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It was just after football training and he was the last to go. He was crouched in front of the crate of soccer balls when she reached him, putting away equipment just like a good son of the coach would.

“Excuse me,” she said a little timidly, startling him. He was thoroughly absorbed in his doings that he bumped his head on the door of the cage. Embarrassed, he shook his head and offered a smile.

“Not a good way to practice headers, that,” he said. Slowly, he stood up and faced her, offering a hand. Then he introduced himself to a girl who didn’t need it.

“So... Need anything?” he asked. He had an infectious grin, she thought, cocking her head. She doesn’t often see him with a smile on his face, but when she does, it looks like it belonged there.

“I was just wondering if my friend and I could use the field. We want to attempt your sport, and hopefully not make too much fools of ourselves while doing so,” she said matter-of-factly, thankful for her inability to blush. He was talking to her and she could barely believe that she could talk back without stuttering or blabbering on and on.

“Oh! Sure, it’s really not a problem,” he said, smiling that smile of his. He stopped to look at the time and said, “I’ve no class now; if you want, I could teach you a few tricks. You’d be a pro in no time.” He winked, and again she thanked the gods that she lacked the capacity to naturally put color in her cheeks. She would’ve been as red as a tomato if she could blush at all.

She laughed and nodded her head yes. “Thanks, that’d be great.”

“Great. Hold on a sec,” he said, and she waited as he gathered his hair and tied it into a ponytail. It bothered a little that his were more beautiful than her tresses.

“C’mon then; the field’s waiting,” he grinned and grabbed three balls, holding two and kicking one across the grass. She called her friend and they both followed after him. After a few minutes of stretching and practicing kicks, her friend excused herself, a headache her reason for bailing on the lesson on tricks he was supposed to show them. As she walked out, he waved at her friend. She, however, thanked her silently.

“Well, it looks like it’s down to us two. Let’s get started!” He looked psyched and serious at the same time. As for her, she was thrilled that he was enjoying having someone to teach his favourite game to.

All morning, they played under the heat of the sun. They practiced scoring, switching roles as goalie and striker. He taught her well. She made a lot of mistakes, but he was there to correct them. And when lunch came, they weren’t quite done yet. He got quarter pounders for them both, and isotonic drinks to prepare them for the hours ahead.

She had no appendix, so she went ahead to practice juggling while he waited until he could play again.

He watched as she thigh juggled, a smile fixed on his face. It was nice to have some company after training. Usually, he just went to the library to sleep until his class at 5pm, so it was a welcome change to be on the field even after soccer practice. It was his favourite place in the world and though he would never admit it, soccer was everything to him. It was practically equal to life itself.

On the field, she practiced thigh juggling but could only do until ten touches. She tried concentrating, but couldn’t help but be distracted by her thoughts. What a day she was having, she thought, smiling at her luck. She knew he had someone, but damn, it was good to have him for herself, even just for a little while.

He should stop staring. He really should. She should also stop looking adorable trying and failing to do headers. The sun should stop shining on her, too. And the wind should really stop blowing her hair away from her face. Mumbling to himself, he walked towards the spot where she was.

“How’s the juggling going?” he asked, granting her another precious smile. He should really do that more often, she thought to herself. She gifted him one of her own, wishing they were of the same worth to him as one of his was to her.

“Not so good. In fact, I suck,” she replied, pulling a face.

“Not true. You only started today, and it was a good start, if I do say so myself” he said. He stood arrogantly, and she stuck her tongue out at him, which earned her another smile.

“You’re only saying that because you taught me what I know,” she laughed, picking up the ball to throw it at him. He headed it and it went straight to the lower right corner of the goal behind her.

He bowed and waved at imaginary fans, blowing kisses in every direction.

She held on to the goalpost for fear of falling from laughter. It was refreshing. He looked incredibly silly and so not his usual self. She found that she liked this crazy version of him as opposed to the strong, silent facade he usually kept up.

He blew a kiss at her and winked once more. She raised an eyebrow but winked anyway, throwing back her head in laughter. Quick as lighting, he closed the gap between them and his lips were on hers, effectively silencing her for the moment. Her eyes went wide before closing, and the last thing she saw was his smile on hers.

“Good lesson. See you around, soccer star,” he whispered, drawing away from her face after three 11 second kisses. He gave her one last wink and ambled away without glancing back.

She knew she would see him around, but he would be hand in hand with someone. She didn’t mind though. She stood there for a while, taking it all in, and dubbed the field her new heaven.
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