bombard him with questions, some of which Remus would later state that they had just pulled them out of their arses when they saw him, and pictures.

“Mr. Potter, Gerald Wallib from the Daily Prophet, is it true that for the last few months you faked your death to start up an underground army of creatures?”

“Mr. Potter…Harry, Rita Skeeter of Witch Weekly but of course you all ready know me, is it true that you were the one who killed Bellatrix Lestrange, while she was unarmed, last week to avenge your Godfather Sirrus Bluke (please note that I purposely spelt his name wrong because that’s what she does. If you don’t believe me, see Goblet of Fire, Chapter # 19: The Hungarian Horntail, page: 314, (American additional) paragraph 2.)

“Harry, Xenophilius Lovegood of The Quibbler, I have just one question? Is my Luna alive as well?”

“Let him come with us.” Yelled over the noise of the emergency crew and shouting press Harry. “I know…er…knew his daughter.”

-- (Parlor, Grimuald Place) --

Harry had just gotten done telling Xenophilius Lovegood what had happened at the D.A. Elite’s Last Stand, leaving out certain things that would only cause him more pain. Harry told everyone that he was exhausted from the battle and needed to rest. No one could blame him for being tired. Dumbledore had things to take care of now that the WWII (Wizarding War II) was over and the Order was dispatching. He told Dumbledore that if anyone asked about him, to tell as little as possible if he could he shouldn’t say anything. Dumbledore agreed and told Harry he wouldn’t say a thing.

Harry climbed the stairs and absentmindedly walked to where he and Ron had slept the summers before their fifth and six years. As he entered, a shock wave of emotions spread across his being and enveloped him. He walked over to his bed and sat down with a sigh. He looked above him where, nailed to the wall, was a bulletin board with dozens of pictures on it. All of them filled with smiling, laughing, and Quidditch playing witches and wizards. In the upper left corner were four pictures. All of them had been taken during a Quidditch match. The first one was of Harry standing on his broom, surf style, with his hand out stretch racing toward the snitch. The second was of Ron making a spectacular save involving him nearly falling off his broom to kick the quaffle away from the goal post. The third, fourth, fifth, and six ones were of the original Gryffindor Team from Harry’s first year, the Gryffindor Team holding the cup in his third and fifth, and finally him, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Kate Bell, Colin and Denis Creevey, in last seasons Gryffindor Team. The seventh one was of Harry catching Ginny after she had been hit off her broom by a bludger. The last one was of Hermione dodging bludgers, beater bats, and Slytherin’s before making it within twenty yards of the goal post and firing the quaffle, with amazing speed, through the Keepers hands and gaining a ten points for Gryffindor.

The top middle section was of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The first picture was of all the champions before the Third Task. In picture two through five; Harry was flying around, dodging the Horntail as he swooped down and grabbing the egg, before doing a victory lap. In picture six Harry, while gillyweed was in full affect, was leaping out of the lake and doing a flip in the air.

In the top right corner all the way down to the bottom right corner was of Harry training the D.A. in fifth his year.

From the bottom right to the bottom left was of Harry and Ginny hanging out, in most pictures they were either kissing, holding hands, or had their arms around each other. In all they were smiling.

The center was comprised of things they had done just that summer; swimming, bike riding, going to an amusement park in North America (U.S. to be precise) called “Six Flags Great America”, and just hanging out. But in the dead center was a picture that brought tears to Harry’s eyes. He took the tack that held it to the board out and looked at it, cradling it as if it was the Holy Grail. The picture had been taken the night before they raided on Malfoy Manor. In the picture was the D.A. Elite which comprised of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and Luna, all had their arms around each other with butterbeer in their free hands, celebrating Harry’s and Neville’s sixteenth birthdays. They were all smiling, laughing, and waving. If someone had told him that that night would be the last time any of them would be seen happy and together, he would have laugh and told them to cut down on the Firewhisky. He had no I idea it would have been the last time he had held Ginny.

No! He thought. He had a chance to change it. He was going to change it! This future would never come to pass. Staring at the picture again, a new wave of tears came over him and he tried to hold them back. Then he remembered Hermione’s words from fifth year.

“You keep to much bottle inside you,” she had said.

And she had been …was right he thought. He decided to let it all go, let it all out.

The first tear fell. Then another. Then another. They just kept coming. He didn’t know how long he had been crying before….

“It must be hard.” Lupin said softly from the doorway. “To have survived when they did not.” He continued. Harry didn’t even try to hide his tears as Lupin walked in and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“You should know.” Harry said sniffling; the tears had finally coming to a stop. “You have been the last of the Marauders for nearly three years.”

“Peter was still alive until today, Harry; I wasn’t the last Marauder until an hour ago.”

“Peter was as good as dead.” Harry choked coldly. “Peter Pettigrew died the night he betrayed my parents.”

Lupin started to chuckle.

“What’s so funny Moony?” Harry asked a little irritated that he could laugh at something as sad and emotionally nerve racking like his parent’s death.

“Bloody hell!” He exclaimed through tears of laughter “You are starting to sound like Sirius.”

He smiled. Moony was right, he thought to himself. I am sounding like Sirius and he started to chuckle as well. They laughed together for a few minutes before Lupin sighed.

“God I miss that mangy hound, your dad and mum as well.”

“Me too, Moony.” said Harry sadly. “Me too.”

-- (Kitchen, Grimmauld Place 3 hours later) --

The portal had just appeared minutes before. Harry was saying his good-byes.

“Good luck Harry.” Dumbledore said.

“Don’t worry Albus.” Harry replied with a smile. “I already did the hard part. All I got to do now is change what I please. This will never come to pass. This future will never exist as long as there is one breath in my lungs I’ll stop at nothing to make sure of it.”

Harry turned towards the portal. And put one foot in and before he left, he chuckled.

“I got one foot in another dimension.” He laughed out to the order members.

The kitchen erupted in laughs. The joke itself wasn’t funny at all so that was what made it so funny.

“Next time I see you guys will be after the raid at Malfoy Manor.”

Then giving a two finger salute he said, “See you in the past.”

And without hesitation he stepped into the Timeportal, and disappeared. Never to be heard of in that reality again. In fact, as he left, the planet began to melt and morph into a new reality. One that Harry Potter had chosen.

-- (The Halls of Time, Timeheart) --

Harry stepped gracefully onto the marble floor of the Halls of Time. There waiting for him was Elder, The Master of Time, and another being Harry, though he didn’t know, was able to guess instantly. He walked up to the being, knelt down on one knee, bowed his head and said, “It is an honor to meet you Lord Glaux.”

Both figures were surprised that Harry was able to recognize him. No one ever recognized him on a first meeting.

Glaux quickly recovered “Like wise young wizard.”

“Please sir, call me Harry.”

Elder smiled as Glaux said with a grin “Alright, Harry.”

“Now Harry,” Elder began “Before we allow you to change anything we must inform you of the rules. The rules are known as The Laws of Time. The Laws of Time change slightly from person to person. Here is what they say:

De Wetten van Tijd:
Degenen die zijn de macht gegeven worden om dat te veranderen die in steen zou moeten gezet worden, onveranderlijk zoals het getij van de oceaan of seizoenen van het jaar de geweldigste eer zijn gegeven worden die zijn kan, verleent op een. U zult enkel kunnen veranderen wat u van uw verleden herinneren u kan beginnend met uw leren van uw verleden. Dit is van een tijd toen u leerde en controleerde uw magie. In het hoogste en op het meeste respect van dat welke zuiverheid en integriteit waarvan niets helderer is van dan dat van water. Geregeerde door dit en het Leven Spelt u zult niet zijn macht om door nog iets daarom niets te blijven zal u van het veranderen van het verleden stoppen.

Translation from Dutch to English:

The Laws of Time:
Those who have been given the power to alter that which should be set in stone, unchanging like the tide of the ocean or seasons of the year has been given the greatest honor that can be bestow upon one. You shall be able to only change what you can remember from your past beginning with your learning of your past. This be from a time when you learned and controlled your magic. In the highest and up most respect of that which purity and integrity of which nothing is clearer of than that of water. Governed by this and the Life Spells you shall not be force to abide by anything else therefore nothing will stop you from changing the past.

“This in turn means that anything you can remember from when Hagrid came and got you til the last battle can be changed. Respecting this nothing but the Laws of Time and Life Spells can restrain you. Do you understand and agree to these terms?”

“I do but before I change anything may I ask something?”

“Certainly Harry.” Glaux said.

“Can I give my eleven year old self all the power and knowledge that I currently possess?”

“Harry you can’t. If you give him all your knowledge then you’ll know what happens before it even happens.”

“Not my memories, my spell knowledge.”

Glaux thought for a moment. “Sure I see no harm in that. You also said something about giving yourself all your power?”

“Yeah,” Harry said with a smile “so I’ll be come even more powerful than I ever could have been.”

“That’ll defiantly work to your advantage.” Elder stated the obvious.

After a few moments it was done. Eleven year old Harry possessed all the knowledge and power that sixteen year old Harry had.

“Well then now that that is taken care of, what will you change?”

Harry nodded. “First I want you to have my younger self get to know Ginny Weasley sooner.”

Glaux smiled.

“Also I kinda feel bad about all the times I’ve sided with Ron instead of Hermione when she was right. So have me nicer and agree with her more.”

“Alright,” Elder said summoning forth a circular, television-like object. “Look at the monitor.”

-- (King’s Cross Station, between Platforms Nine and Ten, September 1st 1992) --

“Well there you are, boy. Platform nine - platform ten. Your platform should be somewhere in the middle, but they don’t seem to have built it yet, do they? Have a good term.” An evilly grinning Vernon Dursley told an eleven year old Harry before leaving him to return to his wife and son.

Harry looked around the station. Great! He thought, what am I going to do now?

“It’s the same every year packed with muggles,” said a somewhat familiar voice “come along Platform Nine and Three-Quarters this way.”

“Muggles!?!” Harry whispered.

“Alright Percy, you first.” The red haired, plump woman said.

The one called Percy took off at a run at the wall. Harry covered his ears, expecting to hear a crash but, just before he should have hit the wall, a man walked in front of Harry’s view. The boy, Percy seemed to have disappeared. Harry blinked.

“Right then Fred you next.” The woman said to one of the red headed twins.

“He ain’t Fred, I’m.” one of them said.

“Honestly woman you call yourself our mother!” the other said in a mock hurt tone.

“Sorry George,” she replied.

Just before he took off at a dead sprint with his twin on his tail “Twas’ only joking, I am Fred!” he said with a slight laugh.

“Excuse me,” Harry said as the last red haired boy went through the barrier “can you tell me how to…how to…”

“How to get on the platform? Why of course, all you got to do is head strait at the barrier between Platforms Nine and Ten. Best do it at a run if you’re nervous. Ginny why don’t you go with him?”

The red haired girl stepped forward.

“Come on lets go.” She said as she took his hand in hers. When he blushed she only smiled. They started out slow but gained speed as they drew closer and closer to the barrier. Harry closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact…but it never came. He opened his eyes and looked around. What he saw was a very angry looking red haired boy glaring at him…Ron…he thought his name was?

“And just why are you holding my sisters hand?” he growled.

“Oh sod off Ronald! I was just showing him how to get onto the platform.”

The boy gave Harry one last menacing glare before he turned to his mother and said his good-byes.

“Sorry about him,” Ginny said as she helped him load his trunk “he’s a bit protective.”

“Yah think?” Harry said.

Ginny smiled.

“I’m Ginny Weasley by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Harry Potter.”

He was expecting her to do a double take or gawk at his scar like they had done in Diagon Alley. He expected her to stare at him like some freak or strange animal you see at the zoo, but instead she said…

“I know. I saw your scar earlier I just didn’t want to say anything.”

Harry was silently great full for this. He had had enough staring, gawking, and annoying questions at the alley. Ginny seemed to know what he was thinking.

“You better get used to the attention. You’re famous in our world. Although if I were in your positions I would not want to be known as the boy-who-lived considering you probally don’t even remember what happened.”

“I hope they wouldn’t call you the-boy-who-lived if you were in my position. I think it would be a little weird since you’re not a boy.” Harry said slyly.

“Why you little-”

A horn from the train interrupted her.

“Ginny! Where are you?”

“Coming mum!” she yelled before turning back to Harry. “I got to go. Maybe I’ll see yah at the end of term.”

“Yeah bye.”

Something told him that whatever he did he shouldn’t lose contact with her.

“Ginny!” he yelled after her.

“Yes, Harry?”

“Could I…you know…write you sometime…or something? I mean…” Harry’s voiced trailed off. He could feel a blush forming on his checks.

Ginny blushed fiercely which Harry thought was kinda cute.

“Um…sure…I’d ahh…like that.” She replied

“Well then…um see you at the end of term…”


Harry was about to leave to go back to his compartment when he heard someone yell.

“Wait! Hold the train!” a bushy haired girl cried out.

The doors started to close.

“Alohomora!” Harry muttered. A jet of light shot from the palm of his hand and stopped the doors from closing all the way. They then parted so the girl could get on. Something deep in the back of Harry’s mind said “Standard Book of Spells Grade One, Chapter seven.” That’s strange he thought, considering he was only on chapter six.

“Thanks!” the girl said gasping for air.

“Here let me help you with that. You can come to my compartment that is unless you haven’t planned to sit with anyone, have you?”

“No,” she said “I’m a first year and what you would call a muggleborn.”

“Really?” Harry asked. “I’m a first year as well, me mum was a muggleborn too.”

“Was?” the girl asked.

“Yeah, she…ahh…died when I was little. Her sister raised…ahh….took care…ahh…” Harry wasn’t quite she what it was that his aunt and uncle had done for him but beat and verbally assault him.

Girl seemed to understand that he hadn’t been treated well as a child and didn’t want to talk about it. So she left it at that as they made it to Harry’s compartment.

“I’m Hermione Granger by the way.” The girl said extending out her hand.

“Please to meet you, I’m Harry Potter.” Harry said taking her hand and shaking it.

“Really! Holy cricket! I’ve read about you in Greatest Wizards and Witches of the Last Century. Your parents are in there as well.”

“Really?” Harry asked. “You think I could borrow it sometime. You know for a bit of light reading?”

“Sure but I hardly think it could be considered “light reading.” It is over a hundred thousand pages long.” She smirked.

Harry laughed as she got it out and handed it to him.

“I’ve already read it which is funny considering I just got it two weeks ago. I love to read. And now because of my babbling you think I’m a total bookworm, don’t you?” Hermione said embarrassedly.

“Yep, but don’t worry. I’m a bookworm as well. I’ve already read all of Defense Against the Dark Arts Grade one-three, I went ahead and got them because it seems fascinating, Charms: A guide for Hogwarts First Years, and most of Standard Book of Spells Grade One as well as History of Magic: The Rise and Fall of Historic Icons.”

“Wow! And I thought I was bad.”

They both laughed as the compartment door slid open.

“Mind if I join you? Everywhere else if full.” Said the Ginny’s brother, Ron.

“Sure.” Harry and Hermione said in unison before bursting into fits of laughter again.

“I’m Ron by the way, Ron Weasley.”

“I’m Hermione Granger and this is…”

“Harry, Harry Potter. I believe we’ve already meet.”

Ron jaw dropped and he paled.

“Rea…Really? When Ginny said…I thought she was…Really?”


“I’m…ahh…sorry for…ahh…blowing up on you but…ahh…well what’s a bloke to do when he sees someone holding his sisters hand?”

“It’s totally understandable mate. I would have done the same if I was in your position. She was just showing me how to get onto the platform nothing else.”

“Yeah well…um…sorry.”

“Apology accepted.”

The compartment door slid open again, Ron’s brothers(the twins) and a toad entered.

“Well if it isn’t…”

“ickle Ronniekins.”

“Looks like…”

“you have found…”

“a compartment after all.”

They said.

“Oi, Gred, is that not the kid who was holding Gin-Gins hand.”

“It sure is Forge.”

“Gin-Gin?” Harry laughed. “I don’t think she would like you calling her that.”

“Yeah well…”

“we don’t like it…”

“when little punks…”

“who we don’t even know…”

“tell us what to…”

“call our baby sister…”

“or hold her hand…”

“for that matter.”

“So who are you?”

“And don’t try to…”

“pull that crap…”

“that Ginny tried…”

“about you being the…”


Harr y just smiled and pulled back his hair revealing his lighting bolt shaped scare. The twins, like Ron, paled and began to stammer their apologies. Harry bent down and picked up the toad.

The compartment door opened yet again.

“Have any of you seen a toad? I’ve seemed to have lost mine.”

“Is this one yours?” Harry asked extending his hand that was firmly gripping the toad.

“Trevor! Thank you so much.”

“No problem.”

“Mind if I stay with you guys? I don’t have anywhere else to go.”

“I see no problem with that, the more the merry.”

“Well,” Fred said. “we would…”

“love to stay…”

“and chat…”

“but Lee has…”

“a pet…”


“down in…”

“his compartment.”

“See-yah” They finished together.

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