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Thank You

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An exiled Harry Potter sends a letter to the Daily Prophet after he is contacted about a new Dark Lord

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Harry Potter is the property of one JK Rowling.
This is my first fanfic and I would like to have some feedback on how you like it. Sort of compatible with DH but not the epilogue and everyone is more or less dead.

Daily Prophet
Potter Supports New Dark Lord
by Rita Skeeter

As we all know, eight years ago marked the day of the second demise of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the hands of the Boy-Who-Lived-Again. A scant week later marked the day that Harry Potter was exiled by the Ministry to prevent the rise of a second Dark Lord.
The increase in dark activity in the past three years, and the subsequent declaration of the Dark Lord Marik has set the public calling to be saved. Despite the Aurors’ best efforts and the Minister’s assurances, Dark Lord Marik is still gaining power and sowing terror.
According to sources, last month the Minister sent out a team to find Harry Potter, and convince him to help us in our time of need.
Dear readers, this reporter was in her office yesterday when a letter was dropped right unto her desk.
To the British Wizarding Public,
I spent some time thinking about what I would write. In the end, I think a thank you is in order.
I didn’t always feel like this you know. Eight years ago, barely recovered, grieving, and unceremoniously banished from the only place I had ever known, I just wanted to curse you all. I mean really. While most of you cowered under your beds in fear, my friends, people who were like family to me, and myself, we worked and bled and fought and died for you. Then to be told, minutes out of the hospital, that I could not set foot in Britain again even to visit their graves. Theirs or my parents or any of the other people whose lives your peace was bought with. No, I didn’t always feel I should thank you.
Anyhow, over the years, my bitterness had faded to nothing. As I traveled and worked to get my life in order, I came to the conclusion that my banishment was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am happy, and even though I hadn’t daydreamed about being a Cursebreaker while I was growing up, it is a good life and I like to think that my family and friends are happy for me.
I had moved on and, except for a few passing conversations, neither heard nor was too interested in recent British issues. Imagine my surprise two days ago, when several Aurors decided -with the permission of the Minister- to attempt hold my current lover hostage in order to force me to fight your new dark lord. I say ‘attempt’ because I got this information via veritaserum after my lover incapacitated them. I see the worth of British Aurors hasn’t gone up.
So I would like to say thank you to the Minister, because without your actions to bolster your career, I would probably still be in Britain. I might even have become an Aurour.
I’d also like to thank the press, because it was your libelous articles that riled the public up.
And finally to my not so adoring public, I’d like to thank you most of all. If you weren’t the sheeple you are, believing everything printed in the paper, I would be stuck in the middle of your mess and expected to clean it up. As it is, I am happily away from your problems and if you can’t muster up the courage to save yourselves, well, sucks to be you.

Harry James Potter

P.S. Lord Marik, I have washed my hands of any responsibility to my birthplace. So long as you do not attack me or mine I have no reason to hinder your conquest of Britain.

Readers it would appear that our Saviour has abandoned us to our fate. The Ministry has not commented. With Potter’s seeming encouragement, will the Dark Lord take over that much sooner? Only time will tell.
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