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Interview Repercussions

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“Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! No! Stop! GEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” --- He never should have said it...

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“Rachel wants to know if Gerard sleeps naked,” the interviewer said as he read from one of the many cards in his hand.

As Gerard was about to answer, Frank saw the opportunity and took it. “Yes he does.”

“No, no... What?” He asked, turning his attention to Frank, who turns and looks at him.

“You did when you slept with me,” Frank said in a very matter-of-fact tone before Gerard laughed.

The interview shook his head and muttered, “Wow.”

Frank nodded, smiling. “He told me it, ‘had to be that way.’ ”

Gerard was silently fuming as the elevator car slowly moved up the elevator shaft, seeming to drag, taking its sweet ass time. He had on a smile, but his eyes gave him away, to the one paying attention. If Frank could read Gerard’s thoughts, he would know that Gerard wanted nothing more to make him beg for mercy, but he couldn’t, so he believed the smile, but he was curious about the eyes.

“I can’t believe you said that to the poor guy,” Ray said, chuckling as he shook his head, his giant mop of hair wiggling slightly from the movements.

“It typical Frank mannerisms, is it really that surprising?” Mikey asked with a giggle as he glanced at his brother who shook his head, looking very much amused.

Bob leaned against the wall of the cart, stifling a yawn as he looked at Frank. “So, you up for watching a movie tonight?”

Frank shook his head, yawning and not bothering hide it. “I think I’m going to crash,” he answered. “I’m really sorry Bob-o, forgive me and reschedule?” He questioned, putting on a pleading look and a puppy pout.

The drummer nodded. “It’s no problem midget,” he answered with a grin as Frank shot him a glare for the dig at his height. Bob looked at Mikey, who was giggling at the crack at Frank’s expense. “What about you Mikes? You cancelling on me too?”

Mikey shook his head, smiling. “Nah, I won’t cancel on you like Frank over there,” he answered, glancing at Frank, who stuck his tongue out at him and crossed his arms over his chest, pouting. He looked back to Bob who beamed at him, happy that he wouldn’t have to watch a movie alone.

When the doors finally opened the men filed out and headed to their rooms. Mikey following Bob to his room, Gerard and Frank disappearing into theirs, and Ray going off into his, happy to have a room alone to himself. In Bob’s room, Mikey sat in the middle of his bed, sitting with his legs folded under him as Bob took out his movie binder and flipped through the DVDs, rattling off names, one after another getting shot down until they settled on Land of the Dead.

Bob settled on the bed and looked up at Mikey, who looked down at him and grinned, blushing. “Don’t look at me that way or I won’t be able to keep my hands off of you,” Bob said with a bigger grin as Mikey began blushing like mad.

“Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! No! Stop! GEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

Both looked at the wall that separated their room from Gerard and Frank’s room before they began laughing. “What the Hell was that?” Bob managed to choke out through his laughter.

“It sounds like Gerard just attacked Frank,” Mikey giggled, curling into Bob’s side to muffle his laughter in Bob’s chest.

- - - - -

Gerard walked into the room behind Frank, who stretched where he stood by the bed, and shut the door, silently locking the chain lock and the deadbolt, even though someone would need the room card to get in. He slowly moved up behind Frank before he tackled him, pinning his lover to the bed. He glared down at Frank as Frank turned a smile up at him, giggling, his eyes dancing with mischief.

“Gee baby, what are you doing?” Frank giggled.

“Why did you say that at a live interview?” Gerard asked softly, his tone demanding.

Frank titled his head slightly, looking confused. “Are you actually mad at me for it baby?” He asked.

“I asked you a question, I’d like an answer Little Frankie,” Gerard growled out.

Frank giggled. “Like the fans mind Gerard. They would probably die to see us fucking like rabbits on stage,” he stated, giggling as he wiggled his hips up against Gerard’s, pouting when Gerard didn’t soften or moan.

Gerard smirked at the pout and took Frank’s hands under one hand, pinning them to the bed before he rapidly tickling his hand up and down Frank’s exposed side.

Frank’s eyes widened as he quickly began squirming, trying to get Gerard to release him. “Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! No! Stop! GEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Frank cried out, screeching when Gerard’s fingertips began to dance over his skin more rapidly.

“Nu-uh little Frankie,” Gerard said, grunting slightly as Frank bucked his hips, trying to knock Gerard off of him. “This is your punishment for being so mean to me and saying that in front of a live audience.”

“Gee please stop!?” Frank cried out, bucking his hips harder before his laughter broke through and he began laughing as he squirmed, desperately trying to think of ways to get Gerard to let him go. “I have to pee!” He cried out.

Gerard laughed. “No you don’t. I know you pissed right before we got on the elevator, nice try,” he said as he slid his arm between them and to Frank’s other side, attacking that side, making Frank squeal his name again, squirming and wiggling every which way as he struggled to get his hands free of Gerard’s hand.

“I’m gonna spew!” Frank screamed, hoping that would work; much to his dismay it didn’t. He twisted and squirmed under Gerard as the older male laughed and continued the torture. “I’m having your baby!!”

Gerard fell into Frank’s chest, laughing loud as the words replayed in his head. Frank, a male, having his baby. Oh Gods what this kid would say to make anyone stop tickling him. He lifted his head looked at Frank’s pout, which was twitching with the need to be a smile since the side effects of tickling were still teasing him. He giggled and leaned down, capturing Frank’s lower lip between his teeth, nibbling gently.

Frank’s tickled mind went south as Gerard’s small teeth worked the flesh of his lower lip before Gerard sucked softly on the pink flesh. He groaned in the back of his throat before Gerard lifted his head and captured Frank’s mouth in a sweet kiss that caused the smaller man to release a soft swoon into the kiss.

Gerard slowly tangled his fingers into Frank’s soft hair, slowly stroking his lover’s hair as he kept the kiss soft and sweet. Slowly he pulled back and stared down into the loving gaze of Frank, the man he loved more than anyone else in the world. “Forgive me Frankie?” He whispered as he brushed his nose against Frank’s, making his boyfriend giggle softly.

“How could I never forgive such a gorgeous man?” Frank asked, reaching up to run his fingers through Gerard’s hair. “Do you forgive me though?”

“Eh, what for? I just wanted to play mad to have an excuse to tickle you,” Gerard answered with a casual shrug and a big grin.

Frank’s smile fell. “Ass...”

“I love you Frankie,” Gerard said, batting his eyelashes at his boyfriend who shook his head and poked Gerard’s stomach.

“I love you too Gee.”

[Author's Note: The beginning interview I yoinked from the profile of crystalcrash because as soon as I read it I came up with this idea. I figured it had been long enough since my last Frerard one-shot so it was time for a new one ^^ I hope you guys enjoyed it, cos I know I liked the image of Gee tickling Frank senseless lol. Comments are nice and by the way, since I stole the interview from her profile, this one-shot is dedicated to crystalcrash. Go check out her stories!!!

ps- I found the vid!]
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