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Take the pain out of love and then love won't exist

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Amanda and I rode home in a comfortable silence. She hummed along to the radio and I basically tuned her out. Pete has been acting kind of weird since his engagement to Ashlee, I hope he didn't rush himself into anything. I need to make a mental note to talk to him about it tomorrow.

"Patrick!" Amanda said laughing. I guess she had begun talking to me again.

"Yes?" I said softly.

"You missed my street." I realized that I had, I guess I was deep in thought.

"Oh, shit," I said and began making my way back to her street. "I was just thinking about Pete. Does he seem a little, well, not himself lately. I was going to say strange, but he's always been strange."

"Well... I guess quieter than usual. Think he's got cold feet about the engagement?" She asked me as I pulled into her driveway. She began to gather her belongings.

"That's what I was thinking, that maybe he rushed into it or something. Spur of the moment decision or something." I leaned over and gave her a romantic hug before kissing her. I always loved the way she'd kiss me goodbye. It always left me thinking of her for the rest of the night.

"Night Patrick," she pulled away and climbed out of the car.

"Night babe, call me in the morning." I said and waited for her to walk inside. Once I knew she was safe I pulled out of her driveway and made my way home.

I called Pete around noon the next day. He was of course on his usual walk to Starbucks, but Ashlee wasn't with him.

"So what's bothering you man, I can tell something's up." I asked him after about 10 minutes of bullshitting. I heard Pete sigh and I knew it was something he didn't really want to discuss.

"It's just, well nothing really. Just thinking about how my life is changing, that's all."

Penny was running in circles around my feet and I almost smashed her like 10 times. "Nervous about being engaged?" I questioned. All Pete gave me in response was a verbal headnod. I knew there was more to be revealed. "Anything else Pete?"

"No, just kinda of worried about how life is going to be now."

I know he's lying, I need to figure out what it is because I know he'll never tell. It's something too deep for me to even know.


How could I tell Patrick that I am madly in love with his girlfriend? I had to just go along with what he thought I was upset about. I need to snap out of my funk and pretend nothing is wrong before he's onto my thoughts and feelings.

After I hung up the phone I walked into Starbucks to order the one thing that keeps me sane everyday. I really just needed to separate myself from anything Amanda related. Maybe I'll take Ashlee on a trip and just get away for a little while. Fall Out Boy doesn't have anything planned for a little while. Yea, that sounds like an amazing idea.

I walked down the sunny street in LA sipping my sanity and bumped into you know who. She walked out of a random store and I just had to be there.

"Hey Pete!" She said and threw her beautiful arms around my neck, hugging me.

"Hey Amanda," I said smiling. I wish I could kiss her.

"Last night was fun, you and Ashlee should come over tonight. Joe and Marie are coming over for some Guitar Hero and Brendon is in town, so he is as well!" She was so excited by the idea. I knew that I should decline but my mouth betrayed me.

"We'll be there, just have Patrick call me and tell me what time." She seemed to explode with glee when I told her. She always got excited about the little things in life and I loved that.

"Okay great Pete, see you tonight!" She said and walked off in the opposite direction as me. Oh man, I need to move, seriously.
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