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Quinn is the bad boy just moved in, Amelia, the good girl on the block, at first hates him, he stole her hide-a-way where she can run away from a perfect family for just a few hours, but can polar ...

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The house was a regular house. It was plain, white, and lonely on a street of abandoned houses. It wasn't nestled in the mountains or stilted on the sands of the cape beaches. No one had ever died in it that we knew and no big scandal had happened in it since it was built in 1902. The house was just a regular house, except for the fact that that house was where I met Quinn.

First Chapter

Quinn moved into an abandoned house close to the regular house where fate was to push us togethre. His mom had left his alcoholic dad, took Quinn and his four year old sister Anne and rand away to the small little town where I lived.

I hated the town of Eminence, Missouri. The population was like two, at the most, maybe four. I longed for the big cities, full of subways, traffic james, and hordes of all kinds of people.

That was the only thing Quinn and I ever had in common. We shared a hate for this town and a love for something bigger. Everything else was different, he wanted loud, I wanted soft, he wanted hot when I needed cold, he listened to loud rock music, I listened to the swells and decresindos of Chello and piano solos.

Quinn was complicated. Seeing as he was only 16 he had lived all of his life being beaten and hearing the sounds of his mother crying as his dad slurred angrily at her. He and his sister huddled in his closet when his dad went looking for thim. Sixteen years of this didn't go unnoticed by the additude of Quinn Bargerou. He started smoking at fifteen and lost his virginity at fourteen. He stayed far away from alcohol.

Deep down though, I knew he was just a boy tryng to move through life like everyone else.

I knew nothing about what he was going through, I had grown up in a perfect family, my father a lawer, my mom a realtor, I had an older brother who was in college studying to become a doctor, an dolder sister who had a dream of becoming the first woman president.

So meeting Quinn wasn't the greatest thing for me to do.
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