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This is an MCR oneshot, and since Ray dosn't seem to get many thing on here, it's about him. Frank's twin, Faith, is living with the band, and keeps having nightmares...

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I woke in the middle of the night with a soft knocking on my bedroom door. I got up and padded over to it, opening it as silently as possible. It was Domino Iero. Frank’s sister who’s mansion we were staying in at the moment while we wrote our new album.
“Faith? What’s wrong?”
I asked quietly, ushering her inside his room.
“I had another nightmare. But this one was longer, I didn’t wake up before they…”
“Shhh,” I said, wrapping my arms around her and holding her close, “It was just a dream. It doesn’t mean anything. I promise, I’d never let anyone hurt you like that.”
“I know. But I just couldn’t be alone. And Frank has his girlfriend, I don’t really want to disturb whatever they might be doing.” I scoffed. Frank and his girl were always at it like rabbits.
“You can sleep with me tonight…well not with me but together, I mean…you get the point.” She smiled.
“Thanks Ray. I appreciate it. You don’t mind me waking you up every night?”
“No, of course not.” The truth was I had a crush the size of Texas on her, and so this wasn’t exactly a chore. But I didn’t think trying it on with my band mate’s twin sister would be the smartest move I had ever made.
“Come on, you’re getting cold.” We went under the covers and fell asleep with her head on my chest.
The next morning she was gone, as always. I sighed and went for a shower before going downstairs. Bob, Gerard, and Mikey were already there.
“Nice sleep?” asked Mikey
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I saw Domino go into your room last night. If Frank finds out, you’re a dead man.”
“Domino has nightmares dufus. Bad ones, and Frank is always kinda busy at night. Besides, Frank comes up to like Ray’s belly button, I doubt he could do any damage.” Gerard put his brother straight.
“I would never do anything with Domino anyway. She doesn’t like me like me like that.” I said almost mournfully.
“Hey cheer up buddy! You can always do it yourself.” Said Bob, making rude motions with his hands.
“Fuck you.”
“You know you wanna.”
“Shut up Bob. Morning guys.” Said Frank as he walked into the kitchen and sat on the other side of Gerard. We were soon joined by everyone and were just waiting for Bob’s girlfriend to finish making the pancakes. To my delight, Domino sat beside me.
“I’m gonna go to the mall today anyone need anything?” she said.
“I’ll come, I need some new picks for the guitar.” I said and Bob shot me a knowing look, earning him a kick under the table.
“Can you pick me up some donuts? And cookie dough?” She nodded at Gerard’s request.
“Frank, you need anything?”
“EWWW! I’m not buying my brother condoms!” we had a good laugh at breakfast and I went into the mall with Domino afterwards. We got all our shopping and went to the food court to get our lunch.
“So, the stuff I’ve heard you play so far is good. You thought of a name yet?”
“We were thinking, ‘The Black Parade’.”
“Cool. I’m sorry I keep waking you up every night.”
“I’ve told you, it’s no problem. I’m happy to help.” She smiled and my heart skipped a beat. She looked up at me and started to move closer to my face, our lips were just about to touch when I remembered who it was I was about to kiss.
“I can’t, Frank…you’re his sister and he’s one of my best friends.”
“Right. Of course. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put you in a position like that.” I looked at the disappointment on her face.
“Fuck it.” I said, pulling her face to mine and crashing our lips together. Her tongue begged for entry and I accepted happily. We sat making-out for a good few minutes when her phone rang.
“Shit,” she mumbled, getting it out of her bag, “Hello? Oh hey Frank. No were just coming back. We’ve had something to eat, you guys just go on. Okay, love you too, bye.” She hung up and leaned back on me.
“ I think he did that on purpose.” She grinned.
“Are you sure you want to do this? If we have a messy break up, it could destroy your friendship.”
“I’ll take the risk.” I replied, pecking her forehead.
“We’d better get back, they’ll be wondering where we’ve got too.” I nodded and took her hand as we walked back to the car. We drove home and had a quick kiss, shielded by her tinted windows, and went back inside.
That night I was woken as usual, by the soft knocking on my door. I grinned.
“Hey.” I said as I opened it, “Come in.” her face was tearstained and she was pale as death.
“They, they…”
“You don’t have to tell me just now,” I said, hugging her close to me, “It’ll be okay. I promise. I won’t let them hurt you.”
“They already have. The dreams are getting worse, Ray. I can’t stop them.”
“Do you have them when you’re in here with me?”
“No. Never. You make it safe somehow.”
“Tell you what then, tomorrow night, sleep in here from the start. And we’ll see what happens. How does that sound?”
“Sounds good.” I kissed the back of her neck and pulled her back under the covers. We fell asleep the same way as always. My arms wrapped around her and her head on my chest.
She was gone in the morning and I went down to breakfast as usual.
“Hey boys,” I said to Bob, Gerard and Mikey, “Beautiful day right?”
“What the hell’s the matter with you? You look like a three year old on Christmas morning.” I listened carefully and could tell Frank was still in bed by the noises coming from his bedroom…
“I kissed Domino yesterday, at the mall.” They looked at me in awe
“What about Frank? He’d kill you if you hurt her.”
“I’d never hurt her you guys, I swear. I think I love her.” They all made gushy faces and I could tell they were all thinking ‘awww’. The rest of the day passed smoothly because the girls went out and Frank had to go visit an old friend.
That night, just as I pulled my bottoms on, I heard that fateful knock on my door.
“Hi, Frank’s already in bed. Are you sure you don’t mind?”
“Positive.” She climbed into my bed and I shut off the light before joining her. I wrapped my arms around her and we fell asleep almost instantly.
I woke in the morning expecting her to be gone. But she was still there, sleeping like a baby. I smiled at her sleeping figure and gently shook her awake.
“Faith?” she stirred and looked up at me with a huge smile on her face.
“I didn’t have any nightmares. I only dreamt, I was watching you guys play from the side of the stage. And after wards, you ran off and kissed me. Right in front of Frank, but I didn’t see his reaction, cause some guy with huge hair woke me up.
“Sorry. But I’m going to get breakfast and you were on my arm.” We got up and went downstairs together.
“Oooooh. What happened with you two last night?” joked Mikey, even though he knew nothing happened, which was exactly what I told him.
“Yeah, We believe you.” Drawled Bob sarcastically. I sat down next to Domino and slid my arm around her waist. She rested her head on my shoulder and I kissed her head, not noticing the guys look over my shoulder in alarm.
“So, Ray, you guys didn’t do anything right, nothing except one kiss.”
“Right, you know all this why are you saying…he’s standing right behind me isn’t he?”
“Dude I swear, we just kissed.” He glared at me.
“Ray can I talk to you for a minute, in private?” I nodded and followed him to the living room. He punched me.
“You kissed my sister?”
“Yes.” Another punch
“On the lips?”
“Yes.” Smack!
“Do you care about her?”
“Yes.” No punch
“How long has this been going on?”
“Since yesterday at the mall when I kissed her.”
“And nothing. You heard her, nothing else has happened. I swear on my entire family’s life.”
“She has nightmares.”
“I know. That’s the other thing. She’s been coming into my bed at night, when she wakes up. They’re getting worse, but she says they don’t come back when she’s with me.” This earned me another punch.
“Why didn’t she come to me if they were getting worse?”
“You’re a little busy at three in the morning. Last night she stayed with me from the beginning, and she slept like a baby Frank, for the first time in months.”
“I believe you. But I don’t want her to get hurt.”
“I’d never hurt her Frank. I lo…really care about her.”
“You were gonna say love. You love her, I can see now. You really do.”
“I do love her, with all my heart.” He smiled.
“Sorry I punched you.”
“Four times.”
“Sorry. Lets go back into the kitchen.”


R&R, and any ideas for other storiws/oneshots would be greatly appreciated.
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