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Chapter Four: The Prophecy Part I

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Snape's face went white. In his head he heard Harry’s voice. He knew that the boy wasn’t talking for he was looking directly at him. (Yes Severus, the voice said, I know all about your past. I know you were a Death Eater. Dumbledore may trust you, but I don’t.)

(Well Potter, Snape thought back, I don’t care if you trust me or not)

(Just know I’m watching you, Harry interrupted, and your thoughts are no longer safe.) As a side thought he added, (I wonder how many parents would want a Death Eater teaching their kids.)

“Is that a threat?” Snape seethed out loud.

“Take it how you will.” Harry replied before the dreamless sleep potion took affect and he fell asleep.

-- (A few hours later) --

“You can’t be serious, Headmaster!” squawked an enraged Snape. “The boy openly threatened me in front of students.”

“Severus, I heard not one word of what was exchanged between yourself and young Mr. Potter here.” Harry could almost sense the hand gesture that the Headmaster made in his direction. He continued, “Therefore, until you tell me what he said, I cannot even begin to determine a punishment or if one is even necessary. So what is it he said to you…or thought to you…or what ever it is that passed between you and him?”

“He threatened to reveal my…er…past to the student population, thinking that they would write home and their parents wouldn’t want someone with my…um…history teaching their kids.” said Snape. Harry opened his eyes, sat up, and looked around. To his right, Ron was sitting up and staring at the professors, hanging on every word, while to his left, the girls were doing the same, just more discreetly.

“Hmm interesting…and how is it that the boy found out?” inquired Dumbledore.

“A master Occulmens, he is not.” Harry said sagely, nearly scaring both professors into an early grave, (early by wizard standards at least); they hadn’t realized he was awake.

“What do you mean by that, Harry?” questioned Dumbledore after regaining his composure and calming his racing heart.

“Just that, Headmaster.” Harry stated with a yawn, he was still rather sleepy from the potion he had taken earlier. “When he tried to use Legilimency on me, back in September, I repelled it right back at him. While doing so, I was able to see some of his memories. Many of which include someone who looks like me, which I would like to ask you about, later, as he is most likely my father and would explain why Snape is an arse to me. Any way, one of his memories included took place on his sixteenth birthday when he received ”the Snake’s Mark”.”

He was aware that his friends and the Ravenclaw were hanging on his every word. The girls were no longer hiding their obviousness when it came to what Harry was saying. Upon hearing “the Snake’s Mark”, however, the fifth year gasped. She cowered under the Potions Master’s gaze with fear, and then sent a glare at Dumbledore, which Harry was sure, would have killed any wizard, or at least burnt a hole through a powerful wizard’s head. Harry did a quick mind probe on her. After finding what he needed to know, he got out of the bed, and walked over, with his wand trained on her, and he said, “Penelope, I’m really sorry about what I’m going to do but it’s best for you to not have heard that. I hadn’t counted on any of you knowing what that meant. Again sorry but…Obiliviate”

The occupants of the Hospital Wing just stared at Harry. A look of respect passed between all the teachers (A/N: yes that includes Snape as well) who were all thinking whether or not if the boy would ever stop ceasing to amaze them. It was clear no matter what Harry had said; he had never intended to release that bit of information to those who might know what it meant. Ron and Hermione stared at Harry with confused looks. They both kept looking between him and Snape. Harry got worried that Ron might know what he had meant by “Snake’s Mark” due to his family being purebloods and all. Maybe his Dad had told him stories about the war, so he began to probe him. Ron, as he had originally expected, was utterly clueless as to what the hidden code meant. Knowing how much Hermione read, he decided to probe to just to be on the safe side. He sent a gentle press of Legilimency towards her and was surprised when it was easily repelled. He was even more surprised when she turned to look at him in response to his prod. Now with eye contact, he sent an even stronger nudge. Nothing. Well not quite, she had begun to show signs of fighting him like shaking her head and blinking rapidly. Harry’s eyes glowed as he sent an invisible beam, more powerful then that of the one he had used on Snape, at her. She visibly shook and scrunched her face in pain. Harry let up his attempt. It was obvious that he was getting nowhere and only hurting his confused and betrayed looking friend.

Ron, as well as everyone else there whom had witnessed this, just kept looking from Harry to Hermione back to Harry again. Hermione was obviously shakened by the unseen events. Harry decided to lend her a nonverbal explanation.

(Sorry about that, Hermione. It would appear that you are a natural Occulmens.) Hermione’s eyes widened.


(How is it that I can speak with you without moving my lips?) Harry asked for her.

She nodded.

(I’m a natural Occulmens and Legilimens. This, obviously, allows me to communicate with others telepathically. Although with Snape, what he reply’s to me is little fuzzy. With you it’s crystal clear. Hmm…curious, very curious. I’ll have to ponder this some before I can tell you what it means.)

(So um…are you going to tell me why you gave me this horrid headache?)

(Oh, sorry you still have it then?) Harry waved his hand lazily.

Hermione’s eyes widened yet again. (It’s gone, she thought, there’s still some dull ache but mostly…gone. Thanks).

(You wouldn’t have had it if I hadn’t tried to force my presence in to your mind,) said Harry sadly, ashamed of his actions.


(You know,) Hermione said, grinning embarrassedly at him, a blush starting to form, (why would you want to force your presence in my mind anyway? Do you fancy me or something? Were you trying to figure out if I fancy you?)

Yes cough well cough…um…my explanation…ah…right… (Harry is not admitting to having feelings for her, just an FYI)

For the next few minutes Harry explained to Hermione, nonverbally of course, why he had tried to gain access, what stopped him, and how to use her new abilities. (She’s a natural Occulmens and Legilimens.)

By this time Professor’s Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Madam Pomfrey looked very amused, whereas Ron and Snape looked extremely annoyed. Penelope was just plain confused as to why Harry Potter was standing, rather closely might I add, besides her. (He hadn’t moved since he erased her memory and had sat down on her bed while talking to Hermione.) She was staring at him, her eyes boring into his. This caused Harry to accidentally read her mind. He found the mental war waging in her head to be quite amusing.

(I’m with Percy,) Harry heard her think, repeatedly and in rapid succession, over and over again. (I’m with Percy. I’m with Percy. But he’s soooooo cute though. Easy there girl, he’s a first year. I’m with Percy. I’m with Percy. Just look at those adorable green eyes. I’m with Percy. I’m with Percy. Hermione probally already has a claim on him. I’m with Percy. I’m with Percy. Don’t you see the way she looks at him? I’m with Percy. I’m with Percy. If not her then someone else does. I’m with Percy. I’m with Percy. Quidditch is already doing a number on his muscles. I’m with Percy. I’m with Percy. And that messy hair makes him look very sexy- HE’S A FIRST YEAR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I’M DATING PERCY WEASLEY!)

“Really?” Harry asked out loud. “Well now I’ve got dirt on both of you. Hmmm…. I wonder how long that’ll keep me out of trouble with a certain pair of Prefects. Fred and George once told me it is always good to have leverage over authority figures.”

Penelope paled; her jaw dropped and then realizing what he had said, blushed fiercely. “You heard that? Did I say it out loud?” she asked quietly.

“No but my close proximity with you allowed me to pick up your thoughts.” Equally as quiet, mentally he asked with a broad grin, (Does my messy hair really make me look sexy?)

Penelope’s blush deepened, so deeply that the color rivaled that of Ron’s hair, and she slowly nodded. (But please don’t tell Percy that I said that!)

(Said what?) Harry asked innocently (I’m pretty sure you’re mouth didn’t move. So does that mean I can tell him you nodded? You never told me off against that. Besides, what’s keeping me from telling the rest of the school? I wonder what the twins could do with this information.) Harry he pondered, scratching his chin, all the while trying to keep a straight face.

(Harry! Please! I would never hear the end of it if this got out.) Penelope pouted.

(Yes,) he heard Hermione think. (I’m pretty sure it would be quite embarrassing for you, and would lower Percy’s self-esteem, if he ever found out that you thought a first year was sexier looking than him.) Harry couldn’t help but grin even wider as Penelope’s blush reached an all time dark shade of maroon, having bypassed violet. He heard Hermione doing her best to keep from laughing. He knew what she was feeling. He was holding his still sore sides from the strain that was stopping the laughter from escaping.

“Bloody hell!” Ron yelled suddenly yelled for no apparent reason.

“Ron, Language!” Harry and Hermione scowled in unison. They looked at each other and could no longer hold it in. The dam broke (so to speak) as they let out a much needed and long over set of laughter.

“Well I’m sorry but this is so bloody annoying! What is going on?” Ron fumed.

Harry, Hermione, and Penelope shook their heads as they each thought of one word to describe Ron: clueless.

Dumbledore just stared, having never witnessed one of Harry and Hermione’s simultaneous answering. Eleven years apart and they are starting to act like the Weasley twins. I wonder if this is the prophecy’s doing? He then quickly reinforced his mental shields, hoping that neither of them had picked up on his stray thought. He sighed in relief because neither of them seemed to have heard it. Unfortunately for his plan, Harry had and he was about to find out something five years earlier than Dumbledore had wished.

Harry was now lashing out and attacking his Headmaster with sharp, but subtle prods. Harry was looking for any reference to “the prophecy” Dumbledore had. What he got was far more than he had bargained for.


Harry saw a memory of a slightly younger Professor Dumbledore. He was with someone, a teacher he’d seen at the staff table every now and then. Her eyes grew wide and her voice, hoarse. She began to speak.

“The ones with the power to vanquish The Dark Lord approach . . .
Born to those who have thrice defied him,
born as the seventh month dies . . .”

There was a commotion outside the door.

“Hey you! What the bloody hell are you doing here? We don’t serve your kind. Rob! Come help me get this Death Eater scum out of here.” A younger Snape fell into the room before he was dragged out. She continued as if she hadn’t noticed.

“And the dark Lord will mark them as his equal,
but they will have power the Dark Lord knows not ...
and together, either the Chosen or their foe must
die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives. . . .
The ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord
will be born as the seventh month dies. . . .”

-New Memory-

“Professor Dumbledore!” the memory of a scared looking Snape said as he burst into the Deputy Headmaster’s Office. “Professor Dumbledore!”

“What is it Severus?” Dumbledore replied from the top of a set of stairs, a pair of black haired young men, whom could have been brothers, stood behind their Transfiguration Professor.

“I’ve made a horrible mistake!” said the shaking man.

“What? Worse than joining-" Snape flinched at the name, “Worse than killing twenty-seven of your classmates? Worse than joining Voldemort?”

“That’s enough Sirius,” said Dumbledore “What is it? What happened, Severus?”

“It’s worse than all those.” Snape said lowering his head. “I told him the prophecy. Believe me had I known…I would never have told him.”

“Known what?” Dumbledore asked, barely been hiding the concern in his voice, over Sirius’s and another man’s who, also with black, messy hair, (Gee, I wonder who this could be? cough sarcasm cough) cried of out with rage “YOU WHAT!?!”

“If I’d known who he was going to target…I would never have told-”

“Who is he targeting?” Dumbledore asked alarmed, racing down the stairs with James and Sirius in tow.

“His prime targets are now the…the…Potter’s. Mainly Harry.” Snape stammered unable to meet anyone’s eyes. His own eyes welling up with tears. He began to visibly shake.

“WHAT!” bellowed the one called Sirius, throwing a punch right at Snape’s stomach, bringing his boyhood foe to his knees “We should have killed him when we had the chance! James why the hell did you ever save his sorry arse?”

“Calm down, Sirius.” Dumbledore said, trying to soothe the angry wizard.


Snape looked up slightly when Sirius had said “Goddaughter” but quickly submersed it as something he shouldn’t have heard.

Harry heard Snape, whom had fallen to his knees after Sirius had punched him whispering, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” Tears flowed freely and unchecked from his eyes. This didn’t, however, stop his anger from building.

“ENOUGH!” the one called James yelled. “What is done is done and cannot be changed. We shouldn’t be quarreling amongst ourselves but finding a way to keep those we care about safe.”

“Spoken with wisdom beyond your years, James.” Dumbledore said with a sad and weary smile.

-End Memory-

Harry had seen enough. He roughly pulled out of his Headmaster’s mind, which caused him to realize Harry had been in there in the first place. Without a moments hesitation he turned and tackled an extremely shocked Snape.


Harry continued to hit Snape with everything he had. Snape was making no effort to block his punches, too much in shock with what he was hearing to defend himself.

“SIRIUS WAS RIGHT! HE SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU WHEN HE HAD THE CHANCE! I WON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE HE DID!” Harry got up grabbed his wand and aimed it directly at Snape’s neck. “I GOT A SHOT! I’M GOING TO TAKE IT AND FINISH WHAT HE STARTED!” and began the incantation “DIFFIN-”

“Expelliarmus!” Dumbledore cried out. The spell made Harry’s wand fly out of his hand and as well as knocked him backwards several feet. “Harry, Severus, Minerva…please come with me to my office immediately. There are things we have to discuss.”

“You got that right!” Harry snapped as he lunged towards Snape a second time, but was thwarted in his attempt to cause even more harm to his still unmoving, stunned professor when Ron stepped in front of him and held him back.

“Stand aside Ron!” Harry growled.

“Harry this is crazy; not to sound like Hermione or anything.”

“Hey, I resent that!” she said, trying to lighten the mood, but with more fear than anger in her voice.

“But you can’t just attack a teacher.” Ron continued as if he hadn’t been interrupted.


“Potter, you will come with us to the Headmaster’s Office or I will give you detention every night for the rest of the year!” commanded Professor McGonagall.

“There are worse things than detention.” Harry said bitterly.

McGonagall’s nostrils flared “Potter, you will come or I will give you a lifetime quidditch ban.”

Harry’s eyes widened with horror “Y-y-you w-w-wouldn’t!” he stuttered.

“I would. So move it. NOW!” she replied in an icy voice.

Harry reluctantly walked way from his battered professor and through the hospital doors, slamming them into the wall as he went out with so much force that the glass windows shattered. He followed behind Dumbledore with Snape and McGonagall flanking him from behind. He expected Snape to want to murder him. Oddly Snape didn’t even look at him. He seemed lost in his own world. Like the day Harry had thrown his professor’s own spell back at him, forcing him to relive his worst memories. They encountered several students. Each looked at the angry Harry, then the beaten and battered Snape. Allowing their imaginations to take hold and run wild. In the weeks and months that followed, speculations on what happened would immerge. From the truth, told by Ron, Hermione, and Penelope; to that Snape had challenged Harry to a muggle duel and lost horribly. In time it would become the stuff of Hogwarts Legend. In other words being far beyond the truth was that once told to those who had actually seen it, they wouldn’t have a clue as to when or what event was being discussed. At the moment, however, neither Harry nor Snape were thinking about anything but what had just transpired. Harry, still running on adrenalin, hadn’t realized what he had done let alone the possible repercussions of said action. Snape was another story altogether. He seemed lost in his own little world. Like the day Harry had thrown his own spell back at him, forcing him to re-live his worst memories.

When they reached a pair of gargoyle statues, which seemed like an eternity later, Dumbledore said “Apple Fritter” and the gargoyles sprang aside revealing a golden statue of a Griffin, which began to spiral upwards, making a staircase in its wake.

They entered an office where some of the portraits hung still sleeping, snoring peacefully. Harry shook his head. He was never going to get used to seeing moving paintings.

“Right then,” Dumbledore said, turning to his still seething student and going into kindly old grandpa mode on his young pupil “Harry would you mind telling me why you attacked Professor-”

“Would you mind telling me, why nobody bothered to tell me, that I had a bloody sister!” Harry snapped before Dumbledore could finish his question.

Dumbledore looked shocked as well as everyone else in the room.

“H-h-how…how did you find out a-a-about her?” Dumbledore stuttered in one of the very few moments that he was completely caught off guard.

“You are no better at Occulmency than he is.” Harry said, jerking his head at Snape.

“What does he mean?” Snape asked Dumbledore all of a suddenly. “Lily and James only had a son. The Daily Prophet reports all bir-”

“The Prophet was never intended to be told in the first place that Harry was born, but a Healer at the hospital slipped up that Lily had given birth to a boy. Thankfully, that particular Healer never knew that there was another child born to Lilly and James Potter that night.” Dumbledore replied. “A set of twins both dark haired. A boy with green eyes and a girl with hazel eyes.”

“Where and who is she?” Harry asked.

“For her own safety, I will not reveal that information at this time.” Dumbledore said sadly.

Surprisingly Harry didn’t argue. He just looked into the Headmaster’s eyes. He then turned, walked to the windowsill, which was overlooking the lake. It was noon and the fact that it was a warm Saturday meant that most students were outside enjoying the last good weather of the year. He let out sigh and said, “It’s Hermione, isn’t it?”

The room became unearthly quiet as all attention was on the aged professor.

“Yes.” Dumbledore said after a moment of studying Harry.

“How…how long were you going to keep it from us?” Harry asked hesitantly, afraid of the answer he might get.

“As long as necessary.” Dumbledore said sadly.

“As long as necessary?” Harry repeated quietly clenching his fist, driving his nails into his flesh. His anger was growing rapidly and he was having a hard time controlling his magic. He whipped around. “YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US WHEN WE WERE SORTED INTO THE SAME GOD DAMN HOUSE!” he roared. Several items on a table near the fireplace blow up and the Headmaster’s desk burst into flames. Dumbledore quickly extinguished the flames and repaired the destroyed objects before turning to Harry and giving him a well-deserved answer.

“Harry…Voldemort,” everyone but Harry flinched at the name “would kill her in a second if he knew who she was. Or worst use her to get to you.”

“Voldemort is dead.” Harry stated.

“No, he is not. He is in Romania if I’m not mistaken…or perhaps it was Albania…Bulgaria?” Dumbledore said scratching his chin while trying to remember.

“Oh great!” Harry said sarcastically. “You say that the most power and evil Dark Lord of all time is still alive, yet you don’t even know where he is.”

“Who said anything about him being alive?” Dumbledore asked. “All I said he was that he is not dead.”

“WELL HOW THE HELL CAN’T YOU BE ALIVE, IF YOU AREN’T DEAD?” Harry roared in obvious frustration and confusion. A telescope exploded sending shrapnel everywhere; which were easily deflected by the three wizards and the witch.

“He is nothing but a spirit, nothing more than the meanest of ghosts but with a few select powers.” Dumbledore told Harry calmly.

“W-w-which p-p-powers?” Harry asked shakily, trying to calm down and regain control over his magic before he blew something else up, like the entire castle.

“Possession, Parseltongue, and flight if I’m not mistaken.” Dumbledore replied.

“Parseltongue…” Harry muttered, thinking of where he had heard that before. “Parseltongue wouldn’t happen to be the ability to talk to snake’s, would it?” Harry asked, aiming the question more so at Snape than anyone else.

Snape gave Harry an odd look before saying, “Yes, Potter, it is. May I ask why?”

Harry just smirked and said “Oh no reason in particular, it’s just…I accidentally set a python on my cousin, Dudley, once.”

“You are a Parselmouth!?!” Snape exclaimed in shock, pondering just how he had managed to stay out of Slytherin.

“Yeah, so?” Harry replied.

“Harry…the ability to speak Parseltongue is not a very common gift. So few have it that it is considered to be a Dark Art and usually it is passed down from one generation to the next.” Dumbledore explained.

“Just because Salazar Slytherin and Lord Voldemort were Parseltongue’s, doesn’t mean it is a Dark Art.” Harry replied coolly.

Professor McGonagall shivered at the mention of the name and Snape hissed, “Do not speak the Dark Lord’s name.”

“With all do respect, Professor, fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.” Harry said sagely.

“True, Harry, very true.” Dumbledore said. He was extremely surprised by the wisdom that this young first year was displaying.

“We’re getting off the subject.” Harry said, shaking his head. “Now if you would excuse me, I’m going to go tell Hermione.” He started towards the door, which slammed shut and wouldn’t open when he reached it. “Let me out!” Harry said; his anger on the breaking point.

“Not until you promise not to tell Miss Granger-”

“Potter,” Harry corrected remorsefully “It’s Miss Potter now…it never should have been anything else. Besides,” he said; shaking his head again, trying to focus on the here and now, not on what could- should have been “you think you can just keep me in here so I can’t tell her. Hold me hostage until I agree to your demands. If that’s what you think, then you’ve obviously never seen a muggle action movie because things like that never work out in the end. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and in case you’ve forgotten, nothing is stopping me from communicating by other means.” But in his heated state, Harry knew he would never be able to concentrate enough to reach her telepathically. If he didn’t concentrate enough, she would only hear a jumble of words none of which making any sense. If he concentrated too hard, he could kill her from the strain. Knowing this meant he wouldn’t even try and risk it, making his threat an empty one.
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