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Only Held Up By Fate

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Patrick has been struggling with Pete's addiction for a long time, but it only seems to get worse. Through all the drama he still has a memory of a young women that's been keeping him alive, who is...

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Chapter One: “I Can Write It Better Than You’ve Ever Felt It”

Saturday night, 1:10 in the morning and I can’t seem to get you off my mind. The thing is I don’t even know who “you” are, it’s like you take control of me; losing everything that keeps me sane. My body tingles with the thought of you just touching my lips with your finger tips; can’t you see you drive me crazy...

So what am I suppose to do? I’m not the “in your face” type, but the time that I was near you I felt every emotion in my body stir like I was about to catch fire. If only I could let you see, this part of me. The part that strives for your touch that could show you what love really is...

I’m starting to wonder what suicide feel’s like... It can’t be anymore complicated than my life. All I can think is this feeling ever going to subside? But to a certain extent, I don’t want it to.

“God this is so stupid. If I could just open my mouth and say what I write I wouldn’t be in this damn situation!” He yelled loudly but to know one in particular as he threw his leather notebook across the floor. “It’s not like I’d ever have a chance again, it’s too late to say I’d blow it, I already blew my opportunity.”

Patrick had been sitting alone for most of the night. Lately he had been staying home keeping to himself mostly, during the day and night. On the weekends his friends would try and drag him out into the nightclub scene, but he had been refusing to go. Times had been extremely hectic whether it was work, home, or relationships everything seemed to be crawling under his skin. Vacation was the “forbidden fruit”, to put it lightly, all it had been for the past seven months was work, work, work, and more work. A body and mind can only take so much, but Fall Out Boy’s next album was due out within the next two months and Patrick was the musical genius behind the band.

To top all the stress of work off, it seemed that a girl was haunting him in his dreams....more like seducing him, but only in his mind. Can a one night stand of laughter, lust, and seduction really mean something, or is it just all the stress from work combined with an underused sex drive.

“Maybe one day, I’ll get over this....god IRRITATION and FRUSTRATION that makes everything seem so out of whack and...., “he yelled at himself before being interrupted by a drunken Pete.

“Hey buddy, what’s wrong? I could hear you talkin’ to yourself all the way downstairs and I had to come all....the way up here to see who you were yelling at. Turns out you’re just yelling at yourself, and huh that doesn’t surprise me,” Pete paused for a moment to catch his balance, “Is this what you do when I’m not here? Whoa, you need a hobby; or a chick.”

“No, this isn’t all that I do when you’re not here, and I have hobbies....just none that I’m interested in at the moment. Wait, how the hell did you get home? You’re only a few seconds away from falling face first onto the floor. I highly doubt that you drove all the way from that nightclub to here, unless you ran over some people in the process,” Patrick said as he got to his feet and grabbed Pete by the shoulders to steady him.

“Oh I didn’t drivel I’m not as dumb as I look,” he paused for a moment to think about what he said but then went right back to talking, “I met these two really hot chicks, I mean bam, bam, bam, BAM; at every angle perfect chicks and they drove me back here so we can get a bit freak-a! If you know what I mean,” Pete said trying to keep his eyes open as he made a vulgar arm jester towards his crotch.

“Umm, Pete did you ever think that these “girls” might be too perfect. Like, oh I don’t know you’re making out with them and you come to find out that you’re not the only one with a boner?”

“Dude, don’t make me kick your ass. I might be drunk but you’re not going to ruin my hopes.”

“Actually I already think they’re ruined, I mean you actually think....,” Patrick starts laughing at Pete, “That you’re going to give them any kind of pleasure with you over there...ha-ha....drooling on yourself and one eye half open. I mean you can’t even stand up-right, oh yeah that’s hot. Come on Pete show them some of your “Petey Magic.”

“Dude, I’m...I’m kicking your ass....tomor...tomorrow.....,” Pete said as he slid down the top of the stairway wall and slowly passed out.

“Well this shall be interesting, now I have to go tell the two transvestites Pete brought home that he passed out and he’s a dip shit. Probably in that order too,” Patrick said to himself as he walked over the passed out Pete and worked his way down the stairs and into the living room.

As he reached the living room Patrick saw two young girls sitting on the couch half drunk and around the ages of 19 or 20, “They just keep getting younger and younger. Jesus Pete what’s next a 16 year old?” he whispered under his breath before completely reaching the two girls, “Hey girls, what’s going on? Umm, so Pete; yeah we all know Pete...well he drank a little too much tonight and at this very moment in time he’s passed out on the upstairs floor. I’m sorry ladies but unfortunately, he will not be joining you two tonight.”

“Huh, what?! You mean that skinny prick sent his fat babysitter downstairs to tell us that he’s just going to blow us off? Oh, you know what fine...fuck; I can do better than that drunk anyway. Let’s get the hell out of here,” Yelled the half drunken Kimberly as she sloppily got off the couch and stumbled to her feet.

“You know you can tell Pete that he’ll never get a chance at this or that EVER again. Oh and honey, ha-ha; you never even had a chance. We like real men not boys,” snapped Jennifer as she followed Kimberly to the front door then slammed it behind her.

He stood there for a few seconds before saying anything to the closed door...., “Well oh yeah, I don’t like dirty sluts that fuck anything with a cock between its legs so sorry but you lose bitches!” he yelled at the closed door. “Damn it, why do I always think of something to say after the situation has already happened?! Because you’re a loser, that’s why,” he whispered to himself as he put his head down and walked slowly back upstairs to put Pete to bed.

Patrick grabbed Pete by his belt and threw him up onto his shoulders. “Okay, you’ve gained some weight since the last time I did this,” Patrick said as he struggled to carry Pete down the hall to his bedroom, “Of course the door is locked; anything to make this little adventure anymore difficult for me would be OH so pleasant,” he said in a sarcastic tone.

He juggled with the door knob and his friend as he pushed open the door with his shoulder while nearly dropping Pete on his head, “Ohhh, okay we’re just going to keep that little incident to ourselves. No harm done; well unless you count the thousands of brain cells screaming, ‘kill me, kill me now, why are you punishing us with all this mental abuse?!’” Patrick impersonated in a high pitched voice of Pete’s brain cells dying from all the punishment he had bestowed on himself over the years.

“There you big baby, you can just stay in your clothes cause I’m not messing with all....that,” he said as he threw Pete in his bed and tossed a blanket over top of him, “You act so tough, but who’s the guy that still uses batman sheets and a glow-in-the-dark retainer? Good night you loser, you might be 25 but you’ll always be a little kid trapped inside an older man’s body. Kind of like Michael Jackson...,” Patrick whispered under his voice while laughing lightly as he closed the door behind him.
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