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Bite Bakk

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The boy only ever needed one thing and that was his mother, he lost that and he lost out on all hope. Now he has a new mother, but also a new filthy lifestyles. Read to Know More MOFOS

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I’m in a cave, but I don’t know why. I’m lying on the moist rough ground; something is trickling down my forehead. I touch the source of the trickling; blood.
I jump up, and run to the edge of the cave; it’s a cliff; I’m standing on a cliff. Waves of water are crashing down on to the sides of the cliff. The only way I can get off is to jump.
That’s exactly what I did.

I woke up in… in a pool of sweat. I sighed ‘it was only a dream.’
The clock read 7:45 AM. I guess it wouldn’t hurt getting ready for school fifteen minutes before I was supposed to.

I walk over to the mirror; I see my bed-head hair and the mole in between my collar bone and my chest. Hmm… fifteen minutes to take a shower, I guess.
I walk into the bathroom; I get undressed and take off my silver bracelet with the name ‘Blake’ on it.
Blake my name.
I took an 8 minute shower, wrapped a towel around my waist, gathered up my clothes and went back to my bedroom. I shut the door of my bedroom and dropped my clothes, I ran back to the bathroom; I forgot my bracelet.

My mother had gotten me that bracelet when I was twelve. Three years on and I still wear it. I got dressed in my usual school attire: a statement t-shirt and a pair of tight fitting jeans. I sat in front of my mirror and fixed up my hair.

I could hear my brothers running down the stairs, so that they could eat the blueberry pancakes my mother, I mean my step-mother, was making. My step-mother, who I always call Selena, has won over the hearts (and stomachs) of my two other brothers: James and Justin. James is twenty years old and Justin is fourteen, making me the middle child at fifteen.

Selena is respectful to us, if we’re respectful to her. I just can’t be. I never believed that my father could replace my mother with a stuck-up ‘bitch’. Selena thinks she’s better than my mum in everyway. When she acts like this my brothers have to hold me down, because they know that I would have given everything for my mum.

My mum died in a car crash two days after she bought me my bracelet. My dad, brothers and I couldn’t believe it. She was always bubbly and active. She was always there for us. If we needed a shoulder to cry on or just some advice. I would never be able to have a meal cooked by my mum or play soccer with her again.

The day my dad married that bitch, Selena, I refused to go to their wedding. They made me go, threatening to break my arm. They got married just after I turned fourteen.

I went downstairs, James, Justin and Selena had already finished the pancakes, so I ate cereal instead. I was reading the back of the cereal box, when Selena yelled at me ‘WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! TAKING A SHOWER IN THE MORNING! WAKING THE WHOLE HOUSE UP!’ she threw the cereal box at the wall, and then she threw the cereal bowl at the door.
James and Justin left the table as fast as they could. I couldn’t believe that my own brothers would abandon me, when I needed them the most.
‘I DON’T BACKBITE ABOUT YOU IT’S ALL IN YOUR FUCKED UP HEAD!’ was the first thing that escaped from my mouth; it was obviously the worst thing to say.
‘HOW DARE YOU!’ Selena screamed back.
She slapped me across the face. My eyes started to burn.
I grabbed my bag and ran out the door, the last thing I need is for my dad to be on my back about this.

I ran all the way to school. I ran into the boy’s locker room, nobody would be thee at this time.
I was wrong.
Megan was there.
She gave me a shocked look. ‘What?’ I said.
‘You’re bleeding!’ she said nervously.
‘I’m bleeding?’ I turned to the mirror ‘I’M BLEEDING!’
‘Hold up! Hold up!’ she opened her bag and pulled out some tissues. She stood really close to me, so close that I could feel her breath on my skin; she wiped up the blood. ‘All better! Now care to tell me what your doing here so early, Mr. Blake?’ she added a little chuckle when she said that.
‘Umm… cough cough what are you doing in the boy’s locker room?’ I said while laughing.
‘That’s for me to know, and for you to not give a damn about.’ She giggled.
‘Wanna walk me to my locker, and maybe you know we can talk?’ she asked flirtatiously.
‘Okay sure.’ I said anxiously. I’m sure I was turning as red as a tomato when I said that.

I walked her to her locker where she emptied her bag, and picked up the books that she needed for today’s lessons. Than we sat down in our homeroom.
‘So, umm why were you in the boy’s locker room?’ I asked Megan.
‘Well I kinda don’t want to say…’ she said slowly.
‘Alright that’s okay’
‘Why were you bleeding?’
‘I kinda don’t want to say too…’
‘Well I’ll keep your secret of nothing if you keep mine!’
‘Ahahaha sure.’
‘what are you two doing here so early? You know the rules: nobody in the classrooms before 8:30, now get out!’ said the secretary.
We laughed and walked out of the room and into the courtyard.

The courtyard in my school, Eternity High, was a peaceful sanctuary. It’s a place where you would go to if you wanted to meditate, not that anybody used it for that. Megan was walking by my side; I was looking at my feet like a nervous idiot. I didn’t know what to say to such a beautiful, kind, and thoughtful girl. At that moment my phone started to ring.
‘Excuse me.’ I said to Megan, she nodded in reply.
It was Selena.

‘Hello? Selena?’
‘Umm… I’m at school, why?’
‘What?! What did I do wrong now?’ (Megan gave me a puzzled look when I said this.)
‘You didn’t clean the mess in the kitchen!’
‘Selena, you made that mess! You lost your temper and threw them at the wall. I’m not coming home to clean up your mess!’
Selena hung-up the phone.

‘Sorry about that Megan.’ I could feel my face going red with embarrassment.
‘It’s okay.’ She replied. ‘You know what I think I’m beginning to like you!’
‘Really?’ I had to stop myself from acting surprised.
‘Yeah... well I have to get going, hope I get to see you around sometime!’ she said with a big smile, and walked away.
I was floating inside; she likes me!

I didn’t concentrate on anything during class. Our maths teacher, Miss Lee, repeated my name four times before I understood that she was talking to me.

The last two sessions of the day was sports. Our sports classes were held with both boys and girls. The girls tried to impress the boys by wearing tight tops and short netball skirts. Megan never did. The guys tried to impress the girls by showing off their muscles and abs, by not wearing shirts. I think those guys and girls are just plain desperate.

I walked into the gym with a couple of mates. I saw Megan with her group of friends. I winked at her and she gave me a big cheesy grin back. Her friends turned around, and gave me the once-over head-to-toe look-over then turned back to Megan.
My mates were encouraging me to ask her out.
‘C’mon man, get over there!’
‘Yeah, snag her while she’s single!’
I laughed off what my mates were saying to me.

Our sports teacher, Mr. Kaulitz, came into the room.
‘Good afternoon class, today we’re going to play a game of basketball and after we might have some spare time…’
We all cheered because having ‘spare time’ meant we got to pump up the stereo and have a party.
‘Okay class! Guys on the left, girls on the right. And because you are gentleman’s the ladies will have thee ball first.’ Mr. Kaulitz instructed the class. ‘Choose a person from the opposite side to stay on.’
Megan looked my way, we nodded at each other.

Game on.

The end result was a bloodbath worth score of 37-37. It was a tie.
‘Sorry guys, but it looks like we don’t have any spare time, so everybody hit the showers and change, you can leave when you’re done.’ Mr. Kaulitz told the sweaty and tired class.
Megan was heading towards the girls locker room, I stopped her.
‘Hey!’ I said breathlessly.
‘Hi’ she replied. “Good game, huh?’
'Yep umm… I was wondering if you’re not doing anything after school that you might want to hit the shops at me.’
‘Sure! Just wait for me okay ‘cause us lady’s take a long time to shower.’ She added a cheeky grin to that reply.
My face lit up, and I caught my breath.
‘Cool, I’ll wait for you.’
I left towards the boys’ locker room. My friends swamped me.
‘So did you ask her out?’
‘Dude, she was like all over you in the game!’
‘You know what? She like totally likes you!’
I just laughed, my friends, my support.

After I showered and got dressed, I sprayed a little of my mates cologne on and walked out of the locker room. Megan came out 5 minutes later.
‘Hey!’ she said happily.
‘You look great!’ I said
I heard a couple of girl giggles. Megan’s face flushed pink; ‘AWKWARD’ I heard one of the hidden giggles say.
‘Thanks anyway are we going or what?’ she said while looking at her feet.
‘Yep, follow me my madam.’ She laughed when I said this.

We walked to the shops, bought some ice-cream and went to the park. Nobody goes to this park, because there isn’t anything particularly special about it. It had no playground, no pond; all it had was a little bench with some large privacy-giving trees around it. Nobody except me would call it a park.

‘Wow, this place is nice... and well NICE!’ Megan said merrily.
‘Yeah, I like it ‘cause of its privacy and the fact that you can’t really hear the traffic and the people around it.’
‘Hmm I wonder why you brought me here.’
‘Just ‘cause it’s a nice place to sit back and talk and you know chill.’
‘You’re ice-creams melting.’ She pointed out.
‘Okay then I guess I should eat it or maybe we can share!’
‘Ha-ha no thanks I’m full. I just want to sit back and talk.’ She put her hands in her lap, stood up straight. I laughed she looked so adorable.

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