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Chapter Three

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This is edited, only because this started as a original story, but then i decided i wanted it to be a fanfic. So if you see any other erros with appearences or names, please tell me. thanks :]

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It was a typical summer day in Newark; sunny and blazing hot. Even dressed in cut offs and a small midriff baring tank top, I was still burning up. I could feel my skin start to tan under the summer sun.
“I’m starting to tan.” I whined. Mikey just shook his head and stifled a laugh.
Mikey and I walked arm in arm down Elmwood Avenue. Elmwood is known for it’s small shops and great restaurants. We walked into Spot Coffee and stood in line. I stared at the menu that stretched across the wall.
“What do you want?” Mikey laughed.
“Why do you bother asking?” I smirked. I dug around in my purse for some money. Mikey grabbed my hand and shook his head.
“And why do you bother trying to pay?” We both laughed. It was our turn and we stepped up to the register.
“The usual.” I said out of habit.
“I’m afraid I don’t know what ‘the usual’ is.” The guy at the register said. He was barely 5'4 and the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen. He had black messy hair and a tiny little nose ring. His arms were accompanied by many tattoos. He was gorgeous.
“Oh I…uh…I’m sorry.” I stumbled on my words. I heard Mikey giggle and I nudged his side with my elbow.
“Sorry, we’re used to Devon.” Mikey said noticing my lack of words.
“He left early, some kind of emergency.” The guy said.
“She’ll have a tall Cincoshake and I’ll have a tall Mint Spotsicle.” Mikey ordered.
“Tall Cinco! Tall Mint Spotsicle!” The guy yelled to the barista. Mikey pushed me towards the back room where couches and tables lined the walls.
“Try not making it obvious you’re drooling over that guy.” Mikey joked. “Makes you look pathetic.” I punched him lightly on the arm and collapsed on our couch. We sit on the same couch every time we come here, which is quite often. We ended up claiming it ours. I crossed my legs Indian style and dug through my purse for some lip gloss.
“I guess he’s cute.” I said after awhile. Mikey looked at me and smiled.
“Go get our order and his number.” Mikey instructed. I shook my head. “Come on Peyton, you haven’t dated anyone since Bert.” My face cringed at the sound of his name. Mikey noticed my expression. “Sorry babe.” He said quickly. I shrugged and looked up at Mikey.
“How do you know if he’s single?” I asked ignoring his comment about Bert.
“Just go.” Mikey said. I got up and gave Mikey a ‘You better hope he’s single’ look.
“You’ll thank me later.” Mikey smirked.

I was on my second Cinco, Mikey was long gone and it was just me and him. As always, Mikey was right, he was single. We talked, for what seemed like forever, on mine and Mikey’s couch. His name was Frank and I think I liked him, a little. He goes to Newark State College, like me and is studying to be a graphic designer.
“Maybe you’ll design the page for my articles.” I said
“Maybe.” Frank said smiling. Did I mention he had a smile to die for? “And maybe I could take you out sometime?” Frank asked
“Maybe.” I replied smiling. Butterflies floated through my stomach. I haven’t felt this way in a long time.
I looked out the huge window that Frank sat in front of. It was dark and late out but Elmwood was just coming alive. The lights lining the street illuminated the many shops and restaurants.
“It’s late.” I said standing up. “I should be going.” I grabbed my purse.
“How’d you get here?” Frank asked standing up as well.
“Walked.” I replied. “I don’t live far.”
“It’s late, let me walk you home.” He insisted.

“Spill.” Mikey demanded when he picked up the phone. I just got home from my first date with Frank. This is how it always was; one of us would go on a date and come home to fill the other one in. “Did you let him in after?” Mikey asked impatiently.
I could just see him; laying on his bed upside down, his face bright red from the blood rushing to his face. He wouldn’t talk on the phone any other way.
“No, he went home.” I replied. I paced my small apartment for awhile, before walking into my even smaller kitchen.
“Well, what else happened?” Mikey whined. I set down my purse on my kitchen table and kicked off my ballet flats. I walked the whole two steps from my kitchen to my living room. I sat on my couch and pulled my knees to my chest.
“You‘re like a little kid.” I said turning on the television. “It was just a date, dear.”
“Peyton,” Mikey whined some more. I sighed, he wasn’t giving up.
“We had dinner, talked, sat by the Marina and that’s about it.” I replied. I picked up the remote and flipped through the stations.
“How exciting.” Mikey mocked with a fake yawn.
“You wanted to know.” I turned off the television and headed to my room. “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Mikey said and hung up. I slipped off my jeans and climbed right into bed.
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