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brrrr its cold!

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ive been really stressed and feel crazy so i wrote a REDICULUS story. its really only meant to be read by my friends Alexis and Racheal because everyone eles will think im nuts.

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Patrick: "oh my god its so cold in here! turn down the air conditoner!"
Andy: "no its too HOT in here turn UP the air conditioner!"
Pete: "oorrr..we cold turn the air conditiner UP and i could keep Trick warm!"
Pat: "how are you gunna do that?"
Pete: runs up to Patrick and hugs him "yay! hugs time!!"
Pat: "get off me Pete!"
Pete: "no! im never moving! im staying on my Pattycakes forevers!!!"
Andy: "get a room"
Pete: "ok!!"
Andy: "no dont! in fact lets just turn the air conditoner off, i think Pat is right, its too cold." o_O
Pete: "awww man!"
Joe: walks into room with tray "i made cookies!"
Pete: gets off Patrick and runs to cookie tray "YUM!!"
Pat: "Joe your my hero!!" runs to Joe and kisses him
Pete: o_O "PATRICK!!! WHAT ABOUT US!!!?????!!!
Pat: "we were never together Pete!"
Joe: "get away WENTZ i love Patrick!"
Pat: "really!?"
Joe: "no" backs away from Patrick "my heart belongs to only one person!"
Pat: "whos that?!!"
Ryan Ross: walks out of the shadows "me! hey babe!" kisses Joe
Joe: "hey ryro!"
Pat: "you like Ryan! oh well, i never really liked you, i was just trying to get Pete away"
Pete: "hey! thats mean!"
Pat: "But Petey cant you see!"
Pete: "see what!"
Pat: "that im alreay seeing someone!!"
Pete: "who!"
William Beckett: "uhh that would be ME!" comes out of nowhere
Pete: "where do you guys even come from!!!"
William: "do you really want to know that!"
Pete: "ew"
Pat: "billy baby ive missed you, its been like....5 hours!"
William: "that long! omg!"
Andy: "nobody is talking to me!"
Joe: "well why dont you go hook up with BRENDON THEN!"
Ryan: "ew no! if he hooks up with Bren i'll be heart brok- I MEAN....grossed out!"
Joe: "what! you love brendon!"
Ryan: "ok i admit i love bren NOT you!"
Joe: "now who am i gunna complain about not talking to me enough!"
Brendon: bursts through the door "RyRy!"
Ryan: "BrennyBear! Help me think of someone for Joe to date!"
Brendon: "How about Andy!"
Andy: "MMMM i wouldnt mind that!"
Joe: "are you sure you can HANDLE me Andders!"
Andy: "pshh! fine we wont go out!"
Joe: "thats not what i meant! i'd LOVE to date you!"
Pat: making out with Pete
William: "PATRICK! WTF!!!"
Pat: "im sorry william, Pete lured me, he's just so hypnotic!"
Pete: "come on Trick, lets get out of here! its trannyville!" they leave
William: "oh well, i was having an affair with Gabe Saporta anyways!"
Gabe: "Im came here to make you dance tonight!"
William: "i dont care about my guilty pleasure for Pat!"
a sudden tubble is heard in the corner of the room
Ryan: making out with Brendon falls to the ground "ow! i broke the lamp!"
Joe: "get a room you two"
Brendon: "we SHOULD get a HOTEL room!!"
Ryan: "DEF. G-2-G GUYS!"
Andy: "i guess that leaves me joe, william and gabe! what should we do?"
Gabe: "lets play truth or dare!"
William: "you first! truth or dare?!"
Gabe: "dare!"
William: "i dare you to kiss Andders!"
Gabe: kisses andy "ew andy tastes like tofo!"
Andy: "duh!"
Gabe: "truth or dare billy!"
William: "truth!"
Gabe: "whats your darkest secret!"
William: "im a vampire."
Gabe: "o-m-g r-l-y?!?!"
William: "yeah." bits Andy and he dies
Joe: "noooooooooo! ANDDERS! WHAT THE FRICK WILL!!!"
William: "im sorry, his blood tastes like tofo too."
Gabe: "hahaha"
Joe: "i hate you guys!" storms off
Gabe: "Well that just leaves you and me William!"
William: "hey i just noticed somthing."
Gabe: "what"
William: "spencer and jon have been missing all day.what do you think they are doing?"
Gabe: "i can guess..."
Spencer: "go fish."
Jon: "got any twos?"
Spencer: "dang it jon GO FISH!"
Jon: "i fished my wish!! yes!!!" does voctory dance "oh yeah! do the MOON-walker! doo doo dooo!"

and thats the end of THAT weird story.
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