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Sometimes memories of people are all you have, and the memories are all you need. Sasuke has them... and sometimes he has to rely on one to sleep at night.

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The Oracle

Chapter Eighteen


Itachi looked down at the little Uchiha girl clinging to his leg in annoyance.

“For the last time, Haruki, I need to go on my mission. Let go.” Itachi had lost patience with the chibi clinging to his leg long ago. She was adorable, a part of his mind admitted grudgingly, but as annoying as an enemy that, once their legs are broken, continue to pursue you by using their arms, then their chin if those are broken. That kind of persistence was admirable, yet Itachi wished all such persistent persons would die simultaneously. As Sasuke walked in through the door, Haruki switched her death grip from around Itachi’s leg to around Sasuke’s waist and Itachi sighed. Putting a hand on Sasuke’s head, he ruffled his brother’s hair. “Take care of her, eh, otouto?” Sasuke blinked up in surprise, and then grinned, happy to be assigned such an important task from his beloved aniki. Itachi smiled humorlessly and walked away.

“Hai, Aniki, I will take good care of her, you’ll see!” Sasuke called to his brothers back and received a wave from a hand in return.

==================== ==================== ====================

He was a hard one to track down, but that was to be expected. After all, he was an S-ranked criminal. Missing-nin on both sides of the border, a three-time double crosser, absolute elite tracker, so he knew how to hide his tracks so that other Oinin wouldn’t find him. It was a joint operation, an elite mist ninja was along for the tracking as well. Itachi detested the woman from the time he first set eyes on her, but that was fine; it would not hinder his working with her, she was a capable Kunoichi when need be. Riku had taken the place of the Kunoichi that normally accompanied himself and Kakashi-san on missions, but that was fine as well. They never really got along anyway.

“It just occurred to me: do we even know what this Shinobi looks like?” Itachi turned his head to the idiot speaking, retorting in a snarled whisper.

“Maintain silence for the mission.” Riku rolled her eyes.

“All we know about him is that he is a he, and that he can track by sound. So why are we heading in the direction of Suna? Maintaining silence isn’t important, Itachi, even though it breaches Konoha’s precious protocol, because everything that moves makes a sound.” Kakashi looked at Itachi and they shared a look. A look that said, ‘what the hell did she just say?’ Kakashi voiced the mutual thought first.

“Um, Riku-Sama-”

“Chan. Riku-chan.” She corrected automatically.

“Ri-ight… Riku chan. Um… could you try and be a little…”

“Just say what the fuck you mean and get it over with, instead of talking in circles, moron.” Itachi interrupted Kakashi, causing the second male to wince slightly. Itachi had never been one for tact. Riku did not seem fazed by Itachi’s bluntness, however.

“Our opponent manipulates sound, doesn’t he?” she asked, drawing a nod from both of the males. “I know that our only lead points us to the sand village, but isn’t that a bit contrary? I think the best direction to go on this would be to look for Orochimaru.” Itachi and Kakashi stopped in their tracks, looking back at the mist diplomat. Then they looked at each other. If it would not be completely unprofessional, they would have both slapped themselves on the forehead, dragging their hands down slowly over their faces for missing something so elementary. She did not flinch at the glare Itachi sent her way.

“It just did not occur to you to point this out earlier, did it, Riku?” she shrugged, back flipping off of a branch and heading north-west from their current plane of travel, both Shinobi following her lead.

“I said that I thought we were going the wrong way before, Itachi, but you didn’t want to listen to me. I swear,” the Kunoichi continued as she led them away at a brisk pace, “What is it with men and taking directions, honestly?” Kakashi hid his laughter behind a jaunty reply.

“I really could not say, Riku-chan… Itachi, do you have an opinion?”

“I’m of the opinion that you should both shut the hell up.” Riku giggled to herself, her green eyes blazing bright with humor.

==================== ==================== ====================

They did not find the person they were looking for until nightfall. He slept among the trees and they would have missed him if it had not been for Itachi’s sharingan. Riku held him down. The three Nin had decided on this beforehand. It was best for her to do this, because, if all else failed, she could subdue him the fastest, without killing him. She was antsy, being so close to a known hideout of Orochimaru’s, but quelled it quickly after sharing her unease with her two teammates. Kakashi had agreed that it would be best for them should they find another place to conduct their interrogation.

==================== ==================== ====================

Once they had returned to Konoha, she walked to Itachi’s home, as she was not to take part in the interrogation. Greeted cheerfully by the self-appointed ‘man of the house’, Sasuke Uchiha, she scooped him up into her arms.

“So, my little husband, how are you today?” her finger found ticklish spots on the child’s body, making him squirm with laughter. She shared a loud, wet, messy, joking kiss with the boy, one that involved a lot of ‘muwah’ noises and had them both giggling in the end. She blew a loud raspberry on the boy’s forehead, just to hear him laugh again.

“I’m good!” he responded, clambering from her arms onto her back like a monkey.

“Whoa, little man, you need to be careful…,” she said, catching his legs in the crook of her arms as he buried his face in her hair.

“I’m always careful, I wouldn’t fall. I’ma ninja, ‘member?” he asked. He took a big sniff of her hair and snuggled his face deeper into it. “…You smell good…” he commented, making her laugh. She flipped him over her head and cradled him in her arms, looking down at him.

“Well, you know what, you taste good. So good I could just eat you up!” she tossed him into the air and caught him on the way back down, blowing another loud raspberry on his stomach. He squirmed and laughed more. The sound of a woman clearing her throat softly interrupted them, and they both wore a look of sheepish guilt.

“I was trying to sleep…”

“Sorry, Okaa-san…”

“Sorry Makoto…” Riku trailed at the same time as Sasuke. They both began a whispered argument at the same time.

“It was your fault!”

“Nuh-uh, it’s your fault!” Makoto laughed.

“Just keep it down, alright?” she walked away from the duo. Sasuke interrupted Riku with another wet kiss.

“It was your fault.” Riku smiled at the boy.

“Okay, it was my fault. I distracted you from your important task of quietude.” Sasuke nodded, and then blinked.

“What’s quietude?”

“It means to be quiet or peaceful.” Sasuke grinned.

“I can’t do that if you’re here…”

“How much ya want to bet?” she teased, sitting cross-legged on a couch. He toyed with her hair.

“Are you going to sing to me, Riku-chan?” he lifted his head to look at her, as she cradled him in her arms.

“Don’t I always sing to you, Sasuke-kun?” he giggled and nodded. “Then, I’ll sing to you now.” He lifted his head for another kiss, and she obliged him, letting him bury his head in her breasts afterwards as she started singing. Rocking him back and forth in her arms, she sung ‘till he fell asleep.

“There is much that can be said for a boy not yet a man who can wheedle his way into a full-grown woman’s lap.”

“He’s not just any kid, Shusui.” She answered the tall male. Shusui nodded, grinning.

“Uh-huh. Yeah. He is no ordinary kid all right. Is Itachi around?” Riku made a face and shook her head. Nodding in response, he left the same way he came, silently. Riku continued singing, rocking Sasuke in her arms until she herself fell to sleep. Itachi came home to see his brother cradled protectively in Riku’s arms, the pair of them sleeping, and Makoto with a photo camera.

“Mother, put that away.”

“But it’s so cute!” she said, and Itachi sighed. They were all just idiots.


Sasuke rolled over in his sleep and stroked the hair of the girl sleeping beside him. Her eyes did not open, but she snuggled into him and died as the jutsu finally took effect. For some reason, he felt warm and safe, though there was a corpse next to him. Having finished his mission, he got out of the bed and looked back momentarily. Her brown hair splayed over the pillow, and he smiled. Another mission well done, Another woman he found that was not impervious to his perfected form of charm.


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