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I Want To Know Which One Of Us Is Really The Stranger Here?

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He's memorized every movement of that boy.

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Strangers, nothing less but maybe more. The word strangers could have many different meanings but really it doesn’t. It’s just a word for people who don’t know each other, A term that defines how we are not familiar with something. And they, they are strangers.

Each day he sits on that same bench. The bench where the graffiti has faded and the lack of paint chips along the edges. He sits on the bench for no longer than twenty minutes each morning. As he sits he waits, waits for that boy to walk past. He waits for that boy who is just another stranger to walk through that same park that they both find themselves at every single day. That same park where the autumn leaves are always falling and that bench is only one of many.

He’s memorized every movement of that boy. The way he always walks with his hands loosely hiding in his jacket pockets. The way his head hangs low as if he is too afraid to be noticed, too afraid to be seen. The way his feet follow fast as if he wants to get away as quickly as he can. He’s also memorized the way he looks. The way his dark hair falls in front of his face when the wind decides to wave through. The way his clothes always slightly grip to his small and fragile body. The way that one tattoo can be seen, while the others are secretly draped by his clothing. And this never changes, As if it was the same kind of scene stuck on repeat. Each day that boy walks through the park, while he watches from the bench.

Nothing stops this from happening. Ever since the first time he saw that boy, that stranger that doesn’t have a name he has came to that same park everyday just to see him. It’s been months, Maybe even over a year but that doesn’t mean a thing to him. It’s just became a routine something that has to happen for him to feel complete, even if that boy isn’t aware of it, it still has to happen.

Sometimes he wishes that one day they could meet. That maybe this stranger could one day have a name, like Brendon or Ryan or just anything that gives him some kind of an identity. And maybe this Patrick or Pete or whatever his name is could change his life, in the way that maybe he wouldn’t have to come to this same park everyday just to see this boy. But then again, he wishes that they never meet, ever. Because what if they meet and it’s not what he expects? That this stranger is just another nobody. That every minute he has spent on this boy has been wasted on no one, nothing. Then what happens? Where does he go from there? Because he can’t live without this boy. He just can’t, even if he is just a stranger. There’s no reason behind it, it’s just something that can’t be questioned.

But maybe, maybe just one day he will take a chance. For now nothing will change, he will sit on that same bench, in that same park and watch that same stranger, everyday.

A/N: So as you have noticed there Gerard and Frank aren't actually mentioned but it was written with them in mind, It was ment to be them. I have already posted this on Live Journal, But you know how it is the more its posted the more reviews, which I greatly appreciate. For those who read Like A Shadow He Stays Close.. I'm not sure if I will continue that. I think I have made a mistake and really I don't know here to go from where i'm at. Maybe one day i'll update, if I get the insperation and time. Otherwise I think eventually I will re-write the whole story out and fix how confusing it is and then post it on Live Journal. I really love that story, but I feel as if I'm making no sense. Im really sorry if I don't continue on with it, but who knows.
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