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Chapter Nine

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I dropped my finished paper on my professor’s desk on my way out. I successfully finished my paper and was confident in what I wrote. It took me just about all night, but I got it done.
I took long strides down the corridors, passing two girls gossiping on the way. What are we still in high school? I slowed down to catch what they were saying. I didn’t want to, but everyone loves gossip, right? I recognized the two girls from my political science class.
“I heard she was with Gerard.” One snickered. The other shrugged and shook her head.
“That's her best friend's brother.” After she said that I stopped.
Mikey's brother's name is Gerard. I turned to the girls. I wanted to know who they were talking about and if it was my Mikey.
“Mikey who?” I asked.
The girls turned my way, they both looked caught off guard and guilty. Then I knew they were talking about my Mikey. Everyone knew we were best friends, it wasn’t some big secret.
“Well, uh, your friend Mikey.” One said, I think her name was Karen or something like that. I nodded slowly.
“And who’s he dating?” I asked slowly.
It felt like an interrogation and I was the detective. The two girls looked scared out of their minds. I knew something was up.
“Uh,” That Karen, whatever her name was, started. She glanced over at her friend who seemed like she didn’t want anything to do with it. The girl shook her head quickly and left that Karen girl to fend for herself.
Did these girls really think I was going to do something to them if I found out they were talking about me? Once again, this isn’t high school.
“Well?” I demanded
“You.” She replied quickly.
I laughed a big phony laugh. You know those laughs where you throw your head back, laugh real loud and slap your knee? I busted out with one of those. I thought she was going to die right there. I stopped laughing abruptly and stared her down.
“Ha ha no.” I said and walked away.
I dug in my messenger bag for my phone to text Mikey and tell him what just happened. I figured he’s get a kick out of this. I texted as I walked, unaware of my surroundings. I bumped up against someone walking towards me without realizing it.
“I’m sorry.” I said looking up from my phone.
A guy I’ve never seen before stood in front of me. He was a little taller then me, good looking and had the bluest eyes I ever seen.
“It’s ok.” He smiled. “Maybe you could help me?”
“Sure?” I said putting my phone away. At this point I’d never leave campus.
“Could you show me where to get some coffee?” He asked “I just met this girl ,and she looks a little thirsty.”
This guy was charming and I fell for it. I wanted know what else he had to offer.
“Hmm,” I started to play along. “She might enjoy a Cincoshakes from Spot.” I said before I could stop myself.
Spot didn’t seem like such a great place to be seen with an attractive guy. Especially since I’m at Spot so much. Frank was bound to find out.
“Well then that’s where I’ll take her.” He laughed leading the way off campus.
“My name’s Adam, by the way.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Peyton.” I followed Adam.
I didn’t stop and tell him ‘some other time’. I followed him all the way to the door, with out thinking twice.
“That’s a very pretty name, for a very pretty girl.”
This guy was such a charmer. He knew what he was doing when it came to getting girls.
“Why thank you.” I replied flattered. I tried not looking at him so he couldn’t see my bright red, blushing cheeks.
We stepped outside and the cold winter wind burned my face. I pulled my coat tighter around me. Adam zipped up his jacket and rubbed his hands together for warmth. “It’s freezing.” I chattered.
“My car is kind of far. I’ll go get it, you wait here.” Adam instructed. He started walking.
“No, I’m fine.” I said. “I’ll go with you.” I followed close behind him.
“Just stay.” Adam insisted.
I turned back around and stood in the hallway to wait for Adam. I took out my phone. Mikey texted me back; we would be a cute couple ;). I laughed to myself and texted back; in your dreams. I dropped my phone back in my bag. I think I liked this Adam guy. He was sweet and made me laugh a lot. I knew it was too early to get attached, but I could see this being something. Not a relationship, more like a friendship. There was still Frank. I haven’t talked to him since last night and wish I wished he would call me soon.
I was so consumed in my thoughts, I didn’t realize Adam was back with his car. I left the small hallway and headed towards his car. Adam got out of the car and ran all the way around just to open my door.
“Wow.” I said impressed. I got in the car and shut my door. A blast of heat hit my face. I warmed up immediately.
“What,” Adam said when he got in the car. “A guy never open a door for you?”
I thought about it for a second and I realized, no. No guy was ever polite enough to open a door for me. I shook my head. Adam started to drive.
“Really?” He asked shocked.
“Not that I can remember at least.” I replied.
“Well, Ms. Peyton,” Adam said. “I’ll assure you, that won’t be the last door I open for you.” I smiled big.
I haven’t smiled this big since before Frank started drinking again.

I bet I’ve been in Spot more then any person in the city of Newark. I’m practically here everyday. It could be because I’m addicted to Cincoshakes, or the fact that it’s a very significant part of my life. I should get complimentary drinks once in awhile.
“Peyton, how are you?” Devon asked when I walked in. I skipped to the register and leaned over the counter to give him a hug.
“I’m good. Yourself?” I asked planting myself back on the ground.
“I could be better.” Devon said putting my order in, of course he knew what I wanted. “Well this day could be.”
“Aw, I’m sorry.” I replied. “Oh this is Adam.” I introduced them to each other and went to find a seat.
Spot was pretty packed for a Tuesday afternoon. Mine and Mikey's couch was occupied, along with almost every other couch and chair. I spotted an empty loveseat by the huge picture window and led Adam over to it.
“Do you come here often” Adam asked. I laughed and nodded.
“A little to often I guess.” I replied.
Adam sipped his steaming hot coffee slowly. I watched as him intently. He set his giant mug down and looked at me. My cheeks started to get hot and butterflies swarmed my stomach. Adam smiled slightly and leaned into me. I started to back up, but stopped myself.
Why shouldn’t I kiss him? Why should I care about Frank? He hasn’t been much of a boyfriend these last few weeks. One innocent kiss shouldn’t mean much.
I leaned back into Adam and pressed my lips against his. His lips were soft and tasted like cappuccino. Adam pulled away and smiled. The kiss was short but sent my body skyrocketing. It felt meaningful and innocent at the same time. I wanted more. I wanted his lips pressed against mine.
I leaned back into him. But only to pushed away, not by Adam, by Mikey.
“Peyton!” Mieky yelled.
I knew it was Mikey and I knew I was in for it. I leaned back away from Adam, leaving him confused and hopefully wanting more like I did.
“I’m sorry.” I said softly to Adam.
He just smiled sweetly and I felt that he didn’t mind. Mikey approached us and squeezed his skinny ass between us. “This is a loveseat.” I said aggravated.
“Then why is he sitting here and not your boyfriend?” Mikey demanded.
My jaw dropped and I felt betrayed. I stood up. I dug around my purse for a pen and reached for Adam’s hand. I scribbled my name and number on his hand.
“In case you ever want to see me after this.” I said.
I grabbed Mikey and pulled him to his feet. “Let’s go.”
I let Mikey walk in front of me, hoping I could turn around and give Adam one last kiss. At this point I really didn’t care if Mikey saw us. I walked over to Adam and leaned over to kiss him. Adam held my face in his hands and kissed me back. I pulled my mouth away but stayed eye to eye with him.
“I won’t tell your boyfriend.” Adam whispered softly into my ear.
“Thank you.” I whispered and walked away.

Mikey stood outside of Spot, his hands were shoved in his pocket to keep warm. He stared at me angrily. I love Mikey, don’t get me wrong. I’d got to hell and back for him. I’m a hundred and ten percent positive I’d do anything for him. I’m also a hundred and ten percent positive he’d do the same for me. I never thought he would call me out like that, never in a million years. They also say you should never say never. If he saw me having a good time, he would of just said ‘Hi’ and walked away.
I walked closer to Mikey. I stood face to face with him. His sweet cologne tingled my nose.
“What was that about?” I demanded through clenched teeth.
Mikey rolled his eyes and pushed me back gently. He would never hit me or push me hard enough to hurt me, no matter how mad he was.
“Answer me!” I ordered.
“Frank is dying!” Mikey yelled.
Everything slowed down. The winter sun was pushed behind clouds and traffic seemed to slow down. Mikey’s eyes filled with tears. I shook my head.
I felt like I was just pushed over a cliff and the ground seemed farther and farther away. It was torture. Downtown felt empty and it only seemed like me and Mikey were still here.
“What?” I choked.
“While you were sitting in there, sucking face with that guy and sipping your little Cincoshake, Frank was rushed to the emergency room.” Mikey replied.
Tears slowly rolled down his face. I didn’t feel anything at that point. I wanted to run. I didn’t want to hear what else Mikey had to say. I started to walk quickly in the opposite direction.
“You can’t run from your fears!” Mikey yelled after me. He knew just to let me go. I needed a minute to take this in.
I stopped dead in my tracks and let my body fall forward into the ground. I held my hands out to brace my fall. Small rocks and pieces of ice cut up my hands. Blood seeped from hands and stained the almost perfect white snow. I picked myself up and sat down against a lamp post. The snow dampened my pants and froze my legs completely. I lost all feeling by now. I turned my head up towards the sky and let the tears fall.
There were no words to describe how I felt at this point. My life fell before me and I didn’t bother to catch it. I could of prevented all this from happening. I knew I could. I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me otherwise. I should of helped Frank when he asked me, I could of but I didn’t. I was cold hearted and selfish. I let him suffer for my own amusement, so I didn’t have to suffer with him.
I felt Mikey’s warm arms wrap around my frozen body and lift me up off the ground. He cradled me in his arms like a hurt child. I draped my arms around his neck and buried my head in his chest and cried harder.
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