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The walk

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"I had a great time Pete." Tiffany said to Pete as they walked down the block.
"Me too." Pete said creating an awkward silence.
"Pete?" Tiffany said breaking the silence.
"Yeah?" Pete said looking at Tiffany.
"...You have gorgeous eyes." Tiffany said looking straight int them.
"You do too." He replied.
"oh I forgot to tell you. Me and the rest of the band are getting together Sunday to celebrate Joe's birthday. We would all love it if you came." Pete said starting to walk again.
"I would love to come, when and where?" She said.
"It's at 2:30 at The Rock House. It's a pretty fancy place so wear a dress. Oh and make sure you get there early because it's a surprise for him."
"What should I get him?"
"Well... I bought him a gift card to his favorite store which is Nordstrom but it doesn't matter."
"I Have just the thing." Tiffany said.

Sorry it's short.
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