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Chapter Nineteen: Winds of Change Part I

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Chapter Nineteen: Winds of Change Part I

Harry and Ginny were running as fast as they could underneath the invisibility cloak. Roughly twenty yards behind them, they could hear Filch wheezing as he chased after them. As they rounded a corner, Harry spotted a broom closet up ahead.

‘It’s our only chance!’ he thought.

Harry quickly headed over to it, opened it up, and went inside. Ginny let out a sight squeak as Harry pulled her inside with him and shut the door, causing them to be pressed against each other.

‘Huh, they’re smaller than I remember,’ Harry thought amusedly. As he silently cast a mild locking charm the Squib would be powerless against.

They heard Filch slow down as he tried to catch his breath.

“Come now, Mrs. Norris,” Filch was saying between gasps. “They must be around here somewhere. I can’t hear their shoes so they must have stopped. Sniff them out my sweetie.”

Harry and Ginny stayed absolutely still and quiet, hoping the annoying caretaker would leave soon. Then, they heard the door handle start to jiggle. Both of them stiffened. Ginny started to press herself even more into Harry as if she thought the farther back she was; the less likely she’d be caught. Even though Harry was certain the locking charm would ensure their safety, he still couldn’t help the rush of anxiety that came over him as Filch continued to jiggle the lock.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Filch gave up his attempt at trying to unlock the door.

“Drat! They must have gotten to their common room by now. Oh, if only the Headmaster would let me hang ‘em by their toes in the dungeons like they used to do in the good old days. Mark my words: we wouldn’t have to worry about pranksters or students out at night. Come, my sweet, let’s see if we can catch any of those brats in the astronomy tower.”

They heard the sound of Filch’s departing feet outside the closet door. Still, neither of them dared to move. After five minutes, Harry let out a sigh of relief and relaxed and he felt Ginny do the same.

‘Filch must be half way to the tower by now,’ Harry thought. He straightened up a bit; this movement brought both his mind and body to a screeching halt.

Only now, did he realize just how close he and Ginny were. They were pressed into the closet, chest to chest. He felt Ginny stiffen against him and thought she must have come to the same conclusion he had.

They had very little light in the closet, only a few stray beams leaking in from a vent in the top of the closet door.

Even in the dim light, Harry could see Ginny’s cream colored, freckled face mere inches from his own. She may only be a twelve-year-old, but to Harry she looked absolutely breathtaking.

He was in the midst of a losing battle against an urge he been fighting since he had ended up at the Burrow that previous summer. He had vowed to wait until his fourth year before he started to date Ginny, since thirteen and fourteen was a more reasonable age to start dating. However, things were different now.

For one thing: He hadn’t anticipated on her being moved up a year. He figured that she was offered the same last time, but hadn’t taken it because she was still getting over both the Chamber incident and her crush on him.

Second: He hadn’t thought they’d become this close so fast.

Third, and most importantly: He hadn’t expected they’d find themselves in a bloody broom closet!

Harry looked into her chocolate brown eyes and saw them alight with a spark of desire and mischief.

Gazing into her eyes, his resistances swiftly crumbled.

‘Bugger it,’ was his last coherent thought as he slowly leaned his head closer to Ginny’s.

Their lips barely grazed each others, but it was enough. The fire of passion quickly engulfed the two of them as they immersed themselves in the feelings that were, literally, flooding over them.

Neither one of them noticed the sudden brightness of the closet as they savored this new experience…

-- (December 12th, 1993) --

“Were did you two vanish to last night?” inquired Hermione as the group was eating breakfast the next morning.

Harry and Ginny smirked at each other. Before going to bed the previous night, they had decided to keep their new found relationship a secret seeing as neither of them wanted to be the topic of the Hogwart’s gossip community. Although, both had admitted that they would like to see her brother’s reaction to the two of them being an item.

“We were just setting up one of the most brilliant pranks ever!” exclaimed Harry.

“And that would be what, exactly?” asked Neville with an eyebrow raised.

“Oh, but that would be telling,” smiled Ginny in a sing-song voice as her gaze focused on a small group of Slytherin’s leaving the Great Hall.

The other Marauders sat on the edge of their seats as the Slytherin’s reached the oak doors… but nothing.

The Marauders looked at Harry and Ginny in confusion, only to see them turn back to eating while taking covert glances at the door. The group shrugged and went back to eating quietly.

As the morning breakfast progressed, no one noticed that Harry was eating with his left hand. This was because Ginny had his right hand a bit pre-occupied under the table. Nor did they notice the brief glances Harry and Ginny would give each other, before turning away with goofy smiles.

Towards the end of the meal, the Marauders noticed a lot of commotion at the Slytherin table. There seemed to be some sort of argument between a few of the younger students and the older students. Then suddenly, all of Slytherin house left the hall, following an annoyed looking seventh year prefect.

Once again, the hall returned to its normal sound level, which was about equivalent to a heavy metal rock concert, but it was with a distracted state with most of the students keeping their eyes on the door.

About ten minutes later, the Slytherin seventh year returned looking extremely frustrated. He quickly made his way to the head table and spoke in a hushed whisper with Snape. Snape frowned and it appeared he was arguing with the seventh year. By now the seventh year had resorted to ridiculous and frantic gestures which left many in the hall quite bemused and slightly curious.

Finally, Snape got up and followed the seventh year briskly out of the hall with his cloak billowing sinisterly behind him. The hall had completely stopped eating and was waiting for Snape’s inevitable return.

They didn’t have to wait long.

Snape strode angrily into the hall, his eyes seeking out a sole person at Gryffindor table.

“POTTER!” Snape yelled as he spotted the raven haired wizard.

Harry was in a good mood this morning and decided to have some fun with Snape. Using the ability granted to him by his phoenix Animagus, Harry appeared with a burst of flame behind Snape.

“You roared, your Greasiness?” asked Harry cheerfully.

Snape was momentarily caught off guard before he whipped around to stare at the thirteen-year-old spawn of his most hated rival.

“WHERE IS IT!” screamed Snape.

“You’ll have to clarify the ‘it’ of which you speak,” replied Harry with a smile.


“So now that the ‘it’ has been identified, let’s try the ‘what’ now shall we?” smirked Harry, cheekily.

“We can’t find it,” snarled Snape.

“Professor,” said Harry, feigning mock worry, “if you’re already forgetting things like that, do you really think you should be teaching a class as volatile as potions?”

“You and I both know it has nothing to do with my memory, Potter. Every member of my house can’t find the common room,” seethed the potions professor.

“Well that’s no surprise,” said Harry “the students in your house are not exactly what you’d call Ravenclaws, after all. I mean, look at Crabbe and Goyle for Pete’s sake.”

There were snickers throughout the hall which were promptly silenced after one swift death glare from Snape.

“Headmaster,” Snape whined, almost pathetically.

“Alas, Severus, it appears my memory is not what it used to be,” said Dumbledore, looking at Harry with a guarded expression. His eyes, however, revealed that he was thoroughly surprised. There was also a twinkle of something else. Respect… maybe?

“Maybe one of the house-elves could be of service,” suggested McGonagall, trying to hide a smile.

“An excellent idea,” exclaimed Dumbledore. “Bonky!”

There were gasp throughout the hall as the elf appeared. Not many students, muggleborn or otherwise, knew that house-elves worked at Hogwarts and even fewer had ever seen a house-elf before.

“Headmaster Dumbledore, sir,” greeted Bonky “what can Bonky be helping you with, sir?”

“Hello Bonky,” said Dumbledore. “You wouldn’t happen to know where Slytherin common room is, would you?”

“Yes sir,” said Bonky, enthusiastically. “It is being located-”

Bonky stopped talking and looked like she was about to be sick for a few seconds. She shook her head and tried again.

“Slytherin common room can be found-”

Again, she could not finish and appeared to be utterly baffled.

“I is sorry sir, but I can’t speak its location,” admitted Bonky, sadly.

“Do you know why?” demanded Snape.

Bonky stared at Snape for a moment; then, all of a suddenly, started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” asked Snape, slightly irritated.

“Bonky is remembering you. You is being Snivellus Snape! Bonky always liked it when James Potter would hang you upside down!” laughed Bonky. Snape turned red in embarrassment as the students tried unsuccessfully to stifle their laughter. It didn’t help much that Remus had to put his head down to contain his own laughter while Hagrid pounded the table.

“Bonky especially liked the time Master James relieved Snively of his pants, whilst hanging him upside down,” continued the elf, much to the staff’s amusement.

That statement did it. The students stopped even trying to contain themselves and began to openly laugh. Flitwick fell out of his chair, Hagrid had tears flowing down his face, Remus was howling with laughter, and Dumbledore and McGonagall were both chuckling along with the rest of the staff.

Trying to regain his dignity, Snape rounded on Harry.


“We’ve already been through this I don’t-” started Harry.


“Professor, are you insinuating that a third year, more so a Potter, somehow managed to cast the Fidelius Charm around Slytherin common room?” asked Harry innocently, rocking on the balls of his heels.

“Who said anything about the Fidelius Charm?” asked Snape, grinning evilly, believing Harry had accidentally slipped up.

“No one,” concede Harry. “However, given the facts, I don’t know what else it could be. Can you think of anything else that can hide a place with no one or nothing able to find the exact location, but knowing that they are close to said location. To know where the place is, yet not be able to speak it. All evidence points to the Fidelius Charm,”

Snape was sputtering with disbelief as Flitwick commented, “Mr. Potter does have a point,”

“The students go home tomorrow!” yelled Snape. “How are they going to get their things?”

“Well in Malfoy’s case, his daddy will probally just by him new stuff,” said Harry. Then he smirked, “Or maybe his Uncle Sevie will,”

Snape glared at Harry and was about to retort when Harry began talking again.

“However, not all Slytherin’s are slimy, dirt bag, pompous pretty boys like Malfoy…” Harry thought for a minute, before turning to the house-elf. “Bonky, you said you couldn’t speak its location?”

“Correct, Master Harry,” said Bonky.

“Please, just call me ‘Harry’. Do you know where it is?” asked Harry.

“I can’t not speak-” started the house-elf.

“BUT do you know where it is?” repeated Harry.

“Yes, Mast-… Harry,” said Bonky.

“Could you go there if you needed to?”

The house-elf blinked, and then disappeared for a moment before returning with a large smile.

“Bonky can get there, sir!” the elf exclaimed to Dumbledore.

“Well there you go, Severus,” said Dumbledore smiling. “Tonight, the students in your house can sleep in here and tomorrow, the house-elves will round up all their belongings like usual. Now if you don’t mind, I do believe there is a chocolate chip pancake calling my name.”

Harry looked amusedly at the Headmaster’s retreating back, then to Snape. Snape looked like he was about to explode with anger and frustration as he watched Dumbledore return to the head table.

“That man is infuriating!” Snape seethed through gritted teeth.

“So my dad hung you upside down, then de-pants’ you?” smirked Harry. “I’ve got to get Remus to tell me about that.”

Snape glared at Harry and snarled, “Twenty points from Gryffindor,” before dragging the still laughing elf out of the hall.

As soon as Snape was out of hearing range, Harry said, “Gotta love being the heir of a founder. Twenty points to Gryffindor,” before he turned and walked back to his grinning friends.

Breakfast ended with very little excitement; although, much to Luna’s satisfaction, Michael Corner did burst into a canary at one point after taking a drink from his goblet. The rest of the Ravenclaws were quite impressed and began to examine the contents of his drink, trying to learn the mechanics of the jinx.


The next day, most of the school boarded the train for home. The Marauders were no exception, though they were mostly dispatching into smaller groups for the break.

Harry was spending Christmas with Hermione and her ‘parents’.

The Weasleys were heading home to the Burrow to celebrate their first full family Christmas since Charlie had graduated from Hogwarts two years prior.

Xenophilius Lovegood was away in Thailand on a research expedition so Luna was spending Christmas at the Longbottom’s, like she had the previous year.

It was a shocking moment for everyone when Percy told them that he had invited Penelope to spend some time over break at the Burrow. After a little pressure from Harry, Hermione, and Ginny; the twins promised to be on their best behavior which Harry joked meant that the best case scenario, something would blow up.

The twins didn’t find it too funny, but the rest of Gryffindor house sure did.

The train ride home was uneventful. Even Malfoy seemed to be in the holiday mood and decided not to show up. Of course… it might have had something to do with the fact that he was ‘accidentally’ tied to a pole and left at the train station.

Harry certainly had ‘nothing’ to do with it. He also had ‘nothing’ to do with the fact that when they finally did find Malfoy, about ten minutes after the train had left, his pants where around his ankles.

As Harry idly scratched Padfoot behind the ears, he thought of how much he’d pay to see Snape’s reaction. Padfoot being on Harry’s lap allowed for Harry and Ginny to hold hands without worrying about being discovered. It still was hard to believe he and Ginny were actually dating. As he looked back, he thought about the day his whole world had come crashing down on him. It was almost three years ago (or four years from now, depending on how you look at it) since he had lost everything he had held dear. He had made mistakes in his past, and now he was correcting them.

He had one more year to relax, before Voldemort returned. Then, the war would engulf the Wizarding World once more and he would risk losing everything all over again. Harry’s plan was to stop Voldemort at Little Hangleton, but if he was honest with himself, he didn’t think he could do it.

Harry was pulled out of his thoughts as the compartment door opened. Harry looked up and smiled.

“Hello, Remus… or are you still Professor Lupin?” greeted Harry.

“Actually, right now I’m Moony,” smiled Remus. “You eight are sure making us original Marauders proud. As a prankster, though, I have to ask. Harry what did you do to Slytherin common room?”

“You promise that when you’re Professor Lupin again, you won’t be forced to punish us?” asked Harry.

“Marauders oath,” stated Remus, raising two fingers up in the Cub Scout salute.

“Gin and I DID place it under the Fidelius Charm. I’m the Secret Keeper and I told all the house-elves. That’s why they knew where to find it,” smiled Harry.

“How were you two able to do it?” asked Remus in surprise.

“Actually… all I did was keep guard, Harry was the one who cast the spell,” mumbled Ginny.

Harry shrugged, “I guess I have an affinity for charms. I’d already cast it once on my flat so I knew I could do it again.”

“That’s quite an impressive feat. Especially for someone as young as you are. Filius would have a canary if he knew. However, what’s to happen when we return from break?” asked Remus.

“I’ve set the charm so that it collapses tonight at about… five or so. It was just a temporary thing to annoy Snivellus,” smiled Harry

Remus’ smile dimmed as he said, “Harry, you really should be more carefully around Severus. He can make your life a living hell.”

“He’s already doing that, Remus,” said Harry, rolling his eyes.

“What do you have against him, anyway?” asked Remus, curiously. “What did he do to you?”

Harry looked at Remus carefully before an idea came to mind.

“It’s more of the fact that he exists if you know what I mean, Moony,” said Harry.

Harry’s words echoed in Remus’ head. Reverberating off the interior of his mind and bringing forth a memory of a boy not much older than Harry saying the same exact thing.

“Harry!” Remus started, concern etched into his face before he realized Harry was laughing.

“Sorry, Moony, but I had to,” laughed Harry.

“Who told you about that?” asked Remus.

“Who do you think?” replied Harry, wagging his eyebrows.

“I should have known Sirius would have told you all about that,” said Remus, shaking his head.

“Sirius Black!” asked Hermione, with surprise. “You’re in contact with him,”

“Of course I am,” said Harry. “I’m trying to get him a fair trial with the Ministry. If we can get that, I’ll negotiate Sirius’ surrender. I might even be able to do it over break,”

As the train rolled to a stop, the six friends began to round up their belongings and bundled themselves up before heading out into the frigid winds of Kings Cross. Platform 9 3/4 was packed with parents and kids all mingling about in the jumbled crowd trying to find their respective families.

“Bloody hell,” grunted Ron in annoyance. “How are we supposed to find them in this mess… and where the heck are Hopian, Veritas, and Percy?”

“Don’t worry,” smiled Harry. “We’ll find them,”

Harry nodded at Hermione and they moved away from the group slightly.

“Communi Patronum: Fred, George, Percy, Mrs. Longbottom, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Mr. and Mrs. Granger; look for the fire,”

Prongs bolted through crowd, startling the people as it ran around the platform delivering Harry’s message. When Harry finally saw it dissolve, he and Hermione went into a fighting stance.

They stood at a sideways angle with their left feet forward and their right feet back shoulder length apart. Their left hands were at their waist and open as if about to deliver a karate chop, their right hands were at their shoulder in a half-closed fist. They moved as one seemingly in slow motion. Their left arms came across their waists with palms facing up. Their right arms met their lefts at the right hip touching wrist to wrist with neither hand changing shape. Their left legs slid next to their right and then lifted so their left feet were even with their right knee. In a quick motion, they thrust their hands forward, leaning in with their entire body. Two streaks of flame burst from their palms into to the air.

People all around the platform were startled by the fire as it instantly heated up the whole platform if but for a moment.

“Not bad,” Harry told Hermione. “You’re getting pretty good with fire,”

“I have a great teacher,” smiled Hermione.

They waited in the now freezing wind, trying to stay as close to the shelter of the train as they could. One by one, everybody began to show up. When everyone had arrived, they began their good-bye’s and afterwards, Harry followed Hermione and the Granger patriarchs to their car. When Harry saw it, he whistled in approval.

“66’ Ford Shelby Mustang; nice,” said Harry in approval.

“I had it imported from the States back when I was twenty-five,” said Robert. “So you know about cars?”

“A little,” said Harry.

The conversation over the next three hours continued and ranged from cars, to broomsticks, to Quidditch, to school.

They finally reached Liverpool at four p.m., Harry and Hermione brought their trunks into the house and upstairs as Jane headed into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Hermione showed Harry to the spare bedroom which was a stark contrast to the room Harry had at Privet Drive.

The room couldn’t be described as huge, but neither was it by any means small. Instead of being painted pale yellow, the room was royal blue. For furniture, there was a twin size bed, a medium sized desk, and a small nightstand.

“It’s not much,” said Hermione, apprehensively.

“It’s perfect,” smiled Harry as he walked over to the window, only to realize it was a glass door leading out to a small balcony.

“The balcony connects our two rooms,” explained Hermione.

The balcony overlooked the backyard and a small wooded area that ran behind it.

Harry and Hermione sat down on the bed and just talked. They talked about presents they had gotten their friends and tried to pry at what presents the other had gotten them.

“Hermione! Harry! Dinner time!” shouted Jane, up the stairs.

“Race yah!” shouted Hermione as she bolted out of the room. Harry stood where he was for a moment, then chuckled and disappeared in a burst of flame.

Just as Hermione was about to reach the bottom step, Harry re-appeared right in front of her.

“Not fast enough, Mimir,” smiled Harry.

“That’s not fair, Nightwing,” shouted Hermione. She pushed past him muttering something that sounded like ‘stupid phoenix Animagus.’

They were still arguing when they reached the kitchen.

“You never said ‘no magic,’” pointed out Harry.

“I thought that was obvious,” said Hermione rolling her eyes “besides, what about the Underage Wizard Laws.”

“You didn’t seem to pay them any mind back at the station,” pointed out Harry.

“That was wandless magic, the ministry can’t track that,” said Hermione.

“And what is ‘flashing’?” asked Harry.

“Point taken,” admitted Hermione.

“Wandless magic?” asked Robert.

“Magic that is not done with a wand. Like ‘flashing’ and the elemental magic like we did at the station,” explained Harry.

“So besides our daughter capable of legally practicing magic, is there anything else new?” teased Robert.

Harry looked over at his sister.

(It’s now or never) he thought to her.

“Actually, there is something we need to talk to you about,” said Hermione. She reached to take Harry’s hand for comfort and he gave her an encouraging squeeze.

Robert and Jane saw this and shared concerned looks.

Before Hermione could open her mouth, Robert said with concern, “Don’t you think you two are a little young to be dating,”

Harry and Hermione blinked owlishly at the parents then looked at each other, before turning back to Robert and Jane.

“You think that… ew gross!” said Hermione.

“Merlin no! We aren’t dating,” assured Harry. “The topic is just as serious, though,”

Robert sighed with relief, Jane looked at the two even closer.

“Mum, dad,” started Hermione, not meeting her parents eyes. “I know I was adopted,”

The silence and tension that followed that statement was thick enough to be cut with a knife.

Finally Jane asked, “How long have you known?”

“About three years now,” mumbled Hermione.

“I’m assuming since Harry is here,” said Robert “that you know who your birth parents were?”

“Yes, we found out November of our first year,” explained Harry.

“I suppose you hate us, don’t you?” asked Jane, teary eyed.

“I don’t hate you,” whispered Hermione. “I’m just confused why you never told me I was adopted. I know why you would have kept who I was a secret but to at least know I was adopted…”

“We were scared you wouldn’t love us as much if you knew we weren’t your real parents,” said Robert.

“You are my real parents,” said Hermione teary eyed “as far as I’m concerned. Lily and James may be my birth parents, but you’re the ones who raised me,”

Hermione got up and hugged her parents, “To me, you are my real parents,”

Harry smiled and let them have their moment.

Jane looked up at Harry and said, “You’re part of this family too, you know,”

Harry came over joined them.

After a few moments of silence, Harry spoke up, “There’s still one thing I’ve been wondering about,”

“What’s that,” asked Robert.

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” started Harry “but there were countless wizarding families that would have gladly accepted a war orphan no questions asked. Why did Dumbledore give her to you? Why did he tell two extra Muggles about our world when we’re supposed be as hidden as possible from you?”

“Because he didn’t have to tell two Muggles about the wizarding world; only one,” said Jane. “I already knew about it,”

Harry and Hermione stared at her in shock.

“You see…” explained Jane “My best friends all throughout primary school were Lily Evans and Alice St. Clair,”

“You knew my mum and Neville’s mum?” asked Harry.

“Neville?” asked Jane.

“Alice’s son,” explained Harry.

“Alice had a son!” exclaimed Jane excitedly. “I always wondered what happened to her; we lost touch about a year before your parents died. How is she?”

“She and her husband were killed at the end of the war,” lied Harry sadly, the truth was not his story to tell.

“I always wondered why Neville lived his grandma but never thought it was proper to ask,” whispered Hermione.

“Lily, Alice, and I were nearly inseparable,” continued Jane “we were also friends with a strange bloke who lived down the block from Lily; your Potions Professor, Severus Snape.”

“What?” exclaimed the twins together.

“Mum was friends with Snivellus?” asked Harry, he had already known that but he had to keep up appearances.

Jane began laughing, “I see you’ve picked up your father’s favorite nickname for him,”

“So you knew our birth mother?” asked Hermione.

“Yes,” said Jane.

“As a matter of fact that’s where you get your middle name from,” explained Robert. “Lily thought it was proper for you to share the same name as your godmother,”

Silence enveloped the room once more.

“So,” Robert “what do you two do when you’re bored at school?”

“Ah you know,” said Harry dismissively “saving damsels in distress from trolls, defeating half dead dark lords, slaying fifty foot serpents, and if we have time a little night flying here and there.”

Robert and Jane looked at each other, then back at the twins.

“You’re joking, right,” asked Robert nervously.

“Someday, we’ll tell you the stories,” smiled Harry.

“Harry plays the guitar when he has time,” said Hermione, hastily changing the subject.

“You any good?” asked Robert.

“I’m alright,” said Harry, modestly.

“He’s bloody brilliant,” exclaimed Hermione.

“Language,” her parents lightly chided, Hermione had the courtesy to blush.

“Would you play something for us?” asked Jane.

“Sure,” said Harry “let just go get my guitar.”

Harry ran up stairs before quickly coming back down.

“Alright… this is a country song,” said Harry “I only started playing it a little while ago so I might muck up a few parts.”

Harry: “We had a dog named Bocephus livin in the front yard
He liked sleeping out on top of the car
He drank beer out of a mason jar
And he'd climb up on everyone in bed,”

“White frame house in a college town
A bunch of people always hanging around
No real problems we needed to drown
But we'd try our best anyway,”

“We went to class just to pass the time
Back in '89,”

“We had a keg in the closet,
Pizza on the floor
Left over from the night before
Where we were going we didn't really care
We had all we ever wanted
And that keg in the closet,”

“This ol' guitar taught me how to score
Right there on that Lambda Chi porch
Mary Ann taught me a little more
About wanting what you can't have,”

Sweatshirts and flag football
Spring Breaks down in Panama
For a while we had it all
We never dreamed it wouldn't last,”

“We went to class just to pass the time
Back in '89,”

“We had a keg in the closet
Pizza on the floor
Left over from the night before
Where we were going we didn't really care
We had all we ever wanted
And that keg in the closet,”

“We all kinda went our separate ways
But I swear it seems like yesterday,”

“Keg in the closet
Pizza on the floor
Left over from the night before
Where we were going we didn't really care
We had all we ever wanted
And that keg in the closet,”
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