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Time of your Life

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Sam and dean have both fallen for the same girl...what will happen? Okay soo this is not really me in the story i just wish it was.

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Shes the one for me. I know it. So what if shes younger then me. Its not pedophilia if its mutual and shit. I don´t really care. She is soo fine.

¨hey Celeste right?¨ I ask her after finally building up the courage.

¨oh yeah hi, Sam right, Your in like year 12?¨ she asks me her angelic voice caressing my ears.

¨Yeah, I was wonderng do you want to see a movie this weekend?" I ask her.

¨Um yeah sure text me the times¨ She says as the bell rings.

Its 4th period and all i can think about is her. Her long brown wavy hair. Her big blue eyes. Her cute personality and wow her kindness.

I really just want to be with her always.

¨Oi Sam come here!¨ Dean yells.
¨Damn have you seen that new girl in year 10, Wow she is fine, i tap that¨

Oh of course he like her too he always likes the girls i like. Hes older then me by a year. Hes just the dumb one who got kept back a year. Luckily i havnt been put in the same form as him yet.

I walk off on him. Heś still perving on Celeste. God why does he have to be such an arse hole. He only likes them for there looks or some shit then he moves on.

I´m soo not like that.
Sure she is mint but she is perfect in every way.

So i talked to her after school and were meeting up at the cinemas in an hour. Shit only an hour. Okay think Sam, Think..... um shower... okay done im dressed to impress cologne.... yep.... wallet, drivers license yep got them... shit presents okay... i run out to my car and shit i got to race to the florist. Hmmmmm Roses, yeah there nice.. damn there expensive.. oh well pretty roses for a very pretty lady. Hmm chocolates aswell why not.. oh and a teddy shit??? yeah i hope she likes it.

I look at my watch .. i dont want to be late to pick her up.

I am soo nervous about meeting her parents. I hope they like me ... i hope she likes me.

There i made it to her house. I grab the presents. hmm should i give them to her now?? Yeah why not.

My palms are sweaty shit... um deodorant... i spray it on my hands. ahh thats better.

I approach her lovely house and press the doorbell.

The door opens and its Celesteś mother and father. Oh crap. umm shit ummm

¨hi mrs Green. Im Sam"i say reaching out my hand to shake hers.

¨Oh yes sam, Nice to meet you, You take care of my little girl wont you.¨ she asks

¨Of course, With my life¨ i reply. And with that an angle walks down the steps .

Its Celeste. Wow, Damn.

She is wearing this beautiful pink dress with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. Her long Brown hair flowing. Its like beach hair.Her radiant olive glow. Her beautiful blue eyes like sapphires shinning back at me.

¨Hi Sam. Ok bye Mum¨ Celeste says as she takes my hand and we walk off.

I open the car door for her. She smiles, I melt.

¨So what movie do you want to see?¨ i ask her.

¨What ever movie you want to see¨ she replies.
Great now i have to make the decision what if she does´nt like it. crap.

Finally we arrive at the cinemas.

¨What time do you have to be home?¨ i ask her.

¨Midnight, you¨ she asks.

¨Oh when ever¨ Walk around to her door and open her door.

¨Oh thanks, you such a gentle man¨ she says whilst smiling.

Yes first impressions are good.
Okay movie....something romantic and funny... hmmm.... umm yeah ummm this one will do. I quickly bye tickets and popcorn and we go and sit down in the movies.

Its about half way through the movie and shes leaning on my shoulder.
I turn and look at her, she looks back.
Im going to kiss her, i have to kiss those beautiful lips.

Luckily as i reach in she does too.
We share a passionate lip lock, Itś getting very passionate, oooohh she jumps on top of me and we make out, hook up, what ever you want to call it.

Then the end credits come on and the light shine on us. I help her up and we go back to my car.

¨Dinner?¨ i ask her wiping off her lip gloss from my mouth.


We walk over to the restaurant across the road, its an expensive Italian restaurant but i dont mind spending alot of money , i have been saving for this all year.

She orders a salad and i order spaghetti .

We talk about everything and anything.
Just hearing her voice makes me go weak in the knees.

We finish dinner and I pay the bill then we walk to the car. I dash over to her door and open it for her. She gives me a cute smile then gets in. I hop in aswell.

"Well... do you want to go home now?" I ask her wishing she doesnt.

"umm, yeah I guess but I would prefer to stay here with you" she says as she takes my hands. Her smooth soft hands are tantalising.

I smile at her.
"I would prefer that a whole lot more" I say stareing into her hypnotising eyes.

"Where do you want to go?" I ask her.

"Anywhere? I dont mind, Some where nice"

"Well I know just the place" I say grabbing the wheel and putting the car into gear.

It takes us about 5 to 10 minutes to get us there. I'm pretty sure she noticed me staring at her every now and then then darting back to the road. I just cant get her out of my mind.

We arrive at the resevoir. There is an old looking play ground, a bench and a lake. I look at her and she smiles. I Get out of the car and run over to her side and open the door for her. She smiles again.

"thank you, You'r such a gentle man"

We walk over to the lake and sit on the banks.

I put my arm over her shoulders and she leans on the chest.

"Celeste, I've fallen for you" I blurt out.

Its silent, Oh shit! she doesnt feel the same, crap i've mad a fool out of my self.

She looks up at me.

"Im speechless Sam"

"I feel the same, but I dont think you'r sure, I dont think it's fair on you though, I mean you'r friends, Wont they bag you and all, i dont know sammy, Have you really?" she says staring into my eyes.

I put my arms around her.
Im 6 four shes like 5 eleven I a whople heap taller then her.
"Yes, I truley have"
I pull her onto my lap . She is sitting on my crouch, but it doesnt hurt, She is facing me.

This time its her who leans in and kisses me. It gets intense. Her glossed soft lips sucking mine, i fall backwards and she's still on top of me ripping up my mouth. Im so hornt right now. FUCK this is so intemate. I role over holding my self over the top of her, i regretfully pull away from her lips.
Shit im getting stiff.... UMM

"Race you to the swings" I say.

She looks at me in a weird way. I run off. She smiles and chases me.

Then her phone rings.
She answers it.

"Hello? What, Mum are you crying? Mum I can't understand you? Mum? What happened? Im be there as soon as possible" She says tears filling up her eyes.

she hangs up and a tear falls down her cheek.

"My Dads been in a Car accident, They dont know if he's going to make it, Sam.." she breaks off as tears pour down her preciouse little face. She kind of colapses. Its shock i guess. I catch her.

"I'll get you home" i say looking into her eyes.

"Could you please drop me off at the hospital?" She cries.

"Of coures, Celeste its going to be okay" i say holding her close.

I open her door and we hop in the car.
We arrive at the hospital and we wait. We wait and wait for long time untill at 5 in the morning the doctors come out. There faces grim.

"Im sorry Mrs Green, We did all we could do"

I took the next day off school and just stayed with Celeste. She was devestated , I knew i could fix this but oh how i wish i could. It got late at night and Celeste and her mother were called to the police station about the accident. Mrs Green said it was best if I got some sleep. She thanked me and left with Celeste.

Celeste hasnt been at school since.
Its been 3 years and she has been getting home schooled. But now Dean and I have finished high school. I really miss her but If she wanted to talk with me she would have.
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