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It was a boring old stupid day. I was sittin on the comp wit nuttin to do as usual, talking to my best friends on MSN. As usual, all my friend Melissa was talking about was how hot she thought naruto was. It gets really anoying after the first 25 times...-.-". Me and my freinds were total fans of that show, all i talked about was how awsome it would be if naruto characters where real, especially Gaara he was my favorite. Then I got an e-mail from someone who wasn't on my msn list, so i just deleted it and talked to my friends again. About half an hour the same person send me another e-mail, of course i just deleted it again without even looking at it. Know it started to anoy me 'cause i didn't even know who it was that was sending me these stupid e-mails. 20 minutes later I got another e-amil, from the mystery person O_O. So, this time i decided to read the stupid e-mail that the perosn sent me. I clicked on the e-mail and started to read the stupid e-mail.


"Come to the second bridge in the park at 7:00PM, come by yourself."

".......what the fuck is up with that?" I said weirded out. "It's probably just Kristen again...."
so i kept talking to my friends for a couple of hours, then my mom called me to supper. "Whats for supper today mom?" i asked "Ramen & Toast.." she said. After i finished it was 6:40, I was still in my pajamas so i got dressed in a skirt and tanktop as usual. I left the house at bout 6:57, and walked out the back gate to the park. When i got there nobody was there, so i at down at the railing and looked at the ducks for about 10 minutes. I sighed "Hmmmmm, looks like nobody's coming maby i got somebody elses e-mail" I stood up and turned around to go home. I looked back one more time to see if anyone was coming, but nobody was there. I sighed and turned back around to leave when i bumped into something. I fell back onto the bridge and sat up rubbing the back of my head. "Ouch! What the fuc-" I looked up and saw a hand right in my face. "Who the hell? Jeez you should watch were you're going!" I stood up and opened my eyes 'cause they were closed the whole time. "Sorry I didn't see you there, are you Sisongo?" I looked up and saw that it was Gaara from the anime Naruto Shippuden! I just stood there looking at him thinking Holy shit!! I-is that seriously the Gaara from naruto?!?!! "U-u-ummmmm, y-yeah i'm S-Si-Sisongo.." I took a few steps back confusingly. "A-are you Gaara??"

Thats the end for know cause i don't feel like typing any more and i can't think of anything else to put ^.^
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