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Eternity in Death

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Life full of pain, Naruto embraced death with open arms. But what he thought was an end was also a beginning… BleachXover No Yaoi or Yuri

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A drop of blood collided with the clear liquid making a splash before mixing with the water creating a thin scarlet streak. Soon many more followed after the crimson fluid.



“Hn, you were always a dobe weren’t you?” Sasuke had his arm going through Naruto’s chest and out of his back piercing his heart in the process. It should have killed him instantly but he had Kyuubi to thank for that.

Naruto raised his head to look at him blankly before a sincere smile came to his lips, surprising his killer. A small smile that would only look right on a person who had suffered so endlessly that the being was finally blessed with an end with death. Naruto was glad that he won’t have to face his failure. He was glad that he didn’t have to kill the traitor he calls his brother. And furthermore, he was glad that he could at last escape from his suffering. ‘Heh, the villagers finally got their wish, this time a dead demon.’

He could feel his life withering as he closed his eyes the last thing he saw was Sasuke’s Magenkyou sharingan orbs that flickered with sorrow and regret.

Sasuke retracted his arm when the hand that was clutching his limb weakened. He felt a strong sense of grief as he watches his once best friend splash into the cold waters beneath him, further drowning until he could only see the shadow of the body. He wasn’t even aware of the salty tears that he was shedding for the person he had unknowingly killed in cold blood. All he could see was the flashes of the memories of the boy named Naruto. It was the only one of the fondest memories he had ever experience after the massacre of his clan. But now it’s gone.

Gone, because of he killed him.

Sasuke glance up to the sky as the rain splattered over his face mixing with his tears and cleansing him from the blood of his best friend. It was as if the heavens were crying for the loss of the boy who could have once become a great person.

‘Uzumaki Naruto, what are you? No, who are you?’ A question that had been on his mind ever since he found out regarding what was underneath Naruto’s fake facade and even now he never found the right answer. Sasuke came back to his senses when he felt Kakashi’s presence nearby. He was now grateful for the rain falling from the sky ridding his scent from the pursuers that will get in his way. He quickly disappeared from the scene as he ran to the direction away from his home that he had betrayed in order get more power to achieve his ambition. Mourning can be done after he is on safe grounds, he reflected as he left the place in which he will never forget.


“KIT, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!” The Kyuubi yelled as he pushed his demonic chakra out of his seal trying to heal the wound that was inflicted on his vessel, but try as he might the wound wouldn’t stop bleeding. And the cold liquid water surrounding it was only making it worse as the blood was flowing out of the host’s body more furiously. He could feel Naruto’s aura getting weaker and weaker.

The nine tail bijyuu narrowed his crimson eyes when the waters outside his seal started to leak in. He took notice of the once calm waters below him was hazardous; the waters were crashing against the bars making small tsunamis.

He knew he’d be able to leave the boy’s body since the seals keeping him locked were weakened but he’d be dawned to leave his vessel like this. Kyuubi wouldn’t admit it but somehow during the years since he had been sealed inside the broken boy he started to care for the kit as a father would care for a son or maybe more like a sibling. At first when he had been sealed he cursed the man who taken his free will and swore vengeance against the humans for thinking of keeping him here for eternity. He wanted to make the humans suffer and torture them in every way until they won’t even think of existing anymore. But furthermore he loathed prison that kept him here even more, so he swore that after he escaped from this seal that he will begin his retribution starting with the vessel.

Though throughout the years, he was granted with gaining to his host’s memories, and what he saw left him shocked and disgusted with what went on in the human village. And to think that the humans would treat their own kind that way made him lose all the respect for such foul creatures. And it wasn’t until he had met the boy did he finally start to open his own eyes at what the boy endured in his life. He knew the kit had a hard life but he can never imagine living in it as he wouldn’t survive during the first years in the village with just being a newborn. So in the years that went by he felt proud of the way that his vessel can even stay alive in the hellhole.

Suddenly there was a cracking sound as he turned his head to the side to see what happened but it seems his fear for his kit reached new heights. The steely bars of the seal had a hairline fracture and many more was appearing with it. However that wasn’t where his panic had come from. It was the room outside of his seal that was in chaos; there were cracks everywhere on the walls like millions of shattered glass each going in the direction of the seal that kept him separated from the vessel, the circumstances meant that the mind was decaying and the host would die in a few minutes.

Kyuubi closed his eyes for a moment knowing that he would be making a decision between life and death. He can either stay here and die with the kit or break the seal and leave his kit to rot in hell. If it was a little over a decade ago he would’ve chosen the latter, but now… he just can’t. The kit was the first person to ever teach him how to love, one that he found impossible to do for a very long time after his mother died. And the child hadn’t given up pestering him until after a severe beating that left the boy in coma for a month did he finally opened up. ‘And the kit wasn’t even five at that time’ The Kyuubi thought darkly. It was a traumatic event that was forever etched in boy’s memories that left the boy emotionally and mentally broken.

He opened his eyes taking one last look outside of his seal before deciding to lie down resting his head on his paws to waits for time to pass so death would soon claim them.

“I won’t let you die alone, Naruto…” The Kyuubi whispered at last until the steel bars shattered into a thousand silver shards.

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