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Little Devotional

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Well I'm blowing smoke out of your window
and you're slipping back into your dress

I dabbed my cigarette out on her window sill after one last drag. Her parents didn’t care for me, let alone my smoking. I watched her slip her dainty little dress back on her slender body. The dress hugged her body in all the right places. She was gorgeous. Every part of her made me want her more. I didn’t have to want, I had her.
“Adam!” She whined. I blinked, tearing my eyes from her body and forcing them to meet her face.
“What?” I questioned.
“Spray something! I can smell it!” She continued to whine. I got up from the window sill and grabbed some perfume from her dresser. I sprayed it furiously around her room.

You know you were always such a lady
I've always been impressed.

She sat at her vanity, staring intently into the mirror. She carefully crossed her legs and sat up perfectly. I watched her apply her make up onto her flawless face. I walked over to her slowly. I took the small compact from her hand and set it down.
“You’re beautiful, you don’t need make up.” I whispered softly into her ear. She giggled and picked the compact back up.
“If I don’t fix myself,” She began. “My parents will know what we’ve done.”
“Like the don’t already.” I smirked. She hit my playfully and turned her focus back on the mirror.
“Katherine!” A female voice shouted from downstairs. Of course it was her mother.
“Yes mother?” She yelled back politely. She was always so kind and well mannered. To her parents that is.

But gentlemen (we could laugh about it now)
they don't ask questions.

I held her hand as we walked down the hallways of our high school. The boys all stared and wished they were me. The girls all stared and wished they were her. The only reason the boys wished they were me is because I’ve seen her naked, and I’m her boyfriend.
“Why do they stare?” She whined. She was always whining. Always. About everything and anything.
“They’re just jealous babe.” I insured her. “Besides, I asked you out first. I’m one up on them all.” She giggled and placed her perfect lips on mine.

Just keep quiet (even if we don't know what for)
She'll pay attention

She listened intently as I told her about the day we met. She kept quiet, inquiring me to keep going. She always wanted to hear this story. I always wanted to know why she picked me over them. Them, was every other good looking guy at school. I was different. I wasn’t her type. Her parents didn’t think I was either.
“Why me?” I asked. I held her tighter in my embrace. I breathed in her lavender scent and closed my eyes.
“Why not?” She purred in my ear.

Gentlemen don't ask questions (we could laugh about it now)
We could pay attention

I listened to each of her words flow from her mouth. They were perfect and precise, just like her. I wanted to know. She didn’t get into detail. Her laying her in my arms was enough to satisfy my curiosity.

I said, "I'm gonna have myself in shambles
Before your folks are up and looking for some answers."

She pulled her body on top of mine. Her parents are gone, this only meant one thing. I placed my hands on her back and pushed her body into mine. Her lips wandered up and down my neck. My lips moved curiously on her shoulders. I pulled off her small tank top and let it fall to the floor. Soon after that our clothes laid in a heap on the floor. She pushed her body into mine.
“I love you.” I moaned.
“I love you too.” She replied right before placing her lips on my mouth.
“You’re parents?” I questioned.
“We have ten minutes, let’s go.” She ordered.

Said, "I'm gonna have myself in shambles
Before your folks are up and looking for some answers."

I heard foot steps across the hardwood floor. She pushed her body off of mine grabbing her clothes, then throwing me mine. I cursed under my breath and threw on my clothes.
“Well, if your parents don’t hate me now,” I started
“Get dressed and they won’t know.” She insisted. I got dressed and stood behind her. I wrapped my arms around her small waist. “You smell like sex.” She told me. I grabbed her perfume and like many times before sprayed her room and myself.

Well I pictured you in blue
But I have to say I'm more partial to the red

It was a date. It was our one year anniversary. I picked her up at 7 sharp, just like she instructed. I rang her doorbell at exactly 7. Her father answered the door. He frowned but let me in anyways. No one thought I would stay around faithfully for one whole year. A whole three hundred and sixty five days. No one thought I would. I honestly didn’t think I’d do it either. But I loved her.
Her father called for her. She slowly and delicately walked down the winding stairs. She looked perfect, but what was new? She had on a dark blue dress, which flowed perfectly around her body. I liked her in red. This would do though.

Deep, dark, and devastating
Leaving no question as to where you've been

I dropped her off at home after the date. I dropped her off on time in fear of her father. I wanted to be on their good side. The next day at school I found her at her locker. A silly smile plastered across her face. The same silly smile she gave her parents after they asked what we did and she answered nothing really. Even though the real answer was we had sex. But the thing was, we didn’t have sex today. So why was that silly smile plastered across her face?

I calm the crowd by keeping quiet
Move like a shadow up to your mattress

Kids moved quickly around us. I stared at her questioningly. What had she done.
“What?” She whined. I hated when she whined. At this moment I hated her. A kid named Frank passed us and winked at her. That silly smile spread across her face giving her away. She slept with Frank? Between last night and noon today? I slammed my hand hard against her locker.
“Tell me the truth!” I spatted. She shook her head and her smile disappeared.
“Slut.” I hissed and stormed off.
I remembered our first time. I pushed her slowly onto her bed, my body followed close behind, my hands exploring every inch of her body and my lips doing the same. I hated her and I hated him even more.

Gentlemen don't ask questions
We could pay attention

I found Frank. I grabbed him by his neck and threw him against the nearest locker.
“Did you sleep with her?” I yelled. Spit flew from my mouth and hit his perfectly fake tanned face.
“What’s it to you?” He smirked, gasping for air. I pushed harder on his neck. Kids started to stop and watch what was going on. He started heaving. He gasped for air. My grip got tighter.
“I’m going to kill you.” I threatened. I took my hand from his neck and let him fall to the floor. He breathed heavily, fighting for air. I kicked him hard in the ribs. “Scum!” I yelled and kicked him again, harder this time. I watched him wince in pain. I felt two strong arms grab me and pull me away. I looked up to see my best friend Fred.
“It’s not worth it.” He said and we walked out of school.

Do you think he'd be better? ('Cause we're down for competition)
Doing what I do best?

I sat in my room on the floor. I held the phone to my ear.
“I hate you.” I said into the receiver.
“I know.” She cried. “How’d you know?”
“Your smile said a thousand words.” I said. “How was he?”
“Adam don’t.” She cried. I slammed the phone shut and threw it across the room. I hope to God he was worth it.

Do you think he'd be better? (This could all be on purpose)
Doing what I do best?

Of course he was worth it because now I envy him instead of him envying me when they walk down the halls. Of course he was because her parents approve of him. Of course he was worth it. Why wouldn’t he be? She always got what she wanted. Why was now any different?
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