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We'll Carry On

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this story is about a battle a girl is having with someone. (to tell you the truth i wrote this story just to see how this website works.)

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I laid on the floor panting, exhausted. I had gone through so much but I had to keep fighting. Crimson cuts decorated my arms and black bruises added shading. I felt like giving up but I couldn't. Not after getting this far and hurting so many people. I slowly got up. My arms were shaking and hung loosely at my sides. I carefully brought them into a fighting position and shifted my weight. I looked up at my opponent. He stood there wiping the blood that I caused to drip from his mouth. He had a cruel smile that worried me. I looked at his wounds which weren't as plentiful as mine. this wasn't going to be fun. I glared at my enemy with pure hate. He said to me, "Your move." I had to make this count. If I didn't finish him here I knew that he would surely kill me. I could throw a kick jolted with lightning at him, or mabye a lightning punch; but I had already tried those and the affects weren't great. I then thought of something I had never tied. Something nobody had ever tried. But then again, noone ever had powers like mine either. I pushed my arms out in front of me and connected them at the wrists with my palms facing my foe. I could see him preparing to counter my attack, but he didn't exact;y know what to do. I mustered all the energy I had left and put it into this attack. I kept my mind calm as yellow sparks gathered in the palms of my hands and while keeping the wild uncontrolable magic tamed. I screamed one word to the heavens: "SPARKS" and let go of all that magic, aiming it at my enemy. I remembered as I collapsed to ground..... no matter what... we'll carry on....
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