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Oneshot. A look inside of Sasuke's heart after he leaves Konoha. R&R please

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This was originally written in '06, and even though I'm posting it here it hasn't gotten any revision xD

Bound: I’ve had an account for a while but I always end up deleting what I put up(except for some stupid poem)so I decided to try again.

: I do not own Naruto, which is probably a good thing because I would just screw it up

Dark hallway, multiple doors, no end in sight. He was running but something was slowing him down and then he felt it. A hand on his, fingers entwined. He looked down -pale fingers, fragile seeming. A porcelain body that looked to be easily broken, but a face unclear.

Their fingers pulled apart, the porcelain boy slipped. A small cry, ‘will you leave me here?’ But there was no stopping. The urge to get away was too much. Finally, a light! The end was near but no happiness was felt. Who was he to share joy with?

He turned back to see what had become of the boy and saw his doll like body. Looking up, his eyes lay upon an only slightly clear childish face. But he realized, no longer was this a child. The boy’s eyes were beyond his years, they stared at him with a dull, broken look.

This was his fault! He had left the beautiful boy and now he was damaged. His arm started to reach out and then….nothingness. Stuck in the dark again, this time alone. But not for long. People appearing, his friends! Running once more, towards them but they looked upon him with cold faces. Like the boy had left him, they were leaving him. ‘Come back!’ and almost wordless plea.

As one they turned their hard eyes upon him. And he noticed the boy among them. The boy, the sad boy with broken eyes, but eyes that could have been warm again. Warm and happy, if pain had come without need for revenge would be acknowledged.

As one again, they spoke with their different voices ‘We are merely doing to you as you have done to us, left behind with so little hope. Is this not the same as your purpose? To do to another what has been done to you?’

He was speechless. He watched one by one as his comrades, friends, now enemies- everyone he knew left him to the dark. In the eternally black abyss, he and the boy were alone again. ‘Will you leave me too?’ quiet words echoed into emptiness.

‘I cannot, for though you have left me behind, cast me aside, I am still apart of you.’ The face of the porcelain boy became clear, he gazed at himself as he was years ago. And he looked about this empty place and realized, this black area with the cold-eyed boy was his heart. And in his sleep he had drawn inside himself, and somewhere along the way had lost the knowledge of the exit.

Bound: I know it’s not much, its just a stupid one shot I did during English but please tell me what you think.
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