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Ode To Luna

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Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy - Published: 2008-04-23 - Updated: 2008-04-24 - 123 words

Oh, Luna,
Who’s beauty is cast upon me since birth,
And who’s face I’ve loved since.
Pale is she, whiter than paper,
With the blackest mane, woven through shimmering diamonds.

Oh, Luna,
Create my dreams, be the basis of my fantasies.
Watch over me and protect me from living.
Keep those who threaten me at home, asleep, just for an hour or two.
How different you are from your brother, Sol,
Who blinds me with his waking ideals and sadistic truths.

Oh, Luna,
My saviour, keep me in your world, in your sedating arms a little longer.
Alas, your brother is nigh, and back to reality I’ll slip,
Until you return to me and rescue me all over again.
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