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Getting To Know Each Other

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Still Silvana’s POV

“OH MY GOD!! I’m so sorry! She’s sorry too!! OH GOD!” That was all I could manage to say before I slammed the door

We just stood there, still shocked as hell, realizing we were still lost. I just looked at Stephanie and her mouth was wide opened xD and I laughed at it.

“Silvana, I think you should ask them” she said
“What?!?! Why me?!”
“Because I said so”
“Tell me a reason why”
“Well duh, because I'm the older one, that’s why” she said with a smirk on her face.
“okay we’re not sisters for you to come up with that shit! And you fucking know I won’t do it… You go ask them!”
“No, screw this! We settle this the old fashioned way” she said already annoyed

So yeah… Stephanie and I started playing rock-paper-scissors. Guess who lost

“Silvana… always with the scissors” She said with an evil grin
“Dude! Please!!”
“No! I won! It’s all fair!!”
“I know… please! I’ll do it! … Just… help me!” I begged her and she thought about it for like 5 seconds
“Okay! Just cause I'm a kickass friend!¨ she said smiling “But you owe me a big, big one dude!” She said
“Oh my God! Thank you so much! You know I love you right?!”
“yeah, yeah… you love me, now let’s go dude I wanna go home”
“Alright! Okay, but you’ll help me!” I said and she nodded and we made our way to the door.
“All right, open it” she said
“¬¬U you open it”
“…wuss ¬¬” Stephanie said and she knocked the door and slowly opened it

Frank’s POV

“Hey man, that show was awesome! I mean… wooow…” I said as I lit a cigarette
“Fuck yeah! I know, the kids were totally crazy, it was unbelievable” Gee said really excited as he drank from his beer
“So anyways, what are we gonna do this next week?” Ray asked
“Mhm… there are some theme parks here, and clubs, so we can have some fun =D” Mikey said
“Yeah! A week off! We have to make it worth it!” Bob said
“So when are we leaving this place?” Mikey asked
“Mhm… I don’t know… I guess ‘till the staff takes off…” Ray started but couldn’t finish because the door opening caught our attention.

There were 2 girls. I saw their eyes grow in a state of shock and radiance, when suddenly a small smile appeared on my face. We just stayed in silence. Both of them were really pretty and seemed really cool, but one of them… she was really gorgeous, her skin was white as snow, her hair was brown and long, it was pretty wavy and was up in a ponytail, also she had bangs that landed just above her left eye, she has a great body, of that I’m sure, not fat, but neither skinny, her lips looked really delicate and red…but what caught my attention were her eyes, hazel… like mine… but they were way more beautiful.

Whoa, ‘She’s beautiful’ I thought to myself looking away ‘No! This is wrong I cant be falling for a girl I don’t even know!’ I looked up to find her, she noticed I was looking at her so she smiled. I just stood there with my mouth wide open, staring like I’ve never seen anything in my life.

“OH MY GOD!! I’m so sorry! She’s sorry too!! OH GOD!” The other girl said before pushing her out and slamming the door
We all shot glances at each other, confused looks everywhere and a few seconds later the door opened again, and the two girls appeared.

Gerard’s POV

“Mhm… sorry to bother you again guys, but…” the girl with light brown hair said
“We’re kind of lost and we don’t know where to go…” the other girl said,
“Or even where we are and we were wondering…” the first one said.
“If you could help us and tell us which way to go” the other one finished.
We just stayed there, looking at them with the ‘woow’ look and suddenly all of us started laughing at what they had done.

“Oh my freaking god! That was hilarious!” I heard Mikey said between laughs
“Yeah…” They said ashamed “sorry, we tent to do that when we’re nervous…” one of the girls said and we laughed again and fall of said don’t worry in unison
“Why don’t you come in?” Frank said throwing his cigarette away, and they did
“mkay… thank you” both of them said, they were speechless, then they closed the door and they just stood there.
“Oh! C’mon! We’re not gonna eat you! Have a sit!” Frank said making enough space for both of them between me and him.

“So girls, as you may already know, I'm Ray” he said” This is Mikey, Bob, Gerard and this dwarf here, is Frank” He finished and the we heard three different hey’s
“What?!” All of us turned to the ones who said ‘hey’, including Frank
“Okay, there was no need for that! I know I'm short! Okay!” Frank said/yelled.
“Yeah! And we are shorter than him! Don’t call him a dwarf! If he’s a dwarf what are we? Two ants?!” The dark brown haired said, and all of us including the girls laughed harder this time “Anyways… I am Stephanie and this is my best friend Silvana” she said ‘so that’s her name, Silvana, its cute’ I thought to myself, I turned to Frank and I could tell he was thinking the same thing xD

“wow… those are really pretty names Steph and Silvana” Frank said… yep, he was thinking the same damn thing, and when Frank said that they just smiled at it and said ‘thank you’

“So, what are you guys doing out here?” Bob asked tiredly.
"Ummm... well… we already said we were lost…" Silvana said
“haha yeah sorry, but how come?
“Oh well, we didn’t want to deal with the whole crowd so we stayed there waiting, but we did not realize we had been there for almost an hour” Silvana said
“And when we did, we found out we were alone and decided to find a way out” Stephanie finished
“yeah, thanks to you”
“What? Me? Do I ever get us lost?” Silvana asked
“Well, there was this one time when we were in the downtown and took the wrong bus and we ended up n some road… oh no wait…that was me” Stephanie finished. Silvana laughed and so did we, she slightly pounched her in the arm “But there was tons of other times were you got us lost!”

“Hehe…that’s funny xD” I said. 'She’s perfect for Frank. She obviously gets amused just as easily as Frank does. Nice' I thought.
“I have an idea, we’re gonna leave in a while, we can give you a lift home… what do you say?” Frank added looking at Stephanie amazed.
“Oh my god! Really?!” Silvana said excited and we all nodded "Thank you!” the girls said on unison

Time passed by and we kept talking and I found out that Silvana and I had tons of things in common and to be honest I was hoping that, I really liked her…mhm… ‘The next time I see her I'm gonna ask her out ^^ yep… I’ll do that’ I thought, I also found out that Stephanie is really stupid… in a good way, she’s hyper and silly and always saying the most stupid things and jokes and… ‘oh god… she’s like Frank… hell no!! Please! No two Frank’s!’

All of us got along pretty well; especially Frank and Stephanie. I can tell that Frank liked Stephanie… but it will be so fucking hard for him to admit it.
We talked about everything, music, movies, about our band, their favorite bands and songs; and I found out that Stephanie is a really music lover and both of them have pretty good taste is music, each one in their very own way.

“So Steph…” I said and she turned around to face me “you know… I was thinking… if you love music that much… you don’t have a band?” I asked
“Hahaha yeah actually, we do xD but it’s the garage kind of band xD” Silvana said and all of us laughed
“So what do you play?” Ray asked
“Well, Silvana is the lead vocal and I am background vocals and rhythm guitar… and our other 3 friends play the other stuff” She said and I turned around to see Frank once again and I saw him with a huge smile in his face… he liked her… mhm… nah… Maybe he was happy she played the same thing as him…

Stephanie’s POV

“Awesome!!” Mikey said
“And you write your own songs or just covers?” Ray asked
“Oh no… no covers… we play our own songs… Stephanie is the one who writes them” Silvana said and then I heard 4 different uuuuuuuuuh’s
“And what they are about?” Bob asked me
“Well… I don’t know… it depends of how I feel you know…” I said
“Wooooooooow” all of them said in unison
“You know… it will be fucking awesome if we could see you play sometime” Gerard said
“Yeah right… sure…” Silvana said in a sarcastic tone.

All of sudden I had to piss really badly, after all, I had had about 6 red bulls, I needed a bathroom quick!
“hey guys, would one of you five mind showing me where the bathroom is? I had like 6 red bulls” I said while jumping off the couch
“mhm… well there’s always the trees” Gerard said laughing
“yeah right, but I don’t think so!” I said about to burst
“I’ll show you, follow me” Frank said
“Thanks” I said and smiled


It seemed like the longest walk of my life. Frank was walking silently. Then he asked something I didn’t expected.
“Hey Steph, who in the band you find the best looking?” He asked joking and I could feel my cheeks getting more and more red.
“haha come on you can tell me, your secret is safe with me” he reassured me
“Umm” I hesitated
“C’mon just tell me” he said anxiously
We were at the bathrooms and I turned and looked at him with his long hair and his piercings catching light.
“Mhm… ha-ha all of you are good looking ^^” I said
“Oh” he said confused, like disappointed
“Hold on I will be right out wait here ok?
“Yep sure” he said and walked over to the vending machine filled with waters. “Want one?” He asked
“Sure” I said practically ran in the bathroom.
I walked in and when I was done I didn't go right out. I had just realized that we were hanging out with the MCR guys, I sucked it up and went out to where he was there waiting with the water.
"Here!" Frank said and handed me the water and we started walking back with the guys

“Nice tattoo by the way” he said looking at the star n my right wrist
“Thanks, you too”
“I have a star too on my left forearm, here” he said showing it to me and I just smiled

“So, do you have more or just that one?” He asked randomly
“hahaha yep, not as much as you thought” I said
“hahaha yeah…:P I have a few xD… anyways… what are they?

“Oh! Mhm... They are just random quotes, you know? There is this one ‘Im gonna make it on my own’, the star you already saw and a couple more
“Awesome!” He said “And where are the other tattoos?” He asked looking for them
“haha… you will never know… haha nah joking … Here is the ‘Im gonna make it on my own’ tattoo” I said pointing the right wrist “I have a few more on my wrists, and yeah you’ll find out where the other ones are later :)” I said
“wooow… I like this one, I really like it” he said “really, its like… really deep… woow I like it ^^”
“haha thanks…” I said blushing and that’s when we entered the room

Silvana’s POV

After Stephanie and Frank arrived we started talking and blah blah blah, so yeah, it was almost midnight and it was time to leave, so the guys gave us a ride home.

We kept talking ‘til we got home, and the guys… well just Frank, Mikey and Gerard walked us to the front door.

“So girls, we’re gonna have two weeks off, starting tomorrow and we’re gonna spend them here, in Anaheim…” Gerard said
“And we were wondering if you would wanna hang out with us…” Frank said
“Yeah, and you know, you can show us the city and what not, have fun” Mikey finished
Steph and I just started laughing

“Oh my god! xD hahahaha and you all laughed at us for finishing each other sentences” Stephanie and I laughed

“Yeah… laugh all you want…” Mikey said
“So, what do you say?” Frank said looking at Stephanie
“Hahaha… yeah why not… we’ll show you around ^^” She said
“Okay, then let me get your number and I’ll give you mine” Gerard said
He handed me a piece of paper with their phones and their hotel room phone, then I handed him another piece of paper with our phones.

“Okay here, that’s my cell phone and Bella’s phone” I said
“Bella’s?” They all asked confused
“Who’s Bella?” Frank asked and Steph and I couldn’t even answer cause we were choking on laughter, when we had finally calmed down Stephanie answered.

“Me!! Duh!” she said still laughing…
“Yeah, My name is Bella Stephanie”
“Ooooooh!” They all said
“I knew it all the time… I was…just checking…” Frank said ashamed
“Yeah right… whatever you say xD” I told him and then Ray and Bob started honking the horn.
“Okay!!” Gerard yelled annoyed “We have to go, we’ll call you tomorrow!”
“Yeah!” Mikey and Frank said

“Bye Bella” Gerard said kissing her cheek
“yeah… its Steph, not Bella” She said glaring at him
“Alright Bella” he smirk
“Stephanie” she insisted
“Ha-ha, okay Steph. Bye Silvana” he said and kissed my cheek and Mikey and Frank did the same

“Bye!” They yelled when they were already up on the van.
“Bye bye!” We said while we got inside the house.

“Goodnight Bella!” Frank grinned and headed to the car.
“Goodnight Frank” she said and grinned to herself

We just stayed in the TV room talking about what had just happened and another hour passed by and we were pretty tired, so we decided it was time to go sleep. And in less than 15 minutes later we were already in our own bedrooms, sleeping with smiles on our faces.
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