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The end of the worlda as she knows

by zoe15 1 review

A boy and girl share an odd night together before she leave all she knows behind, taking him with her.

Category: Mystery - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Published: 2008-04-20 - Updated: 2008-04-20 - 859 words


She sat bolt up right in her bed listening. There was an eerie glow coming from above her, but she knew it was just her glow in the dark stars. None the less it made her look odd; her silver hair looked almost green and her electric blue eyes were ghostly. She was about to lie back down again when she heard what she had been waiting for- the groan of the mattress as her mother rolled over on the side she slept on. She knew that sound so well that she acted instantly; even though she could have taken all the time she wanted, she quickly grabbed her bag from its resting place at the end of her bed, swung her legs over the edge and placed them very carefully on the floor. She stood up fully clothed and wide awake, despite the fact that it was one in the morning. She crossed her room in two strides so that she avoided the creaking floorboards; she opened her door just wide enough for her to slip out, conscious that if she opened it any wider than half way it creaked. She now stood in the light of the smoke alarm, which was also green but brighter than her stars, which meant it took her eyes a little longer to adjust to the light. Slowly she edged round the landing towards the stairs, she could have made it there in five strides but so many of the floor boards creaked that she would surely wake her mother up. So instead she would edge around the landing on her tip-toes. Once she reached the top of the stairs she chose not to, in fact she never went down stairs normally-instead she preferred to slide half way down the banister then drop like a cat to the floor, landing on her hands and knees. She ran the length of the hall and kitchen to the back door. Very slow she opened the door, again only enough for her to get out, removing the key from the indoor side of the lock as she went; she locked the door and put the key in her bag which contained, as always, her notebook and pencil case, a lighter, a can of some foul smelling deodorant, her wind up torch, her pen knife and her most prized possession, besides her necklace, in the world- her knuckle dusters. She strode up the garden path and side-jumped over the gate, which also creaked. Next it was through the gap in the wire fence that divided the houses from the fields; at last she was free. She set off at a quick pace, treading the path she had trodden every night since she was fifteen. She knew where she was heading and that this would be the last time. She turned off the track and was now walking amongst the tall grass; she let her feet lead her and allowed her mind to wander into a world where it was just her, him, the moon and the fields went on forever; but soon enough she had reached her destination-a large tree with steps carved into it; and there sitting right at the top was a boy, a slender boy with silver eyes and electric blue hair, which fell across his eyes wonderfully, he hadn't heard her arrive and so did not look down until she had begun to climb.
Neither of them spoke. They just sat there in the moon light, it reflected off her silver hair and you could see it in his silver eyes. After a long while they descended and walked among the grass, her hair got caught in the longer sections but she didn't care, after she was with him.
They reached the trees at the bottom of the and began to wonder among them, the moon light coming down in shafts between the leaves and making their shadows dance weirdly. They had now reached the clearing where the stream emptied into a pool of water that looked like a mirror in the moon light. Slowly she took off her jacket and placed it on a rock next to the pool and sat down on it. He sat down next to her. Without saying anything she undressed to her swimming costume that she was wearing under neither her clothes, and slipped into the pool. She swam around a bit, then swam down to the bottom of the pool. When she resurfaced he too was in the pool. They swam towards each and embraced when they met; together, hand in hand, they swam to the cover of the rocks that formed a cove and just sat there on a rock, just below the surface of the water, hand in hand not saying a word.
The moon had gone and the sun was rising when she woke. She had fallen asleep in his arms at some point but they were still in the pool. She was shivering, so she gently nudged him; he woke with a start, but quickly realised where he was and who he was with, so relaxing he hugged her in close.
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