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Chapter Eleven

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My heart rate went through the roof, and I felt like I was fighting for my next breath. I tried calming myself down. I started to regulate my breathing as I stepped closer to Frank’s bed. I reached out to Frank’s sleeping body. I held my hand out to his face and slowly brushed my fingers along his cheek. I climbed into the small hospital bed and laid next to him.
I missed him. I wanted him. I needed him. I didn’t want to see him like this. This was torture and I couldn’t handle it. Tears poured from eyes and spilled onto his face. I wiped them away and kissed his closed eyelids. I got comfortable against him and closed my eyes. I wanted to be able to open my eyes and we’d both be laying in my bed, away from this hospital. I wish I could of stopped this sooner, maybe then we wouldn’t be here.

Beep. Beep. Beep. I opened my eyes and sat up. The room was dimly lit and smelled like rubbing alcohol and bleach. I forgot where I was. I looked down to see Frank, still sleeping peacefully. Then I remembered I was in hell.
I looked around at all the machines hooked up to him. A nurse stood and jotted things down that she read off one of the machines. The machine beeped some more. She noticed I was watching her and smiled. I tried pushing a smile across my face, but I just couldn’t.
“Are you his girlfriend?” She asked sweetly. She had a disgustingly huge smile plastered across her face. This lady was too happy to work in a place where people are dying. How can she be happy when people around her are dying? How can she smile that horrid smile when there are families in mourning? This lady was a joke.
I nodded and laid back down next to Frank. She walked over to the bed and stood over me. I glared at her intently. She continued to smile. I turned my face away from her and moved closer to Frank.
“He should be fine.” She told me. I didn’t say anything. I buried my face into Frank’s chest more. I felt hot tears fall build up in my eyes. I blinked fast hoping to push them away. I didn’t want this lady to see me cry and then try and comfort me. “I’ll be back.” She said after a few seconds of silence. I heard her high heels click across the linoleum floor. I waited until I couldn’t hear her any more and sat up. I stared down at Frank.
“Wake up.” I whispered, placing my hands around his face. I held his head in my hands and waited. I needed him to just open his eyes for two seconds and tell me he’s okay. I held onto him for a few more hopeful seconds before pulling my hands away.
This wasn't going to be easy.

AN: Okay, I'm posting this for now until I write some more. It will get better I promise. I have a few ideas, I jsut have to put them together.
Thanks for reading!
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