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The Sudden Change in My Heart

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Saphera's just a major gothic girl, and you'd think she'd be ignored, right? WRONG!! Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and their friends pick on her ALL The time!!

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The Sudden Change in My Heart (Sesshomaru Story):

Saphera sighed, as she sat in the same class with Inuyasha, he kept shooting spitballs at her, she’s an unnoticed Gothic girl, she sighed, as she was pelted by yet another spitball, and the principal came in to survey the class. However, Inuyasha didn’t stop shooting spitballs at her, by the time class ended she’d pulled 100 or-so spitballs out of her hair, and she walked towards her next class, Saphera has to sit next to Sesshomaru………

Saphera walked into class, and she sat down, next to him. Saphera started to run her hands through her hair, causing 40 or so more spitballs to fall out of her hair, as Blaze -Saphera’s twin brother- walked into the room, and sat in front of her. Saphera laid down on her desk, and fell asleep. When she woke she was sitting on the floor, and Sesshomaru was smirking. Saphera sighed; he pushed her out of her chair yet……… again………… she stood up, and she sat back down in her chair,

“Mrs. Saphera, Is there a problem?” Professor Kaede asked,

“No, I’m just un-balanced today,” Saphera lied, Professor Kaede nodded, and went back to the front of the classroom. Then the bell rang, and they left the class. Saphera was lucky she only had to go to Professor Myouga’s class then she could go home, but she sighed, as she remembered she had to deal with both Inuyasha’s Girlfriend- Kagome and Sesshomaru at the same time. Thank god, Professor Myouga’s class is a martial arts class, and she gets to spar against Sesshomaru.

Saphera walked into Professor Myouga’s classroom, and she started to stretch, when Sesshomaru and Kagome arrived Saphera was standing on her hands, with her feet straight up in the air, Sesshomaru pushed on her legs, and smirked when she fell over but his smirk left when she curled into a ball and stood back up. Then Professor Myouga walked into the classroom with everyone else, Saphera and Sesshomaru where already sparring, she faked a left punch, and kneed Sesshomaru in the stomach. Sesshomaru growled while his youkai broke free, Saphera growled, as she started to forget to hide her true form, and everyone gasped.

“Look it’s Lady Dragon!” One person said, as Blaze cursed, and tried to pull her back, but she lunged forward, and pinned Sesshomaru down to the floor. Saphera’s eyes started to turn black, but Sesshomaru pushed his claws into the back of her neck, and he used his poison to calm her. Saphera growled softly, as she started to pass out, and Blaze grabbed her.


Blaze called his father, and he said he was on his way. Saphera had pushed Sesshomaru to far, and he used his poison to calm her. Blaze walked over and he pulled Saphera into his arms. Sesshomaru, calmed down, and he stood up, as Blaze turned.

“Keep your bitch under control!!” Sesshomaru growled,

“She’s not my bitch, she’s my twin sister,” Blaze said, as he walked away, and Kagome gasped.

“Then your Black Dragon, aren’t you?!” Kagome asked,

“Yes I am,” Blaze said, as a tall man with black hair walked into the room, and he walked over to Blaze. “Father, Saphera pushed Sesshomaru to far,” Blaze said, as the man nodded,

“Lord Ryukotsu, I didn’t know you had such insolent heirs,” Sesshomaru said,

“Lord Sesshomaru, this dose not concern you,” The tall man said, as he took Saphera, as Blaze grabbed her backpack, and they left.


Its, been a week since Saphera pissed off Sesshomaru, and now she’s forced to wear tight form fitting clothes. Saphera sighs, as she parked her car, and she got out. She grabbed her backpack, as Blaze got out of the car, and they walk towards the collage building, the boys on campus whistled, Saphera scoffed.

“Saphera Look who’s staring,” Blaze whispered into Saphera’s ear, she looked up at the top of the stairs, and sighs.

“He can get his act together before he asks me anything,” Saphera said, as she walked over to a group of people wearing black, and she sat down in the center of the table. Her black clothes still formfitting, even though she wished she could wear her usual baggy black clothes, and Blaze sat behind her. As the group talked they didn’t notice Sesshomaru talking to his group,


“I bet $250.00 that I can Take Lady Dragon’s Virginity,” Sesshomaru said,

“Your on!!” Kouga, Hiten, and Inuyasha said in unison,

“I will do it within a three month period.” Sesshomaru said, the others nodded, as he walked down the stairs and towards the Dragon gang. He walked towards Saphera, as the Gang members stood up, and blocked Sesshomaru’s view of Saphera. “Move aside,” Sesshomaru said, as he narrowed his eyes,

“Common guys let him through,” Came the voice of the Younger brother of Blaze and Saphera; his name’s Gunnar, A.K.A- The Black Flame his twin sister; Kimimori A.K.A The Black Viper sat next to him. The members stepped aside, and let Sesshomaru through, as Saphera looked at him. She looked like a sexy goddess, to Sesshomaru, and he walked over to her.

“Would you go out with me?” Sesshomaru asked, Saphera looked at Blaze, Gunnar, then at Kimimori.

“Fine,” Saphera said, Sesshomaru held out his hand, and Saphera took it. “But you are now my man, so if I catch another woman near you, other than your friends, I will make the whores life a living hell,” Saphera said, Sesshomaru nodded, as he lead her over to the stairs,

"Sesshomaru, she's sure a nice catch!" Kouga said, Saphera glared at Kouga, "What?" Kouga asked, Saphera walked over to him, and grabbed his shirt.

"I'm not a damn toy, so don't treat me like one," Saphera said, dangerously calm, "Not unless you want to know how I gained the name 'Lady Dragon'." Saphera finished, with a growl, Kouga blinked, but nodded.

"Saphera," Sesshomaru said, she looked at him, and sighed.

"What?" Saphera asked, as she walked away, the chains around her waist loosening, as she took them off. Then they formed, into a sword, "I don't care if you think your the shit, I'm not going to let anyone insult me, my brothers, or my little sister." Saphera said, as she let the Sword turn back into the chains, and she put them back around her waist. She turned around, as Sesshomaru watched her, "I'm not a billboard!" Saphera growled,

"Hn?" Sesshomaru asked, as he stalked towards Saphera, He pulled her into his arms, and he kissed her. She kissed him back,


It's been a month since Saphera started dating Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru walked over to Saphera and Blaze, "I'm going to be hosting a party tonight, would you care to come?" Sesshomaru asked, his face it's normal emotionless mask,

"Sure," Saphera said, "But my whole gang gets to come," Saphera finished, Sesshomaru nodded,

"Fine," Sesshomaru said, "Come to my house at seven O'clock," Sesshomaru finished, Saphera nodded, then Sesshomaru took her arm, and lead her away. Sesshomaru brought Saphera to the Cafe, and he bought her breakfast. They ate in silence then they went to class, the rest of the day when by rather quickly, and soon Saphera, Blaze, Gunnar, and where dressed, nicely. Saphera wore a black silk blouse, and black dress pants, with black high-heels. Blaze wore a black button-down shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes. Gunnar wore something similar to Blaze, Kimimori was also dressed in a similar way to Saphera.

They went outside, and got into Saphera's black Jaguar, Saphera drove to Sesshomaru's house, and she parked her car. They got out, as Sesshomaru walked over, and he took Saphera's hand. She sighed, as she locked the car, and turned the alarm on. Sesshomaru took them inside, and he brought her up to his room.


Sesshomaru sighed, 'Damn it! Saphera's attitude's is driving me crazy!' Sesshomaru thought, as he thought about how to get Saphera up to his room, when she arrived he walked over to her, and he took her hand. He led her up to his room, and watched as she sat on his bed. "Saphera, undress," Sesshomaru said, Saphera looked at him with a raised eyebrow, But her eyes widened when she saw Sesshomaru getting undressed, Saphera sighed, but undressed like she was told, then she ran her hands across Sesshomaru's bare chest.

She lay there exposed in front of him, and he smirked. She ran her hands down his arms, then she moved to his hips, she purred softly, and she looked up at his face. “Take me,” She whispered, Sesshomaru smirked, and he put his fingers into her tight core. He took them out, and smirked.

Sesshomaru thrust into Saphera, and she gasped in pain. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Sesshomaru kissed her forehead, and started to thrust into her. She moaned, as Sesshomaru gripped her hips, and he thrust harder. She moaned, as she arched against his chest, and he kissed her collarbone.

Sesshomaru thrust harder, deeper, faster, he felt her tighten around him, and she moaned as she climaxed. Sesshomaru kept thrusting, as she had her first orgasm, and he kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back, and he sped up. She pulled back from the kiss, to moan, as Sesshomaru grabbed her ass, and squeezed. Then he rolled over, and she was on top.

“Ride me,” Sesshomaru said, and she obeyed. She started to bounce on him, as his hands stayed on her hips to keep her steady, and soon he was thrusting upwards into her. She moaned, as she tightened around him again, and she climaxed. Sesshomaru was still hard, as he pulled out of her, she whimpered, and Sesshomaru smirked. He pulled her down, hard, on his dick, and she moaned.

He thrusted up into her, so hard, and so fast he felt his cock hit her spot. She moaned louder, as he continued to hit the same spot, and soon her inner muscles tightened around his dick. She felt his cock pulse inside her, and soon she felt his hot seed fill her womb. She collapsed on his chest, exhausted, and drunk off Sesshomaru's scent. Then Sesshomaru did something unexpected, he cut his lip, and bit the nape of her neck; they both where in shock, as Saphera starred, into Sesshomaru's eyes, and Sesshomaru sighed. He pulled out of Saphera, after he rolled over on top of her, and he got dressed. When he turned around Saphera hadn't moved,

"If this was a bet I want half of the money," Saphera said, as she starred at Sesshomaru, he nodded, as she yawned, and she got up. She gathered her clothes, but threw her panties, at Sesshomaru, he caught them, and watched as Saphera walked into his bathroom. She showered, and dressed. Then Sesshomaru walked into the bathroom, and took a shower. When he finished, Saphera brushed out his hair, and used her fire powers. But she just let her finger tips get warm, as she ran her fingers through his hair, when she finished his hair was as soft as silk, and Saphera sighed. "Your leaving me aren't you?" Saphera asked, in a whisper,

"It was only a bet," Sesshomaru said,

"How much?" Saphera asked,

"$250.00." Sesshomaru said,

"My virginity was worth that much?" Saphera asked, Sesshomaru nodded, as Saphera raised an eyebrow, "Well was I good?" Saphera asked,

"Yes," Sesshomaru said, as he looked into Saphera's eyes, then they left the room, and they walked downstairs. Kouga, Hiten, and Inuyasha walked over to Sesshomaru, after Saphera walked over to her brothers, and her sister.

"So did you do it?!" Kouga asked, Sesshomaru held out Saphera's panties,

"Woah, she's go a small waist," Hiten said, as Kouga, Inuyasha, and himself, handed over the money.


Saphera walked over to her brothers, her sister, and the rest of her Gang. "Pay up," Saphera said, they handed her $250.00 each, and she smirked- She bet them that Sesshomaru would take her virginity. She walked over to Sesshomaru, and she handed him half of the money she received from her gang. Then he handed her half of the money he got from Inuyasha, Kouga, and Hiten. "Our deal is done, but I would like to see you at my house, tomorrow, at seven in the morning." Saphera said, Sesshomaru nodded, as he turned to walk away, but she grabbed his shoulder, and she slipped some money into his pocket. "That's to keep Yura's Mouth shut," Saphera said, when he looked back at her, he nodded, and they walked away from each other.


It's been two months since Sesshomaru and Saphera had sex, and Saphera noticed her stomachs been acting up; she can't keep anything in her stomach, and Ryukotsu took his family out to dinner at a really nice restaurant. Saphera told Ryukotsu, and Andrea, what she'd done with Sesshomaru the night it happened, and they understood. They noticed Saphera was pregnant, and they told her. She said she knew, as she played with her hair, and she told them about her stomach. Andrea gasped, as she watched Saphera force herself to eat,


Sesshomaru, and Yura, arrived at a restaurant, they met up with his family, and his friends. They were led to a table, and they sat down. Sesshomaru was annoyed, he couldn't get Saphera out of his mind, and when he closed his eyes he saw Saphera's face. He sighed, soon this thoughts where broken,

"Lord Ryukotsu, I'm glad you could meet us here," InuTaisho said,

"It's not a problem," Ryukotsu said,

"Saphera?!" Gunnar said, as Saphera fainted, Sesshomaru ran over, and caught her. "Sesshomaru?! What are you doing?!" Gunnar asked, as he watched Sesshomaru lift Saphera into his arms bridal style,

"Sesshomaru? What are you doing with her?!" Yura asked, Sesshomaru turned, and glared at Yura. She flinched, as he walked over to his seat, and he put Saphera in his seat.

"What's going on?!" InuTaisho demanded,

"Saphera is pregnant," Ryukotsu said, "It's Sesshomaru's pup," he finished, InuTaisho looked shocked, as Saphera shifted in the chair,

"Then she'll be coming to live with us," InuTaisho said, his mate Demokotsu stood up, and walked over to Sesshomaru, she put her hands on Sesshomaru's shoulders, and smiled at him. Blaze walked over, and took Saphera's keys from her pocket.

"I'll drive her car," Blaze said, as Sesshomaru nodded, as he carried Saphera out to his car, and he put her into the passenger seat. He buckled her in, then he walked around the car to his side, and he got into his silver sports car. He drove home, and his youkai was howling to touch their mate. He interlaced his fingers with Saphera's, he squeezed her hand gently, and he was surprised to feel Saphera squeeze back.

"What happened?" Saphera asked,

"You fainted," Sesshomaru said, as Saphera nodded, and sat up. Sesshomaru pulled up his driveway, both him and Saphera got out of the car, and they walked to the door. They walked inside, and went up to Sesshomaru's room. Saphera walked over to the bed, and Sesshomaru watched her lay down, and take a deep breath. She caught Sesshomaru's scent, and Yura's, she sat up, and looked at Sesshomaru.

"Why is Yura's scent on your pillows?" Saphera asked, Sesshomaru sighed,

"She was in my room, but I regret ever dating her," Sesshomaru said, as he walked over to Saphera, and he pushed her down, on his bed. "I'd like to replace her scent with yours, may I?" Sesshomaru asked, Saphera pulled her skirt off, as Sesshomaru watched her, and she was wearing a black thong. Sesshomaru started to unbutton her shirt, as she tossed her skirt to the floor, and she started to unbutton Sesshomaru's shirt.

When Sesshomaru finished unbuttoning, Saphera's shirt, he pulled it open, he growled seductively seeing she wasn't wearing a bra, and Saphera sighed.

"My Bra's are to small," Saphera said, Sesshomaru smirked, as he grabbed her breasts, and squeezed gently. Saphera gasped, and she moaned, as she pulled her thong off, and then she unbuttoned Sesshomaru’s pants.


InuTaisho arrived home, as he walked into the house he heard moaning from upstairs, he sighed, as Demokotsu walked in, and smiled. “I can’t wait to be a Grandmother!!” Demokotsu said, as Inuyasha walked through the door, and made a disgusted sound.

“Can they be any louder?!” Inuyasha asked,

“They could be louder yes,” InuTaisho answered, Inuyasha snorted, and walked up to his room Kagome following him.

“I never expected Sesshomaru to Mate with such gothic a girl like Saphera, though.” InuTaisho looked at Demokotsu who looked thoughtful, and he smiled.

“I never thought I would see him take a mate,” Demokotsu smiled, as InuTaisho touched her shoulders, before whispering, “And I never thought I would see Sesshomaru’s soft side again,”

“Neither did I Inu,”

“Dem, could you ask Saphera what she knows about computers when Sesshomaru and her finish? I’m still trying to get rid of that vires Inuyasha put on my computer from looking at porn,” InuTaisho said, Demokotsu nodded,

“Of course I will!” Soon after that, the moaning and growling stopped. “I’ll be right back Inu,” Demokotsu said, as she hurried up the stairs, and she knocked on the door to Sesshomaru’s room.


Saphera, and Sesshomaru where snuggling when there was a knock on the door, “Enter,” Sesshomaru said, the door opened, and Demokotsu walked in.

“Sorry to barge in, but…. Saphera? How much do you know about computers?” Demokotsu asked,

“I know everything there is to know about computers. Why do you ask?” Saphera asked, as she sat up, and held the sheet against her chest.

“Inu has a vires on his computer from the time Inuyasha used it to look at porn, and he can’t get rid of it.” Demokotsu sighed,

“I’ll be down to look at it as soon as I’m dressed,” Saphera said, Demokotsu nodded, and left the room, and closed the door behind her.


Saphera got dressed, as Sesshomaru watched her, and soon she felt him kissing her neck. Saphera moaned softly, as Sesshomaru kissed up to her cheek before letting her go, and she waited until he bent over before she spanked him, and quickly left the room.

She walked into InuTaisho’s study, and walked over to his computer. “Alright, let me see,” Saphera said, as she started to type, and then she sighed. “I need to call my house, to ask Blaze to bring over my Computer Programs,” Saphera said, as she pulled out her cell phone, and dialed. “Dad put Blaze on,” Saphera paused, “Hey Bro, bring me all of my computer program disks, all of the old computer parts, all of the computer books, and everything else I own that relates to computers,” Saphera paused again, “Yeah, the parts are in my room, along with everything else, and don’t forget my laptop! Alright bye.” Saphera hung up, and smirked. “I’m going to make Inuyasha a computer,” Saphera said, InuTaisho blinked,

“Do you really think that’s a good Idea?” InuTaisho asked,

“Yeah, cause I’ll put parental locks on it, that only I can control,” Saphera snickered, InuTaisho nodded, as Sesshomaru walked into the study, and saw Saphera's smirk.

"Hn? Saphera what are you planning?" Sesshomaru asked, Saphera looked at him,

"I'm going to make Inuyasha a computer with parental locks on it, but only I can control them," Saphera said, Sesshomaru nodded, and walked closer to InuTaisho's desk. He sat in the chair in front of the desk, while Saphera started to type on InuTaisho's computer,


Blaze dropped off the Computer parts, computer programs, computer books, tools, and Saphera's laptop. Sesshomaru drove Blaze home, and just as he walked into InuTaisho's study he saw two new computer towers. An elegant silver eyebrow rose, as Saphera knelt in front of InuTaisho's desk, and sighed.

"Got it!!" Saphera said, as she deleted the vires from InuTaisho's computer, and she found all the data that the vires had corrupted. She fixed the data, and took the disk out of the compact disc drive. Sesshomaru watched as Saphera walked over to the two towers, and she started to tinker with them.

"Is the Vires gone from my computer?" InuTaisho asked, as he walked into the room,

"Yeah, It's gone, and I fixed all the corrupt data too." Saphera said, as she connected a few wires in one of the towers, "Sesshomaru I had enough parts to make you a new tower, and I took the hard-drive from your old computer and put it in this tower," Saphera said, pointing towards the tower she was fiddling with, Sesshomaru walked over, and he picked the tower up. "It glows in the dark," Saphera said, Sesshomaru nodded, as InuTaisho picked up the other tower, Sesshomaru walked up to his room, and he put the tower down. Saphera plugged it in, and turned it on; it glowed blue, red, green, and white.


After both computers were turned on, and tested. Saphera and Sesshomaru sat on the couch, watching a movie, Inuyasha came downstairs fuming,

“WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE PARENTAL LOCKS ON MY NEW COMPUTER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Inuyasha yelled, Saphera smirked,

“Because you put a vires on your father’s computer from looking at porn, so I put Parental Locks on your computer, that only I control,” Saphera said, as Inuyasha growled,
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