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This is Frank... This is Frank on Drugs...

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When you're high, you see and say the most interesting things.

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“It’s like something out of a fucking Tim Burton movie... The bag of Bugles has a mouth, with these razor sharp Bugles teeth and it’s calling my name...”

Gerard and Mikey stared with confusion, amusement, and slight worry at a very, very stoned Frank Iero. He was staring at the bag of Bugles with noticeable amazement, his eyes wide and mouth agape as he glanced up at Mikey and Gerard for their agreement.

“Right, Frank, totally,” Gerard said, nodding and plastering a smile on his face.

Apparently his answer was good enough, for Frank looked at Mikey, who nodded, and then looked back to the bag of Bugles, staring wide-eyed at it still. He tentatively reached forward and, with one stretched out index finger, poked the bag and jerked back with a startled yelp, clutching his hand to his chest as he curled into the corner of the couch.

“Frank, you okay there buddy?” Gerard asked after he exchanged glances with Mikey.

“It’s mouth just fucking shifted and it tried to eat me!” Frank exclaimed, looking his hand over before practically shoving it in Mikey’s face. “Did it get me?”

Mikey giggled and carefully took Frank’s wrist into his hand and “thoroughly” examined the guitar’s hand before he looked up and shook his head. “Nope, it didn’t even graze your skin Frankie,” he answered before lightly patting Frank’s hand and letting go of the wrist.

Frank let out a sigh of relief before focusing his attention on Gerard, who suddenly looked almost like a deer caught in the headlights.”You...”

“Me?” Gerard asked, pointing at himself, a nervous giggle slipping past his lips.

“What would you do if I sat in Mikey’s lap?” He asked, tilting his head, leaning in towards Gerard, his eyes focusing on a single hair of stubble on his friend's chin.

Gerard lifted a brow as he glanced at Mikey and then to Frank, who was even closer and might as well have been in Mikey’s lap with how far over him he was leaning. “I would um, wonder why you were doing it, but it would be up to Mikey to do something about it...” Gerard let out a silent sigh of relief when Frank quickly turned his intense stare on Mikey.

Mikey smiled, enjoying this goofy little show of Frank’s. He didn’t approve of any drugs after the whole incident way back when, but he knew Frank was careful. The closet Frank ever got to bringing it around Gerard, was just being high around him, so this was fine. Mikey did notice how close Frank’s face was to his own though. “I wouldn’t push you off,” he answered the unspoken question, “I would wonder why you were doing it though.”

Mikey giggled as Frank quickly, but gently, uncrossed Mikey’s legs for him and crawled into his lap, sitting sideways so he was facing Gerard, and could look at Mikey. Mikey put his arm around Frank’s lower back so he wouldn’t fall backwards and looked at Frank, who beamed at him as if he’d just accomplished something no one had ever heard of. He got prepared to hold Frank tight as Frank shifted around for a moment, worrying Mikey that he might fall off his small lap. When Frank shifted and put his arm around Mikey’s shoulder, Mikey and Frank both giggled while Gerard chuckled in amusement.

“Oh, what the fans would think if they saw you two right now,” Gerard said, shaking his head and running a hand through his hair.

“They like Frerard,” Frankie said in a matter-of-fact tone, nodding as if that added on to his point. He stared wide-eyed when both Way boys gave him confused looks. “It’s what it’s called when Gerard and I make out on stage. When we grope each other, when we dry hump. Any action between Gee and I is called Frerard.”

“Did you look this up?” Mikey asked, curious if it was high rambles or an actual thing.

Frank shook his head and giggled like a mad man. “I asked a fan that told me she loved Frerard, and she told me when I asked her so I found out from asking her when she told me and-” Frank’s repetitive rambling was cut off when Mikey slowly placed his single index finger over Frank’s lips and smiled. To Frank, Mikey’s eyes seem to glimmer kind of and he couldn’t tear his eyes aware from the younger Way boy’s beautiful brown eyes.

Mikey chuckled and shook his head as he removed his finger from Frank’s lips. “We get the point Frank,” he said.

Gerard yawned and stood, up, wobbling slightly when the bus hit a bump in the road, or possibly some woodland creature that strayed too close to the lines. “I’m going on to bed you two,” he said, managing to fight off a yawn until he finished his sentence, closing his eyes tight when the yawn basically almost unhinged his jaw. He shook his head when it went away and looked at his brother and friend. “Play nice you two, and don’t wake up the others.”

Mikey gave a small wave to his brother. “Night Gee.” He looked at Frank who was still staring at him. “Hi Frank,” he said, giggling softly. “What are you staring at?”

Frank leaned in a little closer. “Your eyes,” he answered softly, staring harder, if even possible. “They’re really, like really, really pretty Mikey.” He cupped Mikey’s face and moved his face closer, staring deeper into the liquid brown pools, unaware that Mikey had started blushing. He was too caught up in the brown orbs to notice the slight blush or that fact that Mikey’s hand had tightened on his hip slightly. “I never noticed how pretty they were before,” he whispered.

Mikey tried to stay calm, and still, even as Frank’s hot breath blew against his mouth, sending tingles through his untouched lips. “Thank you Frank,” Mikey said quietly, trying not to tear his eyes away from Frank’s intense gaze.


Mikey froze, wondering if it had been his imagination that Frank’s eyes had momentarily broken the link with his to drift to his lips and then back up. “Yes Frankie?” As soon as Frank’s name left his lips, they were replaced by Frank’s lips softly crushing down against them, catching Mikey off guard. When Frank’s mouth melted against his own, Mikey slowly returned the kiss, but neither were closing their eyes. Their eyes were locked in a staring contest as Frank deepened the kiss and Mikey had to fight the urge to close his eyes from the power in that one kiss.

Frank’s tongue slid out from between his lips and lightly danced against Mikey’s lips until Mikey parted them, granting Frank’s tongue entrance. Frank was tempted to close his eyes and moan at the sweet taste of latte and Mikey. He softly stroked Mikey’s cheek as he stared into the younger Way boy’s eyes, his tongue slowly exploring the latte-flavored mouth. He couldn’t fight back a soft moan when Mikey got bold and met Frank’s tongue with his own, letting his own soft moan escape.

Mikey was the one that regretfully broke the kiss when he remembered that Frank was probably still high, or coming down from it. The slight hint of weed taste on Frank’s tongue reminded him of that sad little truth. He gently bit the corner of his lip and looked up at Frank, who whimpered softly when Mikey’s mouth left his. “Frank, we shouldn’t,” he whispered, not wanting to risk the others hearing, or his brother who might still be awake.

“But why?” Frank asked, his eyes showing his complete confusion as he lightly ran his fingers through Mikey’s soft hair. “And please don’t say because we’re both guys, you’re too cute to be straight.”

Mikey blushed profusely at those words, his cheeks burning as he tried to keep from looking away, which he normally did when someone embarrassed him. The floor, his shoes, the couch, SOMETHING would become his new best friend as he tried to avoid the stare of whoever made him blush. “It’s not that Frank,” Mikey said, trying to keep his words steady since a new nervousness was coiling in his chest. “It’s just that... You’re probably still high, and it’s wrong to take advantage of you in this state...”

Frank smiled when Mikey quickly looked down, Frank’s thigh becoming his new best friend. “Mikey...” He whispered as he placed his hand under Mikey’s chin and gently lifted his head, making the younger Way look him in the eyes. “Mikey, I know what I’m doing... I’m still a little buzzed, but I’m not delusional anymore.”

“You knew you kissed me?” Mikey questioned, his blush becoming worse as if that had been possible. When Frank nodded and softly ran his thumb over Mikey’s jaw line, Mikey smiled shyly. “And you wanted to?” When Frank nodded again, he bit his lip to try and fight a grin.

“Who wouldn’t want to Mikes?” Frank titled his head and shifted on Mikey’s lap. “You’re so fucking cute and adorable, and damn when you giggle I swear to whatever I could just steal you and do so many things to you that would make a porn star blush. You always have this gorgeous smile on your face.”

Mikey couldn’t help but smile at Frank’s words, and he slid his other arm, the one that had been laying at his side, around Frank’s waist, smiling more when Franks leaned in and kissed his forehead. “Why do you always go for my brother on stage then?”

Frank giggled. “As I said, the fans love Frerard. But if you want, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m sure I could give them a little Wayro from time to time, or all the time.” He wiggled his eyebrows, smiling when he had Mikey giggled, nodding shyly.

“Wait... Wayro?”

Frank snickered and pointed at Mikey. “Mikey Way,” he said, drawing out his last name before pointing to himself. “Frank Iero,” he said drawing out the “ro” part. “Way,” he said, pointing at Mikey, “ro,” he said, pointing at himself again. “Wayro.” He smiled as Mikey covered his mouth to keep his loud laughter from escaping. “That same fan said I should make some Wayro happen and I was half-tempted to run and get you and give her a little show.”

Mikey shook his head, smiling, as he pulled Frank a little closer. “I think we can arrange for some Wayro at the next show, what do you think?”

Frank grinned devilishly as he wrapped his arms around Mikey’s shoulders. “I think I agree little Way.”

- - - - -

The crowd screamed as Gerard belted out lyrics to House of Wolves, doing his crazed dances on stage, driving them on further. He moved over to Frank who closed the space between them and grinded against his leg as he played on his guitar, leaning his head back in mock moan as the fans screamed louder. He slid his hand under the guitar that Frank lifted for him and held his friend’s ass, wondering if he imagined the fans getting louder. With how loud they were now he knew they couldn’t possibly get any louder.

Frank moved from off of Gerard and while playing his guitar made his way over to Mikey, who glanced up from his bass, sweat beading down his forehead. Frank grinned and moved closer, both playing their guitars as their mouths met, tongues dancing in a fight for dominance.

Over all the music and his brother’s singing, Mikey could hear the fans go wild as he and Frank broke their heated kiss and moved away from each other, both grinning like fools. As Gerard led them into Cancer, Mikey smiled a genuine smile at Frank, who returned it and blew him a kiss.

[Author's Note: Heh, um yeah... I started writing this because I was a little high myself and my Bugles bag was yeah... And I was like, that sounds like something Frank would say. And then BOOM! There is was... I wrote up until ----“I wouldn’t push you off,” he answered the unspoken question, “I would wonder why you were doing it though.”---- that part when I was high, passed out and when I woke up I remembered with a clear mind where I was going with it lol. I liked the thought of me doing another Wayro one-shot and you guys who haven't read it yet, should go check out my first, called Wayro. Hope you all liked it and reviews are loved as much as Frerard! =)

ps-Isn't high Frankie so effin cute!?]
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