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The Gift of Life

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Kagome has just lost family, love and purpose and the place she ended up in just makes her feel worse. Two men come to kidnap her and she willingly goes with them. One of them decides to be there f...

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November 2007

The gift of life

"Kagome Higurashi. Our next 'target.' She's friends with the Kyuubi Vessel. We are to kidnap her and improvise from there." Crimson eyes looked down at a small sheet of paper with two words on it. Muttering a few words, he caused the paper to burn into ashes that floated on the gentle wind passing by.

"Itachi, are you ready to go?" A shark-like being grinned wide, sharp teeth glinting in the sunlight.

The other figure nodded slightly and began to walk in the direction of where the target had last been spotted.

Kagome sighed sadly. It had been a few months since she had moved to this village of Konoha, and already people thought of her as a 'threat.'

She had been found in a by a boy named Naruto. She had finally finished the jewel and decided that no wish was to be made on it. When she jumped into the well to go back to her family, she had woken up (for some reason, she passed out) in this strange world. The kind boy, who reminded her of an older Shippo, had told her she was in 'Konohagakure' and that he had found her passed out by their training grounds.

The boy also explained all of the rules and guidelines of his village (though he admitted that he didn't follow quite a few of them). She had then, in exchange, shared her own story with him. He seemed rather fascinated with it all as well as a bit ambivalent to believe such a wild tale.

They had then met with the leader of the town, one known as the 'Go-daime Hokage,' Tsunade-sama.

Naruto then had her tell her story to the older woman, and even gave a small demonstration of her power by identifying the Kitsune within Naruto. He seemed rather upset that she had found out, but she reassured him that she didn't mind at all.

It was from the moment she spoke the word 'youkai' that she was put on the 'suspicious' list. Kagome was rather hurt when she attained the knowledge (which Naruto had revealed accidentally). She had been heartbroken (Inuyasha died for Kikyo) and distraught, as she had been taken away from BOTH of her families. To find out that she wasn't trusted made it hard to start a new life.

It was a small(-ish), tight-knit village that made up Konoha, and when one person was on alert, the word would spread quickly and the suspicion would spread among the population like a forest fire. She supposed that it was probably why her only friend was Naruto.

At first, the concept of 'Ninja' was a difficult one to grasp. But once she opened up her heart to the idea, she was overwhelmed with so many amazing things. Her favorite, though, was the heavenly ramen!

Gazing out of the large window provided in her small living quarters, she giggled as she watched the snow falling. Winter... She thought contentedly. My favorite time of year.

Kagome opened the window and a gust of chilly wind blew in her face. She closed her eyes as she soaked in the cold air. Someone yanked her back into her apartment and closed the window.

"What was that 'Gome!?! You were going to fall out of the window if you had leaned any farther!"

She blinked, "Eh? Oh! Naru-chan! Sorry! I was just enjoying the winter breezes."

He crossed his arms, "More like trying to kill yourself..."

Kagome pouted, "No matter how hard the times, there is NO WAY I'm gonna kill myself!"

The blonde boy gave her a bright smile, "C'mon! It's ramen time! You're treating!"

Frowning, she sat back down on her windowsill, she fingered the curtains that were next to her head, "I don't wanna go. All those people always gossip and glare at me when I go. Sometimes I think it would just be better if I left this place."

Naruto looked at her with understanding. While everyone hated him for having the Kyuubi sealed within him and had been teased and jeered all of his life, Kagome in a way had it worse. No one trusted her. Even he treated her as if walking on thin ice. She probably knew it too. She could have been lying about her adventures in Sengoku Jidai.

But he had to watch over her, no matter what. Tsunade-sama had assigned him to watch her for anything and to report any suspicious act immediately, no matter how small.

"Go without me Naru-chan. I'll be fine." The boy nodded slowly and walked back out the door.

"Sayonara Naruto." Kagome murmured when the boy left.

"Gomen nasai 'Gome-chan." Naruto whispered as he walked to the ramen stand.

"I've gotta get out of this place... if it's the last thing I ever do..." She inhaled, "I gotta get out of this place, I know there's a better life for me somewhere..." Kagome stood up abruptly, "Who are you!" She called out. Swiveling around, she pinpointed the aura she was looking for. "Show yourself. I know where you are. There is no use in hiding any longer." She pointed at the exact spot he was in.

Itachi smirked predatorily. Even with his chakara masked she was able to find his presence.

"My, my. You are a very strong one. I was eavesdropping. Looking for a way out? Come with me, I'll give you somewhere to go..." He stepped out the shadows.

"You just admitted to eavesdropping. Why should I trust you to take me somewhere when I can't even trust you when I have a private conversation?"

"You can't," the gruff voice of Kisame boomed, "but we will leave here with you in our possession whether you comply or not."

Itachi nodded, "So it was ordered, so it shall be carried out."

He watched the woman had a growing smile on her face, her cobalt eyes glowing darkly. It suited her, he decided, "Well, I shouldn't make this any harder than it should be... Besides, I was looking for an out from Konoha, and beggars can't be choosy." She walked up to them and looked over them thoroughly, "Where to boys?"

Itachi looked down at the petit woman standing stiffly next to him.

"It's too late to save me now, Uzumaki-san" Her crisp voice cut through the field.

"I found you here 'Gome-chan! We were friends! Why do you turn on me... On Konoha! On us!" Naruto looked at the girl, his former friend, and on the inside he was being eaten up with guilt.

"We never were ANYTHING! You pretended to be my friend; pretended to like me! Don't lie! I could see it in your eyes every time we would talk. I see it even NOW... Guilt. And Konoha never really accepted me anyway. They all expected me to flip out and kill the whole village! I am just living up to their expectations, so don't you dare yell at me."

Naruto recoiled. While everything she said was true, he could not help but wonder, "Why Akatsuki? Why Itachi?" He growled out the name of her partner and love.

"They gave me a real home. He gave me my life back." Her face was flushed with the coolness of the day. He could see her breath so clearly. Naruto looked away, ashamed.

Itachi raised a brow. He knew that she had won their battle of wills. The Ninja fled, only looking back once, regretfully, no doubt on his way to tell his leader, Tsunade, about his new findings.

Gazing over at her again, he observed those navy orbs, the very same that opened up to him those many years ago. The ones that gave him something to live for. She said that he gave her something to live for, but he believed just the opposite. Not that he'd ever admit it aloud.

"Itachi-sama! Are you okay?" Her hand waved in front of his face, and he grabbed it.

"Of course, Kagome," he turned around, her wrist still in his control, "now let's head back."

She nodded and when he let go of her wrist, she quickly grabbed his hand, tangling her fingers with his. "I'm sure Kisame-kun will be curious as to where we are."

"It's not my fault you picked here to practice."

"True." The girl sighed. "I meant it, you know... What I said before."

The cloaked ninja closed his eyes, letting his senses lead him, "I know."

"Thank you..."

The pristine snow fell, erasing all marks that the two Akatsuki recruits had ever been there.


MB: Merry Christmas! This was supposed to be somewhat okay... and Chrsitmasy... Hence the snow... But neither really worked out, so... never mind... This is my Christmas gift to my best friend GeeksRule, who is on 'vacation.' (She got her computer taken away for a LONG time, so I can't expect her to do much writing... or anything much on the computer for that matter...)
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