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It was the only thing that would save the person he loved. TristanDuke

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“You ready to go home, Duke?” Tristan asked him moving to hold his hand as they went to the parking lot. Their date was fun. It was only down on one of the huge ramen shops near Domino High. However, it was alright, as long they had something to eat that they had a good time. It was getting late, at it was good, nobody would see them making out in the park bench.

“No, not yet, Tristan,” Duke held Tristan’s hand tighter and leaned his head on Tristan’s shoulder. “Let’s go to the park first and have a little walk,”

“Alright,” they went past the parking lot and into the Domino Square Park.

They sat on one of the benches and Duke leaned his head on Tristan’s chest. “You’re warm,” he cuddled closer and Tristan pulled him in.

“That’s because I’m alive,” he gave him a kiss on the forehead and began toying with his hair. Duke can’t toy with Tristan’s hair because it always stayed up that way, and didn’t even move when the wind blew. “Remember when you used to bully Joey?”

“Yeah, it was hilarious,” he replied.

Their time in the park couldn’t be more romantic. They first talked about the memories they had, the Pharaoh deciding to stay, Duke picking on Joey the first few days of being acquaintances, their adventures, school, then, their future together.

“I’m going to be an engineer, and I’m going to get a good job and we’re going to live in a beach house near Domino beach!” Tristan boasted

“Yes, yes you are,” Duke said sarcastically. “And I’m going to develop Dungeon Dice Monsters,”

“I’ll be there with you all the way,” he smiled. “C’mon, it’s getting late, let’s go home,” they stood up and went back to the parking lot. Tristan put his helmet on and started the motorcycle and departed for Duke’s house, which was a highway away.

Around a few minutes later, Tristan had reached a hundred and twenty kilometres an hour. “TRISTAN WE’RE GOING TOO FAST!”

“TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!” Tristan dodged the cars



Duke took the helmet and put it on.
In news today, last night around 10pm, there was a motorcycle accident in the main Domino highway. There were two teenagers found but only one survived. These teens are known as Tristan Taylor and Duke Devlin, with only Devlin alive. These two were last seen in Domino Square Park just after exiting one of the huge ramen shops in Domino.
The truth is, just entering the main highway, Tristan had realized that his brakes weren’t working anymore so he had Duke tell him he loved him and take and put on his helmet so he can live.
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