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Chapter 4: Welcome to Hogwarts

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Welcome and Sorting

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Chapter 4: Welcome to Hogwarts

The book had this to say about wizards...


1. A magical subtype of humans with the ability to weave basic patterns with the use of a focus almost always characterized with more power than sense.

2. A magical group most likely to do something incredibly stupid because they got magic instead of sense even though they have the subtlety or an overgrown gryphon in rut.

3. Dragon bait.

Suffice it to say that the original writers of the book really didn't think much about them. Considering that since the first one cropped up they were more likely to kill themselves than others that is not surprising. Why else would they still be testing one of their own school's mottoes?

"Evenin' Professor McGonagall. Got another batch o' firs' years for yeh," Hagrid said to her.

‘Minerva McGonagall,’ both Harry and Hermione thought as they thought on what they knew of her. ‘Gryffindor graduated 1944. She specializes in transfiguration and is a registered Animagus. Started teaching in 1956 and is the current Head of Gryffindor and Deputy Headmistress. Thank you Hogwarts: a History.’

"Thank you, that will be all for now, Hagrid,” Professor McGonagall said, dismissing him. She turned to look at the assembled first years as they entered. "In a few minutes the sorting will begin, and you will be sorted into one of four houses. The houses are Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin,” this last she said with an almost imperceptible hint of a disgusted tone.

The two had detected it though and Hermione turned a slight bit in her annoyance that everyone viewed the Slytherins as trash that was better dead. Now while Harry was neutral in potential house matters he had a feeling that do to the more prevalent and vocal views expressed that Slytherin was definitely not something to consider with the bias. As fun as destroying their ideas would be he knew that they all needed to keep themselves relatively low key and that would be hard enough with the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ nonsense.

"While in Hogwarts your house will be like your family,” Professor McGonagall said again a subtle stress in the last word. “You will eat, sleep, and attend classes with your housemates. Successes will earn your house points, while any rule breaking will lose your house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points will be awarded the House Cup. I'm sure you will be a credit to whatever house you're in."

‘Not like I will be in your house,’ Harry thought as he noticed her gaze trail on him. ‘I may look mostly like James Potter, but our personalities could barely be any similar.’

"The ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school." She continued, telling the group to straighten themselves up. "I will return when we are ready for you."

After leaving them to freshen up and make themselves presentable, the students proceeded to mill about and various ideas were floated about how they would be sorted. Some wondered if it would be a test of knowledge or magical power, while others wondered if they had studied enough it that was the case. They were however the least outlandish compared to Ronald Weasley who was telling and quite loudly the story his brothers said about wrestling a troll. Hermione had tried to suppress an eye roll at that while Harry almost wished they would. Getting troll parts or better yet a live one had been a bother he had not yet dealt with.

‘Stupid ministry restrictions,’ he thought as he heard even more insane ideas from the other first years, ‘as all they seem to be in place to do is make things difficult. First they add the reasonable sorcery restrictions and the often circumvented under age magic and now regulating useful magical creatures that are practically pathetic even with OWL level spells. I swear their magical creature department is secretly run by preserves and farms seeking to control the trade of ingredients.'

When McGonagall came back into the chamber, she led them back out into the hall. Not that Harry would admit any of them had taken the hint of what she meant as neither the two she had glared at had corrected their presentations. Weasley still had dirt on him while Neville looked rather like a kid dressed in the dark with his robes not on right. The only ones that seemed to have preened somewhat was the ones Harry could peg as Pure Blood Elite with their notions of their status in the world and the need to give a certain image.

“Everyone get into a single file line and follow me up to the front of the Great Hall,” she said looking sternly over them. “You will then line up against the front wall and face the house tables.”

The door opened and the students made their way through the hallway into the Great Hall. The pair glanced over the others looking over and mentally evaluating them. While Hermione had not yet gained the habit, Harry tended to look through people as he coldly analyzed and evaluated them wither they were potential foe or tool as well as those who were little more than meat. He had the strong belief almost hope that Malfoy and his ilk would cross the line just enough.

Harry and Hermione were looking over the entrance once McGonagall had let them in. What was in front of them was unexpected and there was little that had prepared them for the oddness of the experience. If only the sorting ceremony had not been as crowded in secrecy than they would have been better prepared for what was to come. The two looked things over as they craned their heads to see all of the sights in the great hall.

Hermione had glanced to the ceiling and against her older inclinations resisted the urge to comment on the ceiling as it showed the sky above. That would be something her old self would have done. Thankfully she had gotten over the excessive need to express her need to prove her worth with spouting off. Her school years before would have been more hellish otherwise. It had been bad enough the teasing for being bumped up a few grades. At times it amazed her that her friends had not been as well. Still the unnatural maturity that they could show at times unnerved her at first. Then she had gotten involved and the logic she had been so dependent on was thrown out the window.

'To think that a few years ago I would have ridiculed this notion of magic,' Hermione thought to herself with a sigh. 'To think the world is so much larger and undiscovered than I had thought. Now we just have to wait to be sorted. Though I wonder why no one talks about the ceremony although they do say the general characteristics of the house. I know that even less than a year ago I would be fretting about what kind of test and spazing about how unprepared I was even if I had read all the books before setting foot here. No despite everything and how weird my life has gotten I dare not think about going it alone. Still with Harry here at least it will be better than before.'

'Wrestle a troll,' Harry though as he overheard Ron again talking about what his brothers told him would be the test. 'That is so far improbable as to be near impossible. To think that I willingly subjected myself to all those rituals and they would result in cramming subjective years of experience into my mind. Puberty was going to be a bitch with just that without Alice and Anne's antics. To think that they are most likely going to be coming here next year as well, oh well those two are entertaining even if they can be trying. Still when I am with my friends I seem to be too emotional for my own good. I cannot let myself cross the line from killer to murderer as it would cost me far too much. The information on this so called Dark Lord that tried to kill me shows his obsession with death. To think he would taint himself and thus forever prevent him from learning the true Art. The only things worse would be splitting a soul to anchor oneself or as unlikely drinking forcefully taken unicorns blood. No from what the denizens of Knocturn think he would not go that far still I can understand his obsession even if he has forever made it inaccessible.'

The two were rather unprepared for what happened as McGonagall simply placed a rather tattered hat on a stool before them. They were wondering how a hat even if it had some enchantment to it would sort them. For a moment Harry had the notion to reach in and try to summon something one of the companions to him and see their reaction. He quickly squished it down. Until the temptation was gone he could not allow excess emotions to cloud him. That in part was why despite his already budding hormones he had limited his relations. He knew the moment he gave an inch in the matter they would take a mile figuratively as well as literally in his case. He had admitted deep to himself that he cared for his students and allies though only in his own mind he called them closer than mere friends.

The two looked on wondering what would happen now that the hat was there. A mouth appeared and the unthinkable happened. It sang.

"Oh, you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.
You can keep you bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There's nothing hidden in you head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friend,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends,
So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!"

Hermione while curious had a sudden twitch to her eyebrow at the notion of a singing hat. Talking would be somewhat normal considering, but to burst out into song like some musical was odd. For some reason she felt the sudden need to dunk it in something that would make it never talk let alone sing again. It did however cause them to wonder if Wizards were tone deaf as the hall’s other occupants started to clap.

After forcing down their urges and going over what they had just heard, the two tried not to shiver in dread as they caught the notion of what the hat would do. A mind reading singing hat was not something they had been planning on. What little mental security they had trained in against an unknown millennium old magical artifact was not the best of odds. Still they took the situation differently.

'Lovely a mind reading hat,' Harry thought with concern. 'Still it most likely is charmed not to reveal things or they would use it to probe people to find secrets. Still the mental training should be enough to keep things hidden. Occlumancy is such a joke compared to the mind arts outlined in the Book. Who would think that psychic type power could be fueled by magic and yet from what I have learned that wizards only know of such crude tools as Occlumancy and Legilimency to read the memories with a variety of potions and charms to coerce.'

'A hat,' Hermione thought with amusement. 'I thought some sort of test to see where our strengths and weaknesses are. General education at its worst and in regards to magic. I must find a way to read more of the Book. A shame that the thing is sentient enough to ensure the unprepared and unworthy is unable to delve to deep. One can't just go looking for theory for the most part when it takes practical skills to understand some things. It is infuriating at times being so close to what could be called ultimate knowledge and being limited to what it doles out. Considering that the library here is supposed to be the greatest in Britain and the Book likely has a better and more comprehensive collection is disturbing, but at least my quest won't be stifled by a sentient book.'

When the hat had finished singing, Ronald Weasley let out a loud sigh of relief, then grumbled, "All we've got to do is try on the hat! I'll kill Fred. He was going on about wrestling a troll!"

The two both wished they were just close enough to whap him upside the head. A moment after that they suppressed the cold dread of having to be near him let alone touch him. Avoiding Gryffindor became more than an objective, but a necessity as they knew that was where that boy would go. They both knew that Harry despite his vastly matured nature did have a limit and on that day if he had to room with that boy someone would be thrown over a railing. It would most likely be Weasley though faking his death to escape passed through Harry’s mind before putting it in the fall back plans in his mind.

Professor McGonagall stepped forward again, this time holding a long roll of parchment. She cleared her throat, then said, "When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted." She glanced down at the list, and then began, "Abbott, Hannah!"

A blonde girl with pigtails bounced out of line to Harry's left. Cheerful and energetic and far too saccharine for Harry’s taste was his thoughts on the girl.

Hermione made a few gestures quickly with her right hand. A simple message that made Harry want to slap himself. He was antisocial and he would admit that but to even imply he was acting like that or worse the Malfoy brat was just plain rude. What was she thinking?

Quickly sending his own reply along with his belief in the girl’s future house he watched Hermione try not to snort. He may come off as serious but he still had a sense of humor. It was just an acquired taste.

She walked over and sat on the stool, putting the hat on. It fell down over her eyes. A moment passed before the hat opened its mouth once more and cried out, "HUFFLEPUFF!"

Hannah removed the hat and scurried over to the Hufflepuff table, whose students were clapping and welcoming her.

Again a silent communication between them which if in English would have equated to the following: ‘I was right’ and ‘Stop being a prat.’ From Harry and Hermione respectively.

"Bones, Susan!" McGonagall said next.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" The hat cried again. Susan got up and joined Hannah.

"Boot, Terry!"


"Bulstrode, Millicent!"


The two tuned out the next few names until it would soon be her turn. It was a shame that they didn’t have closer last names as commenting on their fellow schoolmates was almost like a signing version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. They were just finding the stereotyping humorous and it was better than getting nervous.

“Granger, Hermione,” the witch who they had heard called Minerva McGonagall called.

Hermione walked up to the stool and put the hat on her head.

'Hello hat,' Hermione thought at the hat. 'I expect you to keep things private between us...'

‘Of course Ms. Granger,’ the hat replied, ‘now let’s see what we have here… oh dear.’

‘Is there a problem?’ Hermione asked with a bit of annoyance to her mental voice. ‘I don’t see what would disturb you so.’

‘I can see why you would think that,’ the hat replied. ‘It seems that things will be a bit tricky. You do have the bravery that Godric favored though your ideals would not fit in very well, loyalty that Helga adored as well, an ambition worthy of old Salazar himself and the thirst for knowledge that drove Rowena to her greatness. It would seem that you are a hard one to sort although from your memories your friends will be as well.’

‘Still considering how the future Gryffindors and Slytherins act there is little purpose for either of us there,’ Hermione replied ‘So don’t even start on how either could lead us to greatness.’

‘Slytherin would lead to greatness the skills gained in surviving their hierarchy would see to that,’ the hat said. ‘Still I concede your point on that house the two of you while the true ideal of the house would not fit in how it is now. I so had hoped to have a few more true Slytherins in the house. Now as for your arguments against Gryffindor you do have the bravery required…’

‘but not the foolishness,’ Hermione retorted. ‘Considering that Weasley will most likely be going there as well as his own biased views we would have to hide ourselves as much as if we were in Slytherin.’

‘You do have enough of Rowena’s own fire for her house,’ the hat replied with a grumble. ‘Yet you have as I said before the loyalty that Helga required.’

‘The reputation would be detrimental to our plans and while I am loyal it is to true friends and sadly we would divide the house and thus break their fabled loyalty,’ Hermione said with a sigh. ‘It seems that there is really only one place for us a shame that Slytherin has fallen so far…’

‘If you are sure,’ the hat replied, ‘than its best you’re in’ “Ravenclaw” ‘You two will be a great interest to most here.’

‘Thank you kind hat,’ Hermione responded before taking the hat off and giving Harry a grin before walking to her new house.

The sorting continued as normal though some wondered what had taken so long to decide and for a muggleborn as well. Though it could be said that since they were raised without expectations of what house they would be in they had a slightly less bias of a notion on their future. In the mean time harry became further convinced that Slytherin was on a downward trend as Goyle was sorted their and soon Malfoy as well.

Finally McGonagall called out, “Potter, Harry.”

It was at that point that things went a bit wonky for most. They all wanted to see him and rumors floated around. Ron Weasley was complaining loudly now that he had an opportunity about how odd he was. It was mostly due to the oddness that was his life that he reminded himself not to outright respond. He most definitely had not wanted to let his gifts turn him into that which he still despised.

‘Hello Hat,’ Harry said with a smirk. ‘I take it that you will be silent about the things that you learn from us or at least that is what Hermione indicated…’

‘I never reveal what I learn about students,’ the hat replied primly. ‘I would not even do that if I could no matter how much certain people have inquired over the years.’

‘Well that is good to hear,’ Harry replied with a slight change from smirk to little smile. ‘So which house do you think I belong in?’

‘If I thought you wouldn’t cause problems I would let you go to Slytherin where you could do some good,’ the hat said. ‘Still I know there is no way that you would let me separate you from your friend. It is a good thing that Ravenclaw would as well help you in your ambition without the bias that would prevent you from doing the same if you were in Slytherin.’

‘So it is the obvious choice than,’ Harry thought with a sigh. ‘Knowledge is the key to my ambition after all.’

‘Very well young Necromancer,’ the hat replied. ‘Since you truly understand the why of where you are being placed may your search be fruitful in’ “Ravenclaw”

“You know I honestly think they were expecting something else,” Harry said as he got up with a smirk at the shocked face of McGonagall. “Well I best get going now shouldn’t I?”

‘I don’t think she would have been more shocked if I had been in Slytherin,’ Harry thought as he walked over to Hermione. ‘Slytherin would have been a better fit, but I don’t think our impulses would have been as controlled. We would have had plenty of sacrifices though even if it would be slightly more difficult to explain away the scions of the Pureblood’s vanishing like that.’

“Well Harry it looks like we are not going to be separated after all,” Hermione said with a smirk as he sat next to her. “Not that being in different or even rival houses would have stopped us…”

“Like we would let something like that come between us let alone our friends,” Harry said with his own smirk. “Still just because we have friends elsewhere doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give our classmates a chance now does it?”

“No,” Hermione agreed as while she wanted friends she still didn’t trust many people anymore. “Still we don’t want people to take advantage of us now do we?”

“True enough,” Harry said as he looked them over. “At least here we shouldn’t be isolated for our interests unlike if we were in other houses…”

That had been one point the pair had firmly agreed on when they had been in school. Neither would let themselves be used again. Hermione had all too often had people act like friends for school advice and help only to be abandoned and Harry had the whole issue with Dudley at first along with the rest of his gang. Still they had changed over the years and were planning on both making clean starts even if the other had not revealed that they were going to Hogwarts. Even if they were practicing from the Book Hermione had been unsure what being a Wizard or Witch meant as none of her previous studies had covered the situation.

Still there were other matters to attend to and Hermione looked up at the rest of the Sorting as it would be a good idea to pay attention again. Despite wanting to continue their conversation it would be a good thing to be aware of any potential allies as well as enemies. She had admitted to herself that it was a shame that those like Malfoy were placed into Slytherin. It seemed that while they would have fit in the rest of the house had fallen to the ignorant and petty that lacked the cunning to succeed in reaching their ambition.

‘At least Harry was honest about his ambition,’ Hermione thought as she watched the last few students being called up. ‘Alice and Anne were as well. They wished for the power to be able to protect themselves and I had a hard time accepting myself. How can I count myself one of them if I have not yet truly blooded myself with them? Life blood I have tasted and yet not made a kill. I fit was not for Harry permitting me to have drank his already potent blood I would feel so much weaker. Anne is far stronger than me and Alice is already being shaped by things. I am lucky that I even have a fraction of his strength though my speed seems to be nothing to gawk at. A good thing I didn’t allow the hat to sort me into Gryffindor or I would be with Weasley. It looks like the last is being called. His mannerisms show him a Slytherin and perhaps a counter to Malfoy. A shame to see the house as it has become.’

Still as soon as ‘Zabini, Blaise’ had been placed into Slytherin, Dumbledore stood up. “Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our wonderful feast, I would like to say a few words. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you.”

Harry looked over at Hermione, who was looking on with mild shock at the sudden arrival of hundreds of pounds of food. Still he managed to conceal a sigh. She would need a bit more experience in hiding her emotions he realized even though he knew she had been working on her presentation.

“Hermione.” Harry whispered harshly. “Presentation.”

She looked up fighting off her blush and snapped her mouth closed. After that her demeanor and stance changed causing a slight almost unnoticeable nod from Harry before she tentatively reaching for a platter of chicken. She was aware that she would need more protein in her diet than before. In addition to not wanting to here a rant similar to when she had witnessed him informing Anne that she had no worries about abnormal weight gain or other alterations to her form. It was true that she had seen her little cousin eat almost as much as a teenage boy and show not a trace of it in unsightly appearance. As loath as she was to admit that her younger cousin was starting to mature before her.

Harry had loaded up his plate with his favorite foods. Still it was surprising to Hermione when he gave himself a balanced meal which including plenty of vegetables and other nutritious foods. Still his was heavy on meat as well as almost abstaining from the things her dentist parents would have conniptions if she ate. While they could subsist on practically blood and meat, the other foods would require less energy to extract and process the necessary materials for their continued growth as well as their enhanced immune system.

Harry felt a telltale caress to his mental shields. After a moment he noticed no less than three different probes. Two were expected from his research and those were from Snape and Dumbledore. He was left to wonder at the probe from or at least near Quirrel though. He hoped that it was not more about his status. Given the man’s interest in vampires he could inadvertently cause problems.

Dismissing it, Harry had started to eat when a sudden thought made him look over his shoulder to the Gryffindor table. There he saw Ron Weasley eating like a pig with food all round his mouth as well as several blobs of gravy and potatoes on his tie. He barely contained a shudder at that sight and hoped that Hermione had not seen such a stomach churning thing. The boy would need to learn some manners or he would likely die of old age having disgusted any and all future female friends.

‘It was like watching our companions feeding,’ Harry thought with a repressed shudder. ‘It’s just more messy and with so little concern for all the waste.’

After the feast had been cleared away far too quickly in Weasley’s case Harry had seen, Hermione had after not acted like most girls starving herself eaten enough to gain some weight in the future. Plenty of meat and other physical building foods though she had frowned at a lack of certain things. That had left Harry with a single piece of slightly undercooked meat that he’d managed to grab off his plate before it vanished. He rather disliked that after training the Dursley’s to keep them from reaching near his food. He knew he needed a high caloric diet but there was no reason to act like Weasley.

Turning he saw Dumbledore stood up to give his speech, “Welcome, everyone, to a new year at Hogwarts. For our returning students, it’s a pleasure to see you again. For our new students, welcome to the finest school of Magic in the world. There are a few rules that I need to pass on to you. The Forbidden Forest, as it’s name suggests, is strictly off-limits.” Dumbledore peered down his nose at the Weasley twins. “Some of our older students would do well to remember this rule. Our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has asked me to remind you that magic is not to be used in the corridors. The list of banned items has now reached a record two hundred and nine items. The entire list can be seen in Mr. Filch’s office if you so desire.”

He straightened slightly, looking even more formidable yet maintaining a familial rather than force induced authority. “A final notice. The corridor on the right hand side of the third floor is strictly out of bounds to all students who do not wish to die a most painful death.”

There was dead silence at this statement, except for Harry who snickered quietly and rolled his eyes, earning an elbow to the ribs from Hermione. He shot her a glare at that. It was not like most things would kill him anymore. He had made sure of that especially since he was sure the Dursleys were cowed enough not to attack him. Besides he knew that was like throwing a red flag at a bull daring someone to go most likely a Gryffindor though he would eventually want to investigate it for any item or knowledge useful to his goal.

‘Like I didn’t think they would try something subtle,’ he thought with a sneer being barely repressed. ‘Considering they viewed me like an abomination or a vermin infestation I am amazed that they hadn’t tried to poison me. Still it isn’t necessarily paranoia if someone is out to get you…’

“Now, prefects, please lead your students to your dormitories. Schedules will be handed out at breakfast tomorrow morning. Good night.”

Turning to the Prefect who they recalled absentmindedly having introduced herself as Penelope Clearwater, the first years stood and gathered around her before they started walking. Harry and Hermione followed the rest of the first years through the corridors on their way to the Ravenclaw Common Room though they lagged a bit behind observing everything on their way. Permanent memory enhancing rituals was a necessity for Harry as he knew that the slightest error would cause any ritual he used to have a greater chance at misfortune even death. Hermione on the other hand had started with a near photographic memory and as long as an unnecessary trauma did not occur that would force her to repress it there was little risk for her needing to spend as long acquiring information. Thankfully both had at least rudimentary Occlumancy with its added bonus for ease of searching and finding memories and thus information such as the route from the Great Hall to their common room.

They had proceeded to the west side of the castle and up several flights of stairs. When they had reached the fifth floor they headed towards a tightly winding spiral staircase. Unlike Hermione who only had books to go on, Harry had managed to track enough ghosts and other spirits to get some idea of what the place was like. It had been the lure of the massive information contained in the official library as well as the rumored other private libraries that had permitted himself to acquiesce to going there.

“Unlike the rest of the Houses, Ravenclaw students don’t have a single password to remember,” Penelope said as they approached the top of the stairs. “Since this is the house of the intelligent, each person wanting to enter has to be asked a question. Now if you get it wrong, you have to wait until somebody else comes.”

The guardian of the entryway was a talking bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle. It could have been worse Harry supposed though a mirror or portrait might have been more interesting.

The fifth year prefect, Penelope Clearwater, stood outside the door. “This is the Ravenclaw Common Room entrance. Now as I said before you’ll have to answer the portrait’s question to get in.” She looked toward the knocker. “Your question, fair eagle?” She asked.

The Knocker spoke “Good evening. Your password is a riddle. ‘I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and in the middle. But I still hold water. What am I?’”

“A sponge,” Harry said without thinking.

The knocker crowed. “Pass.” The door swung open. The students ambled inside, to see a comfortable room, decorated in blue and bronze, with lots of small couches and tables. The room was wide being circular and very airy nowhere would it seem to stifle learning with it’s decor. Looking up he noticed a domed ceiling painted with stars, and walls with graceful arched windows that provide a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. There are bookcases, tables, and chairs, and opposite the entrance is another door leading to the dormitories. Beside this door is a plinth on which stands a life-size statue in white marble of Rowena Ravenclaw.

For a moment Harry wondered why not a portrait before realizing that most of the founders were private people. Poking into ones secrets is quite annoying. Besides having an imprint of a personality and never getting to enjoy ones existence even as a portrait would be rather rude.

Penelope stood in the centre of the room. “Girls, your dormitories are on the left hand side, while the boys are on the right. Your dorm rooms each have your name on. Your trunks and other possessions should be in your room already.”

Harry nodded and after saying a quick goodnight to Hermione headed up the stairs. Morning as always would come soon enough and with it meeting their head of house. When he got in his dorm, he was delighted to see that Ravenclaw students each got a single dorm room.

‘Privacy blessed privacy,’ Harry thought. ‘No roommates to worry finding anything untowards. Still a few additional wards won’t hurt… well me anyways.’

With that Harry began to set up what wards he could until he added more sophisticated ones when he had both the time and components. KiKi began to make herself at home while he worked. In addition to that she started to rearrange things to both of their likings. At least he had a place to hang out with some privacy. Still he had heard an answer to his unasked question. Girls could visit boys but not the reverse how strange.

“Well KiKi,” Harry said as he settled into the bed. “This doesn’t seem so bad now does it?”

KiKi chattered in agreement before settling down on a small comfy chair to sleep. While she may not necessarily need to sleep it was better than being bored. Besides it gave her a chance to dream of all the good things to come. Unknown to either was while she slept, KiKi would absorb ambient magic to strengthen herself. Hogwarts would be able to more than offset the lack of fresh meals for her.


The morning had come and the first years gathered in the common room. They saw the prefects from the night before as well as their Head of House.

“Good Morning,” Professor Flitwick said. “My Name is Filius Flitwick and I will be your Head of House as well as Charms teacher. If you need anything you can come to me or the Prefects. Now as you can guess our house is a bit different in some ways than the others. While most see us as bookworms and intellectuals that while true is not the whole story. All the houses are driven by a need. Gryffindors are driven to act, Hufflepuffs are driven to aid their friends, and Slytherins are driven to ambition to succeed. Now for us it is different. We are driven by the need to know and understand the world around us. For us there is really no useless knowledge merely what we have yet to figure out how to apply. Now are there any questions?”

“Are there any overt restrictions on the books we keep in our own personal libraries?” Hermione decided to ask. “By that I mean non conventional ideas and not those that are restricted.”

“A good question,” Flitwick said as he nodded in approval. “For the most part what you have in your libraries are considered private and sadly those of you without the necessary ancestry will find a lack of protective loopholes. For instance the older families have managed to get exemptions for research purposes what would otherwise be forbidden. An important thing to realize is that knowledge is not in itself good or evil, but how one uses it. In your later years there are several electives that you would find interesting.”

“What kind of electives are there?” Terry Boot asked as he was interested in what this would mean for him and his family business. “Is there anything also dealing with the practical information as well as how to succeed in independent ventures?”

“Boot,” Hermione said as she turned to look at him with her eyebrow raised slightly. “So you’re related to those Boots and are interested in seeing an expansion into the Wizarding World. How interesting…”

“Bulk potion sales might be doable,” Harry said as he actually paid attention to the boy. “However mass production is a bit more complicated than chemical vats as well as the more traditional elements would be incensed I believe…”

“Yes there are business electives and other concerns,” Flitwick said as he wondered what those two were interested in. “There is however a threshold to cross in the private pursuits unless you are sponsored.”

“The patron system,” Harry said with a dismissive slight. “I take it is still more in effect in the larger populous than I was aware. There are plenty of stores willing to buy if you know where to sell so that is not a real concern Terry.”

“Is there any advice for us?” came a barely whispered question from the shy Su Li. “Things to know to succeed as well as cope with things.”

“Yes there are things you should know for that,” Flitwick said as he looked them over again. “There is besides the main Hogwarts Library and the Restricted Section the Ravenclaw Library to aid your research. There are other sources for the less accepted books outside Diagon Alley. I would advise not going to such places before your third year in which place there are several out of the way bookshops in Hogsmeade for such services. Also most of the larger stores and ever the specialty stores will accept owl orders as another means to access information while you are here.”

His students took what they heard and started to think intently on it. Ravenclaws were not bookworms, but they did collect and horde information though some would be almost Slytherin in their control of that information. Still they needed to know potential sources for the information that they would require. Knowledge was power and while not all of them would become scholars there was no way that potentially useful and future success enabling information would be lacking in locations to seek.

“You will by the time you graduate have compiled your own notes and theories,” Flitwick said as he saw their minds thinking. “Some of which should be added to the Ravenclaw library. This will allow following students to better analyze and learn from your lessons as you do from your predecessors. Now while I am cheerful that does not mean that I cannot be serious. Unlike the other houses save the more affluent in Slytherin, you have your own rooms for added privacy. As you grow up I expect you not to cause situations that would require us to invade your privacy. Is that clear?”

“Yes Professor,” came the mutual answer from the students some honest some not.

“Now than,” Flitwick said taking on a more jovial note the other students would recognize, “there are a few more bits of advice and things to aid you in your time here. First get to know your professors outside of normal lecture time. It is amazing what simply talking allows for one to learn. Second there is a map so you don’t get lost I advise you plan things accordingly so that you are not late and give the wrong impression also you can ask your older housemates about things. Lastly I advise looking over your timetables and being prepared for classes. Is there any other things you need?”

“No Professor,” came the joined answer of the first years.

“Now than if you follow the prefects to the Great Hall there is plenty of time to eat and talk before classes,” Flitwick said with a grin. “You will find that there is plenty to talk and discuss about if you get there early enough. A final bit of advice… please avoid the Gryffindor and Slytherin confrontations as they tend to… escalate out of control.”

With that Flitwick released the first years as he handed out there timetables. Looking it over the first years saw which books to grab before going to the Great Hall and thus unlike the Gryffindors would not need to rush back for their books. As the rest of the first years rushed ahead to get their needed books Harry and Hermione lingered a moment longer.

“It does looks like we might actually fit in here,” Hermione said happy for that. “I imagine that the other houses do something similar.”

“From what I have heard most do outside of Gryffindor,” Harry said as he followed to the steps. “They actually get their timetables during their first breakfast and have to dash back for their things. Not to sensible of them although I heard that they need to rely on older students to find out where to go as most don’t check out or buy Hogwarts: a History for the added useful information. I believe most of our house will travel in groups to avoid Gryffs and Slyths trying to convince or coerce some help on their homework. Weasley seems the sort for that considering some of the things he said.”

“Yes he does seem the sort,” Hermione said with a sour look on her face. “Still things are going to be a bit exciting no offense, but I tend to do better with a structured learning environment though the library will likely be a second home for me.”

“I understand,” Harry said with a wry grin. “There is so much available material that would take far too much money to acquire here that it would be a crime to ignore the opportunity. I have a few ideas of which magical ideas to share though to add to the House collection just as I am aware how much we will not add. A shame but some would not use it as well as others.”

“As much as I prefer ready access to information,” Hermione began with a pout starting to form, “I will admit that I see your point. The same holds for the Restricted Section as those going in uninformed might cause irreversible damage to themselves or others.”

“I swear at times I expect you to be more put out with the system and here more so,” Harry said as he took a step further away. “You still planning on gaining some more accreditation through the mail as well I believe. I think that as loath as these magicals seem about it that muggle technology is going to be going in interesting directions. Still we can continue this on our way to the Hall as we need to get our books first.”

“Why is it that whenever anyone has a good discussion going that it must be interrupted by life?” Hermione asked as she reluctantly headed to the stairs. “It just seems that whenever we get to an interesting topic we need to go. It can be quite frustrating.”

“Life is full of interruptions,” Harry said as he started to climb the stairs. “It might get boring otherwise.”

Hermione just shook her head at that. Harry was Harry and as amusing as he acted in public he could be quite engaging in private. Still she dismissed the more pleasant distraction and quickly made her way to her room and to her shelves to get her books. She shuddered at having to dig through her trunk to get to her things. As tempting as a trunk with a library room had been it had been impractically priced when she had gone trunk shopping. The enchanted backpack had been an indulgence that she had realized would be worth it similar to good shoes.

With a quick flicking of her fingers to grab the needed books out of there subject and title organized layout, Hermione added them to her backpack before grabbing some additional parchment and a notebook to write additional ideas on. Inspiration and ideas could occur anywhere and having something to jot them down before the elusive thoughts slipped like sand through her fingers was not something she wanted.

‘I wonder if there is a magical equivalent to a pocket notebook,’ Hermione thought as she closed, locked and slightly warded her door out of habit as she proceeded back to their common room to meet Harry and the others before heading down to breakfast. ‘A spell to transcribe and cross-reference notes would be useful. It does seem a shame that high levels of magic tend to make electronics short circuit as those electronic organizers seem to be an interesting idea something else to look into. I may be magical but that is no reason to ignore the rest of the world. Why else would I still be working toward my education for university? Still focused magical education may be better than the way I have been learning with Harry in general theory, but the practical might be different in practice and effect.’

“Ready?” Harry asked as Hermione reached the bottom of the steps. “We had best get going than as the others are starting to catch up. Why do they take so long though?”

Hermione looked at him oddly before she noticed that even though they had gone up last they were almost the first ones down. She looked down at her watch in disgust at how childish it looked before a bit of surprise at how little time had passed. Had they been moving that quickly or were the other students just that sluggish in comparison?

“Harry is it me or do they seem to move slower?” Hermione asked in confusion.

“Hmm,” Harry said as he looked them over. “Remember that from what we read not a lot of magicals are very physically active so there may be differences there.”

“That wouldn’t explain it though,” Hermione added still trying to figure out the problem. “There has to be more to it. What aren’t you telling me Harry?”

“Ah that,” Harry said after a moments contemplation. “Despite being able to use magic like they do we are a bit… different I guess you could say. What did you think the magic we used before would result in? We are in a way in better physical shape with a slightly noticeable improvement in our biological processes. Our muscles are denser giving strength without an excess of bulk to slow us down while our nerves process information faster allowing a quicker reaction time also allowing us to analyze what we learn more efficiently. That also doesn’t go into the other subtle yet additional advantages we have. In a way we are stronger, faster and smarter than most. From what that computer obsessed teacher said we process information faster though even if we had the same mental abilities we have subjectively longer to access them.”

Hermione looked staggered at what he had just said. She had been so busy trying to play catch up to her cousin and her friend that she had never really sat back and thought about the beneficial side effects of what they had been doing. There had also been the over pressing need to understand and learn that she had let the ramifications slip.

“Think about it this way,” Harry said after letting her process the bombshell he had dropped. “Now you see why I have been so protective of what I know. Consider that the basics and their mere side effects are what more would the intended results be. Now you understand the seemingly draconian security measures. What if those without some self control had these improvements?”

“They would let the power go to their heads,” Hermione said after a moment’s thought before an analogy hit her as well. “Harry is that why there is so much of a superiority complex over muggles and the muggleborn?”

“While these magicals have some physical enhancements namely a slightly quicker healing rate as well as a slightly lengthened life span that does not account for the shear level of arrogance most of the older families seem to have,” Harry said with disappointment clearly heard in his voice. “So much potential and they seem to be living mostly on the accomplishments of the past. They seem a stagnant sort unwilling to change anymore than necessary and when it is required thinking of how to alter the situation to suit their magic instead of the reverse. Perhaps if there is more innovation things will change, but we will see.”

“So many complications,” Hermione said with a sigh. “Still we had best get down to breakfast. Who knows what this week will bring?”

“Indeed,” Harry said with a grin. “We may have a schedule, but there is so little we know about our professors and fellow students. Maybe there will be pleasant surprises. Either way we will have to write Alice and Anne about this. I am fairly sure they will get a letter next year as both have shown signs that are like accidental magic.”

“How about you write Anne and I write Alice?” Hermione asked as the rest finally seemed to have finished filling in the room.

“Well she is your cousin after all,” Harry said with a conceding tone. “At least she is nothing like the vapid fan girls or things would be weird even with the crush she seems to have. Anne seems to be a bit more changed than Alice though.”

“How is it my fault that my cousin your good friend seems to be still crushing on you,” Hermione asked with a giggle. “her knight covered in crimson?”

“Of course,” Harry said with a smirk. “No good deed goes unpunished after all. My poor obsessive minions seem to be getting clingier.”

“You know it is only proper for villains to have minions,” Hermione said with a frown. “I think those two wouldn’t mind though. They like to act that scene out…”

“What jealousy,” Harry said in mock indignation before leaning in and whispering. “So our little goody two shoes bookworm friend is all grown up and being bad. What next wanting to experience the English vice?”

Hermione shuddered at that. She knew they were all certifiable in some way, but the way Harry tended to shift from emotionless to playful could be disconcerting at times. Although she would admit that he was far too good at dissecting a person physically as well as mentally, Harry could always find the right buttons to press to get the reaction he wanted. He only had problems that she recalled when Alice or Anne was feeling a desire for more and even that was in trying to keep himself from responding too much. It was disconcerting how well those two children could seduce someone. The ones responsible may be dead, but she had long realized that their actions had permanent effects on their eccentricities. Both of them had no shame in sneaking into his or each other’s beds to wake them with a talented finger or tongue.

‘It had been unsettling to wake up from a dream to have that happening,’ Hermione thought as her mind had gone into the gutter. ‘The time I watched the two practically worshipping his blood covered form had been as disconcerting as much from the scene as how it made me feel. And now of all times to ask me that question. Still my responses are different than theirs even if it is ever so slightly less so. Those two like to get in trouble just so he punishes them. Every time I see it is more they are pressing for. He knows and they know that one night under the moon with their blades dripping with blood they will get what they want. Still his temptation is becoming more so with time. Bloody hormones!’

Harry was smiling at her she could tell with his breath far too close and teasing for comfort. He was playing with her and she liked it! If they had been anywhere else she was unsure how she would have responded. If they were in private she believed she would have flirted back and lost control. As it was she swallowed hard and tried to make herself look somewhat presentable and far less flushed or bothered than she was.

“Maybe later,” Hermione managed to say as she felt her pulse still quickening before letting a parting shot slip out. “After I’ve shown you how bad a girl I can be?”

Harry simply smirked and told her, “I’ll hold you to that,” before he leaned back and looked at her.

He knew that he was slowly losing some of his resolve, but it was so much fun. He had to admit that puberty with all its impulses was amusing and he knew if he pulled even half the verbal banter with either Alice or more likely Anne he would find himself post coitus before he knew it. Still playing was fun and as long as he never acted like those animals he had dealt with he could eventually do more without feeling any shame in acting like them. Not that he felt that emotion much anyways.

‘It is going to be hard enough focusing on classes as it is,’ Harry thought as they finally descended to breakfast. ‘Noticing the older developing girls will catch my attention though knowing that if I even hint that those two would do whatever with whoever I say is quite heady. I don’t think I will be able to resist much longer and Hermione seems almost as bad. To think at eleven I already have girlfriend issues real ones not just kissing and holding hands. Oddly I think James and his friends would be proud. Still despite being a bit less normal than most I still feel a bit odd that two girls want to do that. Anne already offered to do willingly with me what that man did unwillingly and quite unpleasantly she said. I don’t think that with those two here next year either of us will be getting out of whatever they feel like trying this time. Not that I really minded acting out that scene as Sir Gallahad, but really Anne seems to want more already. That she is cleaning there already means that she knows that my protests will eventually die out and take them like they want. I rescue who I think are two lovely girls and what do I get two nymphomaniac sex fiends that want to be spanked and used, but only by me even if they play well with each other.’

With a conscious effort Harry redirected some blood flow as he watched all the girls walking around him. Those two fellow sociopaths were bad enough without the fangirls wanting to brag about him using them. He just wanted to accomplish one simple dream talk to his parents was it so much to ask that life not distract him no matter how pleasantly?

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