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Letting go

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Letting go of what we had to leave behind. escape from this fate

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"hey Joel,Are you coming around?" My brother Nathan asks over the phone.

Nathan is 17, yeah most people his age are thinking about the future and
lining up jobs and houses, but Nathan staying around.

Whilst I never knew dad -he left when i was born, he just packed up all his
stuff and walked out- Mom and I's relationship was evidently better then most people and Nathen and I where more like best friends the siblings.

I use to ask about dad when i was younger, I was eager to know who he was, Why he didnt love me enough to stay around but over time, as i grew up, i just left it at the fact he wsnt worth our time, or we weren't worth his, What ever the reason was I still feel as if I'm missing something.

"What time will you be here then?" He says after a short pause.

He hangs up the phone then slides it back into his pocket, continuing to rummage through the rather empty pantry.
After a short moment his head pops out, his mouth finishing off whatever it was he had found with an exaggerated chewing movement.

"Hungry?" he says as he walks the short distance to the kitchen island.

"Uh, not particularly... erm... Who was that you were on the phone to?"

"Eh, Joel, And you knew it" he laughs "just admit it, You like him"

I turn and walk away

"Sure," I say in a sarcastic tone.

Nathen Laughs and starts pouring himself a beverage.
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