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Curious But Reluctant

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Saphera and Sesshomaru are bethrothed, and after a sparring match between Saphera and Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru kisses Saphera, What happens next? Read and see.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Inuyasha,Rin,Sesshoumaru - Warnings: [!] [V] [X] - Published: 2008-04-13 - Updated: 2008-04-13 - 775 words

Curious But Reluctant:

Saphera was training, at swordsmen ship when her father- Ryukotsu came outside, Saphera managed to land a hit on her sensei, and she knocked the instructors sword out of his hand.

“Saphera, enough sword work,” Ryukotsu said, Saphera sheathed her sword, “Saphera, I’d like you to meet, Lord InuTaisho, and his son Lord Sesshomaru,” Ryukotsu said, Saphera bowed, she’s become a mute since the day her mother- Andrea died, not to mention she’s cold, and emotionless. Suddenly Saphera summoned a black whip, and she blocked a black panthers attack.

She lunged at him, and head-butted him in the stomach. She then used her black whip to whip the black panther, when she stopped, she called back the whip, and turned towards InuTaisho, Sesshomaru, and Ryukotsu. Saphera's face was covered in small drops of blood, Sesshomaru walked towards her, as he pulled a piece of cloth from his haori, when he stood in front of her, he wiped the blood from her face. Saphera, watched Sesshomaru, as he finished wiping away the blood.

"Father, Saphera is strong, do you think she could come to the Western lands to train?" Sesshomaru asked, as he looked at InuTaisho,

"Yes, she could, what do you think Ryukotsu?" InuTaisho said/asked,

"I think that would be perfect," Ryukotsu said, she nodded, as she felt Sesshomaru take her hand, and she looked down at her hand. She was confused,

"Why are you holding my hand?" Saphera asked, in a whisper, Sesshomaru looked at her, and saw the confusion in her eyes.

"Because, I can." Sesshomaru said, but in truth, he didn't know why he was holding her hand, and he was surprised when she had talked to him. Saphera just nodded, as Sesshomaru watched her,

"Sesshomaru," InuTaisho called, Sesshomaru looked over at InuTaisho, and he started walking with Saphera following him. "Why don't you and Saphera spar?" InuTaisho asked, both Saphera and Sesshomaru nodded. Saphera walked into the arena, with Sesshomaru close behind her, and they started to spar, "Saphera's quite an excellent fighter for one her age," InuTaisho said,

"Yes, her training was started early," Ryukotsu said, as he watched Saphera pin Sesshomaru to the ground, but he rolled over, and pinned her down. "I can tell they will make perfect mates," Ryukotsu said, as InuTaisho nodded. Saphera wrapped her legs around Sesshomaru's waist, as she rolled him into his back, and her trainer concluded the sparring match.

"Saphera-sama wins," He said, as the two Taiyoukai's looked at the Prince of the Western lands, and the Princess of the Eastern Lands. InuTaisho looked at Ryukotsu, and Ryukotsu looked at InuTaisho. When they weren't paying attention Sesshomaru rolled over on top of Saphera, and kissed her on the lips. She gasped, but she kissed back, as the two Taiyoukai looked back at them, and both smirked. Saphera's arms wrapped around Sesshomaru's neck,

Ryukotsu cleared his throat, as InuTaisho chuckled, causing Saphera and Sesshomaru to pull back from each other's lips. "Saphera," Ryukotsu said, as Saphera looked up at him from her spot in the sand of the sparring arena, "Are you comfortable?" Ryukotsu asked, as Sesshomaru stood up, and helped Saphera to her feet. Saphera took her hair out of it's braid, and shook her head until all the sand fell out of her hair, Sesshomaru helped her braid her hair again, and she helped get the sand out of his hair.

"Sesshomaru, you where beaten by a girl." InuTaisho taunted, Sesshomaru looked at Saphera, but she wasn't there, the next thing Sesshomaru saw was her hanging up-si-down on a branch above his father, then he saw her pull his father's hair tie out of his hair, before she disappeared into the tree again. "Hn?" InuTaisho asked, as he felt his hair fall down his back, he reached back, and sighed. "Who took my hair tie?" InuTaisho asked, as Saphera's hand tapped InuTaisho's head, and he looked up. "Saphera? What are you doing?" InuTaisho asked, as Saphera sat on the branch of the sakura blossom tree,

"Saphera get out of the tree," Ryukotsu said, Saphera flipped up-si-down, and handed InuTaisho his hair tie. Then she flipped out of the tree, as InuTaisho put his hair back up, she landed next to InuTaisho, and when he finished she pulled on his hand.

"Am I betrothed to Sesshomaru?" Saphera whispered, into InuTaisho's ear, InuTaisho nodded, as Saphera let a small smile cross her pink lips, She walked over to Ryukotsu, and sighed. "Father," Saphera said, Ryukotsu's eyes widened,

"Your talking?!" Ryukotsu asked, Saphera nodded,

"Yes," Saphera said, as she grabbed a arrow heading towards her, without looking,
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