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A Whole New Change: Adventures of a Male Veela

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After batteling the dementors at the end of his third year at Hogwart's, Harry notices himself going through some changes. He's a male Veela! The first in hundreds of years. Follow him on his new a...

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or anything to do with it. It belongs to Miss Rowling and Warner Bros.


Harry Potter lay in his bedroom at Number 4 privet drive thinking back on the last week he had been home since the incident with the dementors. He had been noticing some changes in his body; he was beginning to fill out more and his hair had grown longer. His muscles had grown as well, he had been exercising but he never expected it to be like this. He didn't think this was normal but he didn't feel like it was something worth mentioning to Dumbledore either. His trust in the man had been severely shaken as of late.

He had not seen any end of the machinations of the man, sticking him with his relatives or not helping Sirius get a trial. He wouldn't put it past him to having his finances watched. He knew that Dumbeldore interfered with his mail since he never received anything from the wizarding world. He figured they would have at least wanted to give gifts or send hate mail to their “savior”.

He laid down the evening of his fourteenth birthday feeling more exhausted than he had felt in years. He was almost instantly asleep even before his body hit the mattress. What he didn't know was that while he slept his body was glowing with an unnaturally bright light and was surrounded by a protective cage of magic. Pure black wings slowly flowed from his back until reaching twelve feet in length, his hair lightened and turned to the color silver. Lastly an aura of pure sensuality and intimidation started flowing around him. All of this was happening but Harry slept on blissfully unaware.


In an enclave in France a very beautiful woman watched as a book glowed on a pedestal before disappearing in a flash of light. She knew what this meant and she had to tell her mistress. Another had awakened.


In Harry's room their was another flash of bright light on his desk. There, sitting on his desk innocently, was the book.


Harry Potter woke with a groan as sunlight poured in through the window onto his face. He ran his hand over his face and hair only to notice that it had gotten even longer while he slept and was now to the middle of his back and was now the color of silver! He lifted his arms out as he stretched, noticing the shredded t-shirt he had worn to bed causing him to noticed the two new appendages now attached to his back between his shoulder blades.

He began to panic about what happened to him before he noticed a book on his desk, that he knew hadn't been there before, that was glowing softly. He walked over to the desk and looked at the book. It had aplain brown leather cover and looked just like any old book. He picked up the book and watched slightly horrified and slightly curious as it became coated in purple flames which then coated his entire body. He was beginning to panic again thinking that he was going to burn down his relatives home.

'Do not worry young one. The fire surrounding you will not burn anything or anyone unless you will it to. The book was only verifying that you were the one meant to have this book. I am guessing that your body has gone through some major changes over the last few weeks; beyond that normal for puberty, wizard or muggle.

You shouldn't be afraid, it just means that you are coming into your powers. It usually takes a very traumatic and powerful event to initiate the change. You would have sprouted twelve foot wings and your hair has grown longer and color, and your muscles much more defined.

You should not fear because you are a male veela, a very special kind of veela. As there is usually only one born every five hundred years or so. Normal males born to veela are just that, /normal,/they don't have any characteristics or powers of a full blown male veela. Male Veela have several advantages over females including they are more powerful physically, magically, and mentally.

Although a down side of being a male Veela compared to a female Veela is that they are unable to control their bird forms and always have twelve foot black colored wings sprouting out of their backs. Male Veela are able to perform wand-less and wordless magic with different difficulties depending on power. Male Veela are natural fire elementals as are females except male's fire is always purple in color. When enraged a male veela's body will become covered entirely in purple flames so you must watch your emotions.

The natural Occlumency shields of a Veela are for this purpose. In this book you will find atreasure trove of information including how to control your allure. This book also contains the memories of every male veela to have lived. You will learn all kinds of magical and muggle things if you will accept this knowledge.

If you will accept it all you have to do is say 'I (stating your whole name) hereby accept this knowledge and destiny as a male veela”. All of this must be said while touching the book and the information in this book will be copied to your mind.'

Harry thought for a few minutes about how this would change his life and the pros and cons of it before placing his hand on the cover and saying, “I Harry James Potter, hereby accept this knowledge and my destiny as a male veela.”

The light flared once more and then Harry knew no more. When he awoke again he noticed that his mind had been filled with a massive amount of knowledge and he had one hell of a headache. He dug around in his trunk and pulled out his cauldron and some ingredients to make a headache reducing potion. Luckily the potion was easy to make and took little time since he hadn't been able to replenish his potion stores yet.

He swallowed the potion and the ache between his eyes almost immediately lessened, causing him to let out a sigh as he settled onto his bed. He sat in a lotus position and dived into his mind. He found a technique to snap the connection in his wand to the ministry magic detectors and any other tracking charms on it. He picked up his wand and started pushing his power through it slowly while chanting in Latin. This was technically wand-less magic but Harry knew that he would be able to do it.

His magic flowed into his wand until he literally felt a couple of connections snap in it. He knew that he needed to be to assimilate the memories he had areceived. He knew that this would take quite a bit of time so he needed a spell to slow down the time flow in his room compared to the outside. He had searched nearly an hour before finding a ritual that would work for what he needed. The problem was that it was considered blood magic, which was illegal in england. He thought about his problem for ten minutes before thinking that he might as well go ahead with it since it's benefits far outweighed the possible consequences.

He used a room expansion charm, making his room twice as large as it was before, and adding abathroom. He conjured a piece of chalk before levitating his furniture out of the way of the middle of the floor. He began by drawing a large circle in the middle of floor before drawing asmaller circle inside of it. In between the two circles he filled with ancient runes. He hadn't taken the class but thankfully due to his new knowledge he was able to read, understand, and use them. He made a cut in the palm of his hand, dripping blood onto each of the runes. Next he started chanting in Latin while thinking of the parameters of the room, so that it would be equally effected.

As soon as he finished chanting there was flash of blue light along the walls before it disappeared and Harry knew that the ritual had worked. He would now have more than enough time, one day in the room equaled one hour outside of it. The circle had been sucked into the floor as the light had faded and could only be countered by Harry spilling his blood on it willingly.

Harry conjured a comfy chair to sit in while he started ordering his memories. He sat there for a straight eight hours before he had to quit and eat and use the bathroom. Harry conjured himself something to eat and drink even though he knew that conjured food had less nutritional in it than real food. He ate a meal large enough for a family of four before he was full. The transformation, absorption of the memories, and the magic he had done had zapped a lot of his energy.

He decided to work for a few more hours before lying down to sleep. He woke up the “next morning” and grabbed his wand whispering a 'tempus'spell. Mist formed out of his wand and showed "8 am August 1st”. Harry walked over and took a seat in a comfy chair he had conjured. He conjured a table in front of him, then conjured himself something to eat. After eating a breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash-browns,toast, and milk he sat down to go through the rest of his memories.


This practice went on for another two weeks inside of his room. He had categorized all of his memories and learned tons of information. Harry now knew everything every other male veela had known including all the magic, languages and fighting skills. His flimsy mental shields had been strengthened till they were as tough as diamond. Harry found it easier to retain knowledge and to control his emotions now that he had his natural Occlumency walls and he had sorted through years of memories jumbled in his head. He had also spent some time practicing apparition and his fire element.

Harry finally decided to take down the time shield surrounding his room so he could order some potions ingredients. He sliced a cut into his palm and let the blood fall onto where the circle was. The ward disappeared in another flash of blue light. He found the catalog he had picked up in the Diagon Alley apothecary and filled out his order form, before signing his name and putting down his vault number with which to remove the money for the purchase. He also sent of a letter for some ingredients from an apothecary in Knockturn Alley.

He decided that he had better shrink his room back down to size and get rid of the stuff he conjured in . He sat there for a couple of hours before he saw a couple of owls heading toward his house. He opened the window to allow the brown tawny owls to drop his packages on the desk and then fly out again.

He pulled out his cauldron and cast a couple of cleaning charms at it and a duplication charm. He opened the packages and started pulling out his ingredients. Some of the ingredients would be used to make a skin like like substance to cover up his scar with and an invisibility solution for his wings. The last potion he would make would negate all types of magical tracking that could be used against him. This allowed him to go anywhere and not be worried about being tracked and would effectively allow him to apparate and make portkey's without being detected.

It took him four hours to brew all of his potions. He would have enough of the last potion to last him a month. The first one he had enough for about a six months since it needed to be replaced daily. He skimmed the potion of fake skin rolling it out into layers. He would have three months until he would need to make more invisibility potion. He placed a single layer of the fake skin over his scar and checked it out in a mirror. It worked just the way it was supposed to, you couldn't even see the scar now. He took some of the invisibility solution and rubbed it into his wings with a towel. It took him twenty minutes before his wings were completely covered.

Harry made his way back over to his desk and swallowed the tracking potion. It felt as if ice was running through his veins. He shivered as the potion took effect. He conjured himself some emerald green robes with gold trim and ablack cloak. He cast his magic out searching for his relatives and found them downstairs. He waved his hand at the door casting amuggle-repelling ward on it ensuring that his relatives wouldn't come looking for him in his room. Giving the room and his appearance one last look over he took out his wand and disapparated to Diagon Alley.


A/N: This is where the first chapter ends. I am figuring on having Harry/Fleur in this story but that might not be the main pairing. Iam giving credit for the fake skin potion to author Miranda Flair Gold from the story A Second Chance At Life. The invisibility solution I credit to the author LT2000 from the story Dakkath:Prince of Darkness.
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