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Chapter One - The Black Parade is dead!

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When you have accomplished something great, that high is so good that it could take you to your grave.

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WARNINGS: Alcohol abuse, drugs, self harm, suicide.

Chapter One - The Black Parade is dead!

Gerard loved Warped Tour. There was something about it that just felt good. It reminded him of when things had first started out for the band. Back then it had been a lot harder, they were always tired, poor, dirty and starving but there was simply something very romantic about the whole experience. Hanging out with friends and his favourite family member for months on end, just doing what they loved doing the most and enjoying each others company. They didn't have to worry about making friends, they didn't have to worry about impressing anyone or fitting in; it was all about the music and the parties.

Lately everything had sped up. The fans were crazier, the days were longer, the interviews never stopped and sometimes it felt that things were more about looks and a forever changing hair style then the actual music. Gerard found himself missing the good old days like a beloved long lost friend. Now, for some reason, everything felt new again. The Black Parade was finished, they were trying new songs now, no more tours of their own, only Warped Tour where they could rock out with other bands and they would finally have time off for their new album. So it seemed like a real treat, a holiday of sorts, much like it had felt all those years ago when they first arrived on this particular tour in 2004. It was the beginning all over again, a chance to relive those moments and it seemed to be exactly what they all needed.

Mikey seemed to be excited for this would be the last break he would get with the guys before having to jump straight into the pressures of married life. Same for Frank, he always seemed to love going home to his wife, but being on tour was always too much fun, hanging with all your friends and being crazy before having to settle down again. Bob and Ray enjoyed the relaxing, laid back side of tour. The two of them were always so hard at work on everything technical and album related that it must have been nice for them to play live music without having to worry about how perfect it sounded. As for Gerard, well he just loved the craziness of it all. The bands, the people and the parties, even though he wasn't really into the parties anymore.

"I loved that last note you played Bob," Ray said the second they had stepped off the stage. It was their last stage performance that day and they were supposed to go back to their trailer and just relax, but it was clear from Ray's tapping foot, bouncing afro and musical compliments that all he wanted to do was lock himself in the back of the van and work on their sound. "You know the one I'm talking about man? It just sounded so right. That nice finish, that BA BOOM! And then silence ... the crowd went nuts."

Gerard looked at Frank who was grinning mischievously, no doubt holding back a large number of witty comments that he wanted to fire at Ray's nerdy approach to music. But he knew, all of them knew, if it wasn't for people like Ray, most bands wouldn't get any work done, so the small man bit his tongue and smiled to himself.

"When we get back to the trailer, I have to record that ... just so we remember that it worked," Ray quickly added as the band groaned at the thought of more work, even if it was something that they usually enjoyed.

"Well I'm going to watch that new Jessica Alba movie," Mikey pouted, making it quite clear he did not want to do any sort of work today.

"Watch out, the police might come for you again," Gerard teased, reminding Mikey what happened the last time he had bootleg copies of movies.

"Ha ha, you're so funny," he tried to play it tough, but Gerard could see his face drop slightly. He was probably still remembering that sick feeling he had described to Gerard when he had thought he was going to be sent to jail all those years ago when the police had turned up at their house. But Gerard was slightly distracted now, by a group of people near by that were laughing loudly and smoking cigarettes.

"I'll see you guys back at the trailer," he quickly threw in, recognising the group. "I've got to do the rounds."

"You don't want to see Jessica Alba?" Mikey asked as he to looked over at the group and recognised the members.

"Maybe later. I'll let you give me your review on it before I think about wasting my precious time," he nudged his brother playfully before setting off, not noticing the oddly curious looks on all of his fellow band members.

"Bert, what up?" Gerard said smiling as he entered the laughing group. He hugged the taller man who's hair was still as long and ratty as Gerard remembered.

The Used and My Chemical Romance had once been very close friends, but disagreements that remained tight lipped had separated the two inseparable lead singers for quite some time. Since hitting a mile stone and turning 30, Gerard had decided to make amends with the singer, sure that they could overcome their differences. It had seemed that his old friend Bert was just as happy to do so and had welcomed him with open arms. Now the two were as close as they had ever been, as if nothing had ever happened.

Gerard liked their friendship, it was different. It was much simpler then most of the friendships in his life. They used to be able to just sit there smoking and drinking all day long, not even having to say a thing to each other. Strange, but Gerard had liked it at the time because hanging out with his band mates had been a little intense back then, with everything moving so fast. Now though, as much as he liked the renewed friendship, it just wasn't the same, especially when Bert still drank and Gerard didn't.

"Geeeeeeeeeee, my number one man," Bert cracked a grin and pulled him into another affectionate hug. Gerard knew his friend was drunk from the smell of spirits that emitted from him as they hugged ... Gerard hated that smell, because he missed it so much and he knew that that could not be healthy for him. Knowing his friend would be pretty drunk by now Gerard eyed the lit and dangerously wondering cigarette in Bert's hand, careful not to let him accidentally burn him with it again. "Oh man ... good show, great show, good show."

Bert took a deep and over exaggerated breath before exhaling loud enough to make passing bands stare, he hadn't really changed a bit. Since their fight, Bert had made it a very noticeable habit not to ask Gerard if he would like an alcoholic beverage, he was trying hard and he appreciated it particularly tonight because he wasn't sure what it was, but he wanted a drink. After all, one drink ... what could it hurt. He had been sober for almost 5 years now, not one drop of booze and now, after their most ambitious and most well received album had come to an end, he felt he deserved a drink. He was old enough to mend friendships and get a house of his own and not call his mother everyday, surely he could handle one simple drink, right?

"What's up Gee-man, you've gone all silent on our asses," Bert snickered as he cracked open a bourbon and coke.

"Nothing at all, just enjoying the atmosphere, man I miss this shit," at that moment a group of concert goers from the other side of the fence let off a whole heap of what could only be illegal fireworks and as they screamed like crazy as a security guard raced towards them Gerard felt strangely content. Then he found his eyes wondering to Bert who was sipping his can of alcohol and Gerard knew that he should probably go back to the bus and watch that stupid movie with his brother.

"... You want one?" Bert asked cautiously as he must have realised where Gerard’s eye level had drifted.

Gerard shot his eyes up immediately to look at Bert, his insides screaming 'Yes, Yes!'. Bert seemed to notice this quick averting of his friends eyes and scratched his head, probably a little unsure of whether he should have said anything at all. He opened up his mouth, perhaps to apologize, but Gerard never found out for his mind seemed to speak for him at that point.

"What could it hurt? I think I deserve one," he said shrugging. Maybe if he didn't act like it was such a big deal it wouldn't feel like one. He was grown up now, he was matured, he had learnt his lesson and he would behave himself and just have one drink with his mates before returning to his band and playing out some more tunes.

Bert smiled a large, happy smile and passed Gerard a cold bourbon and coke from the eski that his drummer had been sitting on. "Cheers," his friend said, clearly happy to have his old drinking friend back again. Gerard took a big swig of his drink and was immediately hugged by Bert again. "Love that you're back man," he said into Gerard’s shoulder.

As Gerard had taken his first sip of alcohol in 5 years all thoughts of one drink then returning to his band was forgotten. He was back and it felt great.


AN: Hey everyone. First story ever for this site, just trying it out, see how it goes. Its sinister its a little sad so if you don't like it, please don't read it. I don't own My Chemical Romance and I don't wish this upon them, it was merely a request from a friend who likes my writting and well it makes for an alright story.

I've already practically finished but will update slowly so if anyone wants to review or request anything for the story then I will listen and possibly change some of it. No Ferard, sorry. There will be plenty of interaction between the two, but no men on men, ha ha.

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