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Tsunadeand Sakura, a lesbians story

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tsunade and sakura are on a mission just the two of them and they figure out their true love for eachother

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Itachi,Sakura,Tsunade - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2008-04-13 - Updated: 2008-04-13 - 356 words

One day Tsunade gets news that Itachi is near the leaf village. Tsunade can only bring alongone other ninja to help her find Itachi and the fellow ninja she chooses to bring along is her secret 22 year-old lover Sakura. When sakura gets the news that her and the love of her life, Tsunade will be alone for a week gathering info on the reson Itachi is trying to return to Kanoha, she is ecstatic and can't wait until the day the mission starts.

The morning of the mission has arrived and as Tsunade is walking to the entrance gate to Kanoha she is thinking,"Did i make the rite choice choosing the one i love, i mean what if we have sex, how will i explain that one to the elders."

Sakura, while waiting for Tsunade is thinking, "Will she bring one tent for us to share,or will she bring one for each of us?" She is hopeing it is one tent for them to share, she has been waiting to sleep and have an intament moment with Tsunade.

When they finally meet up at the gate, Sakura got her wish, Tsunade brought only one tent.

"CHA! Now i can get some," thought inner-Sakura. And Tsunade was thinking the same dirty, but some how lovely thought.

So they finally left on their mission and after a while of silence Tsunade broke the ice"So, do you still love Sauske or have you moved on?" Asked the utterly curious hokagae.

"Oh, well I haved moved on." said the confused Kanoichi.

Finally night has come, and the tent is small. In the middle of the night Tsunade feels something on her chest or something being removed from their. She looks up and sees a naked Sakura and says" What are you doing,?" with a slghtly shocked and yet seduced voice.

"I love you Tsunade and i want to you to love me." Then Sakura plants a nice and passionite one on Tsunade and Tsunade doesn't fight back she adds into it.

The next morning through after noon their were no words spoken, thats is until that night
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