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Chapter 7: A Warning to All

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DarkFire is in trouble!

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Chapter 7: A Warning to All

“Okay. I can now create my posters on this computer and print them, right?” enquired DarkFire.

“Yes” replied Doctor Thompson. “And you can use all of the printing equipment that’s in this box.”

DarkFire nodded. “Thanks, I could use this! But do you happen to have any drawing equipment? I need to draw those guys and scan the picture.”

Doctor Thompson pointed to a small circular table beside the fallen bookshelf. “There are art supplies on that table.”

“I can see that.” stated DarkFire, eyeing at the rectangular tin of artist’s pencils and an art pad. “So, I’ll get to work now.”

“I have to leave to do research now, see you later! By the way, I have fitted the door with a camera that will open the door to any faces I have placed into its database. I’ll add your picture.” He grabbed a digital camera from the now-broken bookshelf, and pointed it at DarkFire. “Hold still for a second…” He them dashed outside, slammed the door, and left with his car screeching.

“Gee, what is he up to now? Drag racing? This place is so strange.” muttered DarkFire.

DarkFire strolled up to the dinner table, and sat down in a leather chair at the laptop computer. It was already on, already set up for creating a poster. DarkFire walked up to the small table near the bookshelf, and took the tin of artist’s pencils and the art pad. DarkFire nearly dropped them; they were heavier than she first expected. She dashed back to the table, and started sketching. After a while, DarkFire sighed, crumpled up a piece of paper, and threw it over her shoulder. “This is going to take forever… unless I recreate an image with shadows and trace over it…” DarkFire conjured a shadow on a new sheet of paper in the shape of the ones planning to kill Sonic. She carefully started to trace over the picture. She knew she was going to later grab the scanner and scan the artwork onto the laptop, then design a poster. DarkFire moaned, and resumed drawing.

A few hours later, DarkFire was asleep, head tilted on the keyboard. The screen showed a completed ‘Wanted’ poster, ready to be printed. Beside the laptop computer lay a small inkjet printer loaded with several sheets of paper. The printer was taking the sheets in, inking the paper with words and pictures. DarkFire groaned, stretched her arms, and tried to refocus her blurry vision to see the time on the computer. It read: Printing 94% complete

“Gee, this is a slow printer…” groaned DarkFire. She rose from her chair, and roamed around the kitchen. “Now, to find something to eat…” Her gaze fell upon a pack of instant noodles sitting on top of the fridge. She reached up high, took it, and looked at the instructions. She took a saucepan, and started cooking them. Soon, she was sitting down, eating her instant noodles. “I really hope Doctor Thompson won’t call me off for this.”

DarkFire was finished with her noodles. She briefly glanced around the room, looking for a clock. She found an analogue clock mounted above the stove. She read off it – 9:02p.m. DarkFire found a black shoulder bag underneath the table. She picked it up, and placed a pile of papers into the bag – the wanted posters. She noticed a piece of paper attached to one of them which was not a wanted poster. Curious, she took the small piece of paper, and started reading.

“DarkFire, I have packed a digital camera and mobile phone into the shoulder bag which I have placed beneath the kitchen table. Use these to record any suspicious activity you might see; I have done a little research at my lab, and I discovered several moving figures with sensors which I placed around Sonic’s house. There is something going on there. Please help me investigate; I am a friend of Sonic, don’t let me down.

-Doctor Thompson”

DarkFire stared at the note for a second. One month, she was a petty criminal in Australia, and the next, she was a hero in the making. DarkFire wandered around the room pondering what she should do. Thoughts and images whirred through her head as she tried to make a final decision. DarkFire clutched her forehead, and stopped pacing around the room. “Okay,” she whispered to herself. “I will do this, maybe this once. I need answers… answers to my past… Why was a joined up with that horrible clan anyway?” She secured the black shoulder bag around her neck, and stepped outside into the chilly air outside. Little was she aware of a small, rotating camera in the corner of the kitchen – where she was only mere seconds ago.

DarkFire jumped, flapped her wings in the silence of the night, and took flight. She charged towards the now-familiar red roof of the mansion in which Sonic lived in. Air rushed through her wings, and she was hovering above the red roof of the mansion. She landed on the ground right in front of it, and started roaming around the empty, dark streets, using a staple gun to attach posters on telegraph poles. With every dull click DarkFire heard, she looked around to see whether anyone was following her.

An hour later, DarkFire rummaged in her bag, standing at what appeared to the edge of town. She looked inside, and saw there was nothing left inside, with an exception if a mobile phone, and a small digital camera with a mini-tripod. DarkFire turned around, leapt into the sky, and traced the path she remembered taking to reach this destination.

DarkFire was flying overhead a scene of a small figure right below being beaten up by two large men, dressed in grey shirts and cargo pants. She looked below at the fight scene; at the tiny figures below pushing and shoving each other. She sighed. “Gee, more crime. There seems to be a never-ending wave of crime everywhere I go…” She drifted lower, zooming into the scene. The figures were clearer now; both of the men were now covering the smaller figure. The men were very muscular, and stood at about 1.9 metres. They backed off from the figure for a second – a small red figure, the height as Sonic, long hair, lay bruised, pinned into the ground.

DarkFire zoomed to the roof of the mansion, and lowered her black bag onto the tiled roof. She slowly brought out a digital camera, and a small tripod. She carefully set the camera up, and started filming into the blackness of the scene – almost-black figures moving against a pitch-black backdrop. “I think I need more light…” She weaved the darkness out of the way, lighting up the scene as though daylight spread into the nearby region. Four muscular men, with a strange creature wearing a black shirt and black pants alighted from the scene. They flashed their heads around.

As one, the kidnappers slowly turned; glared at DarkFire. She tried to dick down, in a futile attempt to conceal herself.

“Who are you?!” shouted a harsh male voice. “Come out, are you trying to spy on us, you little beast?”

DarkFire stood up, and faced the large group of men. “Fine…” She jumped down, floated mid-air for a second, and drifted towards the grassed backyard. She glanced towards a swimming pool on the right, and drew out her daggers.
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