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Chapter Seven

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The Return of the Boy Who Lived 7/?

Rating: Teen/PG-13

Summary: After the final battle, the Boy Who Lived is transported back into his 11 year old body, just prior to receiving his Hogwarts Letter. Sound like every re-do fic you've ever read? It is, except for one minor detail; the Boy Who Lived is named Neville Longbottom!

Disclaimer: Is this really necessary? I don't own any of the Harry Potter Characters or settings.

Pairings: None to start, come on; they're 11 years old! Will eventually be Neville/Ginny, and Harry/Hermione.

Authors Note: This is another plot bunny that has been biting on my toes, and hopefully I can get it out of the way and get moving on my other stories.

Yet Another Author's Note: I'm aware that quite a few of you are expecting this to be another Manipulative Dumbledore story, but, honestly, the story isn't going that way. There are too many of those types of stories out there, and, frankly, I don't think I have anything different enough to say about the character to make it worthwhile forcing him to act that way in this story. My take on Albus, at least in this story, is a very old, very powerful old man, who sometimes loses sight of the fact that the decisions he makes affect individuals. He is aware of this fault, and trying to correct it. By the way; I have come to heartily despise the expression “For the Greater Good” and, if any of you happen to find it in this story, you are invited to throw rocks at me, verbal or otherwise! GRIN

I'm honestly not happy with the way this chapter came out, but, I was trying to find a way to get rid of Quirrell that hadn't been done a hundred times before, and get the major event of canon first year out of the way, so I can really start having fun with the timeline! I'm sorry, but, I really suck at writing action scenes, as you can probably tell.

Hopefully the next chapters will be better.

Feedback: Of course, it helps me write faster.

The Next Day, Saturday;

Neville came down for breakfast; alittle nervous about how Harry and Hermione would react to him after having a full night to sleep and think over everything he had told them. He wasn't worried that they would say anything to aprofessor, or the Headmaster, their oaths prevented that, but, he really wanted to make sure they stayed his friends. He needn't have worried; because Harry and Hermione were waiting for him down in the common room, and their smiles and greetings were warm and genuine.

The day passed quietly enough, with Ron eventually dragging himself out of bed and stumbling down to the Great Hall. The three of them watched in fascination as the redhead seemed to shovel more food into his mouth than was humanly possible. Mildly disgusted, Neville and the other two left him to eat, and went for a walk by the lake.

As soon as they reached the waters edge, Hermione looked around, and, making sure that nobody was in earshot, quietly said; “Neville, I think I've reached adecision. If I understand what you told us last night, in order for a Death Eater to get the Dark Mark, they have had to commit at least one murder, and probably a lot more; is that right?”

Neville nodded, curious to see where she was going with this.

“Okay; so, if an animal kills someone, just following it's instincts, that animal is destroyed, so it can't kill again, correct? Then what we are doing is really not much different than putting down a rabid animal, it's already killed once, and could very possibly kill again if given the right circumstances. I think I can put an animal down, if necessary.”

Harry turned to her and took her hand;“Are you sure, Hermione? I don't know if I can do it; and won't know until the time comes, which, honestly, scares me!”

Hermione nodded, and said; “After the conversation you had with my parents at the train station; Neville, we've talked a lot about what you said in our letters. One thing that I really didn't know about, but my mom's grandparents were in Russia in the 1930's, and they were among the hundreds of thousands murdered for the simple crime of being educated. They were doctors, and, because they were intelligent enough to think for themselves, Stalin's thugs murdered them. I had family taken away for the crime of being different, so, yes Harry, I am quite sure!” She didn't even seem to notice the tears rolling down her face, but Harry noticed and pulled her into a comforting hug.

After she calmed down; Harry looked at Neville and said; “Right! What's the plan?”

“Let's talk about that inside, it's getting cold.”

The Room of Requirement; Immediately Afterward

After putting up the privacy charms and locking the doors; Neville asked the room for some butterbeer, and, handing one to each of them, took a long drink.

Hermione looked at the bottle for amoment curiously, and said, “Neville, there's something I've been wondering about. Last night, you said that you couldn't take anything that the room created outside of the room, but we all drank the water and pumpkin juice, did that disappear too?”

Neville chuckled, “Sorry Hermione, I should have been clearer, anything the room creates that we eat or drink stays in our bodies like food from outside the room. I don't totally understand the magic of the room, but, once we eat or drink it, it's changed enough that it leaves the room. Now, if you picked up that bottle of butterbeer and tried to take it outside the room, it would disappear when you left the room.”

“Oh, okay; I was just curious.” Hermione said, taking a drink. “This is good! I've never had a drink like this before.”

“I'm not surprised, you usually can only get it in Hogsmeade, and aren't supposed to drink it until at least third year, because, even though it's very slight, there is a little bit of alcohol in each bottle. I asked the room for abottle for each of us, because we need to relax a bit before we start making plans.”

After they finished their drinks; Neville started talking about different things that needed to be done. Hermione asked him to slow down for a minute and asked the room for some paper; and soon had the list written down. Handing the list to Neville, she sat back next to Harry and rested her head on his shoulder as he put his arm around her.

“Okay; the first item is Halloween, where, if Quirrell acts the same as he did in my time, he will let a troll into the school so he can get to the Philosophers Stone. At least this time we won't have to fight the troll in the bathroom! But we still need to make sure that he doesn't get to the Stone ”

Harry had been fairly quiet up to this point, but said; “Okay; I'm with you on the need to keep him from getting his hands on the Stone, but, we've also got to make sure that we don't get caught doing it, because I don't think that the Headmaster; or anybody else would believe that we just happened to be in the third floor corridor when Quirrell made his move.”

“Actually, I was thinking about that, and, if we work it right, we can get rid of Quirrell right in the Great Hall, without anybody knowing that it was anything more than a stupid accident.”

“What do you mean? What sort of accident can kill a professor in the Great Hall?”

“Listen; here is what we are going to do.....”

The Great Hall; Halloween Feast

The Gryffindor table was packed, as were the other three tables as the jack o lanterns floated around the ceiling and the food was quickly being demolished. Even though the three of them were nervous, waiting what they knew was going happen, each of them managed to eat a good deal.

Fortunately they didn't have to wait that long, because they had just finished their first servings when the door slammed open and Quirrell rushed in. Stumbling toward the head table, he gasped out his warning before fainting, landing on his back.

Neville couldn't believe it! Through dumb luck or fate, or whatever reason, Quirrell actually landed between them and the doors, this would be a lot simpler than he had planned. In the general confusion of students rushing from the hall, nobody noticed that the three of them were still sitting at the table. .Neville watched as the rest of the students and professors exited the Hall. As the last of the professors left the room, Neville hit Quirrell with his strongest stunning spell, and he Harry and Hermione got to their feet, running toward the exit with the others Just as Harry was at the stunned Professor's feet, Neville tripped him and Harry landed on top of the Professor.

Of course, the old adage, 'no plan survives contact with the enemy' was proven out once again, as Quirrell's eyes opened as soon as Harry landed on him. Pushing the boy off, Quirrell jumped to his feet and drew his wand. Waving his wand casually, the doors to the Great Hall slammed shut and locked themselves.

“I don't know what you children thought you were doing, attacking me, but it will be the last mistake you ever make!”

Casting quickly, Harry and Hermione found themselves bound in ropes and laying on the ground, while Neville was dodging the same spell, and firing back at the possessed Professor. Neville was doing some damage, but was limited in his movements because he was trying to protect his friends.

Cursing himself for being over confident; Neville threw a banishing spell at his adversary; hoping to gain enough time to free his friends.

He had freed Harry and almost had Hermione out of the bindings when Harry pushed him down as a flash of green light passed right where he had been. The three of them scrambled for cover, and managed to get behind one of the tables and were casting back at Quirrell, unfortunately, his shield spells absorbed everything they were able to throw at him, and his spells were coming closer to hitting them.

In the noise and confusion; none of them heard the doors being forced open, until suddenly there were more spells flashing, as Dumbledore and several other Professor's rushed into the hall. Dumbledore started dueling with Quirrell as Snape and McGonagall rushed to the three of them, and started leading them towards the door.

They were almost to the exit when Quirrell managed to hit Dumbledore with a banishing spell. Turning his attention back to Harry and the others, Quirrell shouted, “You may have stopped me tonight, but it's the last thing you will ever do! Avada Kedarva!”

Time seemed to slow down as Harry watched in horror as the curse streaked toward him, He was barely aware that he was being pushed down and a weight landed on top of him. Looking up, he was staring into the sightless eyes of his potions professor, a sneer on his face even in death.

Quirrell didn't have time for another spell, because Dumbledore roared in fury at seeing Snape's death and hit Quirrell with a bludgeoning curse, that blew through his shields and tore a hole through the man's chest. Quirrell dropped to the floor, and Neville saw a black mist rise from his mouth and fly out of the room.

After everything had been cleaned up; and Aurors notified to report the death, the three students were taken to the hospital wing to be examined. Harry and Hermione were still stunned at the reality of the combat, and even Neville was shaken by the way Snape had sacrificed himself to save Harry's life.

The three of them were given beds, and were told that they would have to stay in the Hospital Wing overnight. The Headmaster sat down beside Harry's bed, and spoke quietly to him before leaving.

“What did Professor Dumbledore say, Harry?” Hermione asked from her bed next to his.

“He said he wanted the three of us to come to his office after breakfast tomorrow; there are some things he wants to explain to me. I did ask him why Professor Snape did what he did, and he said something about paying off a life debt that he owed my father, and that he would tell me more in the morning.”

Further conversation was halted by Madame Pomphrey forcing each of them to take a dreamless sleep potion, and the ward was soon quiet except for the sound of soft snoring.

End Chapter 7

Sorry, I'll try to do better next time.
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