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The Last Beer

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Frank stood a few feet away, yelling in horror, “No! Don’t! You fucking promised!” [[Read my A/N por favor]]

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Chapter 14 – The Last Beer

It wasn’t really a kiss. Gerard kind of just leaned forward, as if he would fall any second. Frank’s lips just so happened to be right there to catch him. This accidental meeting of the mouths of two friends, one of which had just confessed his love for the other only moments ago, definitely could not be classified as a kiss of any sort. But if that was the case, Frank wondered why his best friend’s hand was now beneath his t-shirt; why his body felt like it was being held over a cauldron of steamy, hot water. He moaned softly as Gerard kissed him harder, tongue dancing around in his mouth. His own tongue aggressively pushed back in fear of making Gerard think this was a one-way thing. Gerard tugged his shirt upwards. Frank lifted his arms up automatically upon getting the clue that his friend wanted him topless. The fact that there was a concert they were supposed to be at didn’t seem to bother him the slightest. He had been wishing for this moment to occur for too long to care about anything else.

He shuddered, feeling Gerard’s hands on his bare chest. The taller man slid his mouth down to Frank’s neck and gently sucked on the tender skin. A million tingles ran down Frank’s spine. He ran his fingers through Gerard’s black hair, pulling his friend closer to his body. This made him finally realize that something was straining against his jeans. His eyes widened as looked down and muttered a silent curse. Gerard grinned broadly. Frank’s eyebrows shot up with shock as the singer began to fiddle with his zipper. He backed away slightly, uncertain. He hit a wall and stopped. Gerard’s hazel eyes were large and innocent, hinting quite the contrary. Frank weakly attempted to think of something to “turn himself off”, but it proved to be quite difficult with Gerard approaching him, mouth still playing a smirk. Frank’s breathing grew heavy and irregular while his friend pulled down on his jeans. His tooth bit down on his lip as his boxers slipped down his legs. Gerard dropped to his knees and smiled up at Frank before moving parting his lips to—

“Um... what?” Gerard interrupted.

Frank’s mind shot back into reality while his thought bubble containing his little fantasy popped, like bubble gum. Hot blood rushed to his face, realizing he had been lost in a little daydream world for the past few minutes. Of course Gerard wouldn’t actually, in a million years want to... you know. He stared at his friend, who looked completely lost; as if he didn’t believe the words which passed Frank’s lips.

Frank chewed on his lip hesitantly, “I said I love you.”

Gerard’s eyebrows arched, “Love me? Love me how?”

Frank’s eyes trailed away from the singer as he let out a sigh. He was absolutely sure he could recognize the emotion in Gerard’s voice. It seemed like fear; he was afraid of what Frank meant. Maybe even a bit of disgust was laced in there. Obviously. Frank had never exactly expected Gerard to love him back. He’d always known that all the stage kisses were fake; they were just done to pump up the fans. He knew, like everybody else, that Gerard sort of had this little crush on Bert McCracken earlier. He probably still did. Frank’s mind wanted to argue with the truth. What about that scene at the hotel? There had to be a logical explanation. The reason Gerard had chosen to apologize to Frank instead of Bert back in that Holiday Inn was probably related to his drunken state. Gerard didn’t actually care for Frank more. Gerard didn’t love him. Although all these hard facts were etched into Frank’s brain, his heart still felt as if it had been cracked into two halves. He swallowed the giant lump in his throat. His honesty always seemed to stab him in the back, at least when the situation involved Gerard. Back to lies it was.

His green eyes shot back to his friend and he spoke in an unnaturally steady tone, “I love you like a best friend. How else, Gee?”

Gerard wanted to scream out of annoyance. This was so fucking unfair. He had made it so obvious how he felt for Frank, but it was all for a lost cause. The guitarist didn’t seem to give a fuck about him, not in the way he wanted. Anger rushed through him faster than disappointment could. He never, ever got his way. Constantly, his heart was taking random stabs from people. Taking shit like that was just pointless. Shaking the hair out of his face, he brushed straight past Frank without responding. He headed towards the beer cooler, ignoring the questions shouted at him. He opened the lid in an angry motion, pulling out the solitary beer which lay inside. Flicking it open with his thumb, he brought the can to his lips.

Frank stood a few feet away, yelling in horror, “No! Don’t! You fucking promised!”

When it seemed apparent that Gerard was going to drain the can of alcohol, Frank panicked. He couldn’t just stand around and watch while his best friend and object of his adoration destroy the tiny bit of hope which assured him things would become all right. Acting on impulse, he ran to Gerard, making an effort to yank the beer away. He froze when the singer handcuffed his hands with a strong grasp. In fact, he felt paralyzed, realizing that he was a mere two inches away from Gerard’s face. A small voice in his head kept urging him to move. Finally, he gave in to the dare. Leaning in slowly, he waited for a soft pressure on his lips. Unfortunately, what he felt was cold aluminum; the can of Heineken. Frank’s attention now returned to the barrier which stood between him and Gerard. In another unsuccessful attempt, he tried to break loose from Gerard’s grip.

This resulted in a certain black haired alcoholic to fill up with rage. Roaring with all the strength and fury in his body, he shoved Frank. The guitarist staggered backwards, hitting an unidentified object before slipping down. Gerard triumphantly gulped down what remained of the beer. The liquid slid down his throat and landed in his stomach with a splash. It took only a few seconds for him to be reunited with the familiar couldn’t-care-less feeling. With stony eyes, he approached Frank, who wore an expression of shock and nothing else. An uncomfortable hush followed. The silent air cracked with the sound of Gerard’s beer canister being crushed between his fingers. He threw it towards Frank, keeping his mouth in a pursed line. A rude sneer was tempted to pass through his lips, but he held it back. He didn’t even want to talk to Frank anymore. Pulling down his sleeves over his cuts and hiding in the shelter of his hood, he stalked out the bus. He had an auditorium full of screaming fans to attend to.

Eh...I was gonna make this chapter all cutesy, but after the first few paragraphs I got sorta pissed off and finally, this happened. So um...was it okay?

Anyway, what I wanted to say is, I'm really doubtful about this story as of now. I mean, it's kinda repetitive, isn't it? I was reading it over, and the same sorta thing keeps happening. I really don't know if I'm actually gonna finish this one...but if you guys really want me to, I could try, I guess. Does anyone have suggestions/comments/whatevers? Just be completely honest.
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