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Girl meets boy. Girl loves boy. Boy loves girl. Happily Ever After. Perfect. Or not. RYAN/OFC

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Girl meets boy
Girl loves boy
Boy loves girl
Happily Ever After

That's the way thing always go isn't it?
It isn't.
At least not for me.
This isn't one of THOSE stories, if you want a happily ever after story I suggest you stop reading now and go rent out a Disney movie.

I stood in the kitchen of our apartment bent over the counter watching the scene in front of me, physically unable to look away. Ryan sat on our sofa, holding hands with her, kissing her neck, whispering into her ear. This happened almost every night, him murmuring how beautiful he thought she was and how perfect he thought she was, I was used that, id gotten over that bit. But that night was different, that night he said the only thing that, left unsaid, had kept me from falling apart.

"I Love You, Keltie"

Those four words echoed in my head, silencing everything around me, the squeals of happiness from her perfect lips, the whimper of heartbreak from my useless ones and the smash of the glass I was holing as it plummeted to the floor. Both their heads span around, Kelties face posed perfectly in a smug smirk, the look in her eyes reading "I Win" and Ryan's flawless features stretched into a look of confusion. The pain in his eyes brought me out of my trance, I pushed away from the counter and ran to my room, tears I hadn't even felt leave my eyes, streaming down my face.

I slammed the door and slowly slid down it, collapsing on the floor, a mess of tears, eyeliner and inadequacies. I couldn't take this, not now. I sobbed even louder still, hearing the front door close and Ryan's usually graceful footsteps making their way up the stairs. A loud, angry knock on my door signalled the start of a conversation that I really didn't think I was strong enough to have. I stood up as best as I could, shaking slightly and opened the door.

Ryan came bursting in, slamming the door behind him.

"What the hell was that Hay?! I get it, I know you don't like Keltie but for fucks sake! I just think hat you don't want me to be happy, is that it Hay?" He yelled

His words sliced through me. How could he possible be so blind?

"God forbid Ryan Ross should be happy, you know what I've been through; don't you think I deserve this even a little bit?! I've found someone who loves me Hay, some thing I never thought I'd do, she could be the only person who'll ever lo-"

That's where I snapped, I couldn't take it any more

"Is that what you goddamn think Ry, you think you've found the only person who'll ever care? Huh?! WAKE UP RYAN, open your goddamn eyes!"

"Hay, what the hell are you talking about?" Ryan whispered

"I love you Ryan Ross I always have and I always will!" I screamed, seemingly unable to do anything else at that point


"I love you" I whispered, realisation of what id just done sinking in slowly

"No, no Hay, you are not doing this to me, do you hear!" He yelled, shaking his head as he stormed out of my room and down the stairs

I chased after him, yelling his name desperate to salvage anything I could of our fractured relationship; I grabbed his arm just as he reached for the door.

"Ry, please don't go, just listen to me, please let me explain"

He threw me off his arm, and sent me crashing to the floor, turning to me with pure hatred in his eyes. This wasn't my Ryan, this wasn't the beautiful boy I met when I was 11, who could barely speak a sentence to me without blushing. No, this was somebody different; this was what Keltie had created. This wasn't the boy I was in love with.

"Hay, I don't love you, I never have, I never will. I'll be back tomorrow to pick up my stuff; you'd better not be here. Stay away from me Hayley Smith. Stay away from me"

I heard the door slam, unable to see, my vision blurred by tears as I sat still on the cold wooden floor. My shattered heart sat in invisible pieces around me. The sound of my sobs echoing around the now empty, broken home.

Girl meets boy
Girl loves boy
Boy loves girl
Happily Ever After

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