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chapter 4

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Why me? Why do I get stuck with her? WHY! It was all I could think of as I watched Nik skip in circles around me. We were waiting for that Anko woman outside the 44th training grounds. She started humming to herself, still skipping, and the people around us were staring to stare at her.
“WHAT IS SHE DOING?” someone shouted in my ear. My head turned and Naruto received my mother of all death glares. He whimpered and shrank to the ground.
“What did I tell you about shouting at me?” I asked.
“T-that next t-time y-you would h-hurt m-me?” he stuttered.
“Very good,” I answered and in the next second he was lying on the ground covered in bruises. Everyone just kind of gawked at my speed and Nik started laughing so hard she fell down.
“Shisuta laugh that was giggle mean...HAHAHA!”
I just shrugged and kicked him back over to his teammates. Sakura picked him up and punched him in the head.
“Naruto YOU IDIOT!” she screamed.
“Loser,” Sasuke grumbled before turning his attention to me. He took in my hair, eyes, pale skin, thin build, and my amazing abilities. I wonder if he has any idea. We do look alike, but he probably wouldn’t make the connection. My thoughts were interrupted by Nik, who punched me in the arm. I glared at her and she poked me. My eye twitched.
“.... Why?”
“We get to go in now!”


We stood outside our gate, waiting for it to open. Once it did, we walked in and looked around. Suddenly a giant snake slithered by and devoured a giant bug before smashing through a tree and disappearing. I smirked and Nik squealed in happiness. I could get used to this place. I was the one holding the scroll since Nik tended to lose things, like her clothes, shoes, weapons, scrolls, money, and just about everything else that’s put in her hands. We had a heaven scroll.
“Ok, we need an earth scroll,” Nik said, “so....can I get it? I’ll meet you at the tower?”
I sighed and estimated that it would take me an hour to reach the tower. Just then my eyes unfocused and Nik grinned.
“No, there is a team up ahead with an earth scroll. We can get it without a scratch,” I told her and we took off. 15 minutes later we had both scrolls after killing off the three gennin on the Rock Village team. I had a smirk on my face and Nik was doing a victory dance as we ran through the trees. A while later I had another vision and gasped.
“Shisuta, what is it? Shisuta? SHISUTA!” Nik yelled as I took off in another direction. She raced to catch up. I HAVE TO STOP THIS! The 10 minutes it took me to get there felt like a lifetime. Nik kept yelling for me to tell her what was wrong or where we were going but I ignored her. I will KILL him for this! My eyes focused and I growled. I stopped in a large tree in time to here a gennin called Neji say, “I would take care of you myself, but that doesn’t seen necessary anymore.” With that, I dropped to the ground in front of the three sound ninja. Nik, understanding I had to do something, stayed hidden in case I needed her.

The three sound nin took a step back at my sudden appearance, and I looked them over. My eyes fell on a hurt Sakura, an unconscious Rock Lee, and Sasuke and Naruto out cold. Then, I saw the mark on Sasuke’s neck. I felt my whole being grow angry and my eyes darted to the Sound nin. The big one took a step forward.
“This isn’t your fight. Why are you here?” he asked. I turned my gaze to him and locked eyes. Suddenly, he cringed and then fell to the ground screaming. I slowly walked over as his teammates backed away. I lifted him up and his screaming stopped.
“You and your team will leave or else my teammate and I will kill you,” I said simply, though there was hidden anger behind my words. He just nodded slowly but his teammate spoke up.
“Hey! I don’t care who you think you ware, you can’t order us around like that! SOUND BARRIER!”
A blast of chakra filled air came rushing towards me but Nik was suddenly there.
“AIR SHIELD!” she screamed and the attacks canceled each other. Now they all looked terrified and I felt a small smirk cross my lips. In one fluid motion I smashed the jaw of the guy I held and Nik knocked out the other girl. Now the boy who had attacked looked like he was going to wet himself. He turned to run, but I appeared in front of him, grabbing his arm and flipping him over. There was a crack as his arm snapped. He screamed, but my bloodlust had come out again. Pulling out a kunai, I threw it, drilling it into his shoulder. Four more hit him and Nik grinned. He came at me, but I broke his other arm with a satisfying crunch as my fist came down. I flung them all in one heap, the big one slowly gathering his teammates and taking off before I could kill them. I have to calm down before I kill everyone. With a few deep breaths, it was over. I turned and walked over to Lee, who was closest. Neji was beside me in an instant, hovering protectively. I rolled my eyes and walked past, straight to Sasuke. Now it was Sakura’s turn to be scarred.
“Don’t you touch him!” she cried, holding a kunai.
“I’m not going to hurt him. I can relieve some of his pain, if you’ll let me,” I answered in a dead voice. I really didn’t like this girl. She reluctantly backed away and I knelt down, placing two fingers on Sasuke’s forehead.

Wake up.


Wake. Up. Your teammates are in trouble and you have an exam to finish.

With that his eyes snapped open and he jumped up, only to cry out and fall to his knees. I forced him to lie back down and my hand glowed blue. I placed it on his neck and slowly his face relaxed. After it was done I stood up and Nik ran over.
“Shisuta, we have to get to the tower now if we want to beat the record!” she sang and skipped up a tree. I sighed and looked at the gennin who were staring at us in wonder and suspicion.
I jumped and joined Nik in the tree. We disappeared in a veil of darkness.

With Sasuke:

He just watched as that girl from the Rain village healed his neck. There was something so familiar about her, the way she looked, the way she moved. It reminded him of someone. She almost looks like.... mother.... No! I won’t let thoughts of them distract me from my goal. But still, I can’t help but think I know her somehow. And why would she help us?

“Sakura,” he said.
“Yes, Sasuke?”
“What happened and why was she here?”
“Well, after you were hurt, I took care of you and Naruto when the those Sound Ninja attacked. They said they wanted to fight you, but then Lee came in and protected me. Just when he was beaten and Neji arrived, that girl came and stopped them from hurting us. She beat them like it was easy, and her friend was smiling the whole time. But, when she first got here...she looked at us, but when she saw you and that you were hurt...she got really angry. I could feel it coming off her. She didn’t care that any of us were hurt, it was just you. Why?” she told him and he stayed silent.
“I think....I think I know her....I just can’t remember...”

With me:

The tower came into view, and we reached it after killing off a few lazy-ass ninja who attempted to trap us and steal our scrolls. Needless to say, it didn’t work. We walked in and immediately opened both scrolls. Our sensei popped out and scared Nik, making her nearly kill the idiotic woman.
“Good job you two. I hope you kept the killing to a minimal.”
“Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure we did ^_~” Nik answered and the woman left. We walked into the tower to wait for the rest of the teams to get here. Nik found a comfy bench and I leaned against the wall. A few seconds later I heard voices and guess who walked in. Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro.
“AHH DEVIL WOMAN!” Kankuro screamed and ran into the next room. Tamari quickly followed him. I smirked and waved Gaara over.
“So how did it go?” I asked. I really wanted to know. I had been too busy with Sasuke to keep an eye on him. He just growled and I smirked.
“That bad? I don’t know, I found it somewhat enjoyable. At least I don’t have to make up an excuse for the killing this time,” I stated in a slightly amused tone. This seemed to peak his interest and Nik grinned.
“Yeah, I think she killed more than I did. I have 13, Shisuta?”
Gaara stared at me with no emotion, but there was something below the surface.
“How about you Gaara?” Nik asked.
“....10” he answered and walked away. Nik blinked and looked at me.
“I like him. I think we should hang out with him more.” I didn’t say a word, just kept following him with my eyes. My stomach had done that twitch thing every time he spoke and it was annoying me.

FF>> I lazily looked around the room, bored out of my mind. We had found out there were going to be preliminaries and were waiting for the first match. Suddenly, my eyes unfocused.

The stadium is packed, all eyes on the fighting field. A mass of sand with an eye floating beside it. The air is filled with the sound of birds and a blue light glows. The two impact and a scream of blood. Sand swirls around. An explosion to the far left and then feathers float down from the sky.

I blink and realize Nik supporting me. I glare at her and she quickly lets go. I see that Sasuke is first up and the match has started already. I watch as my hand gets tighter and tighter around the railing until my knuckles turn white. My eyes never leave him, not even after he wins the match. The curse seal was activating and it took all my restraint not to instantly go kill the sound nin. This was all his doing and he would pay. A few matches later, Nik’s name came up.

Nik vs. Misumi Tsurugi

Everybody looked around, wondering who Nik was, when she punched her fist in the air and jumped down to the arena. I groaned softly and shook my head. This is going to give me a headache. The fight began, or well, they said start. Nik began by pointing and laughing at the guy, which just made him angry. He tried to grab her again and again, but she just laughed and dodged him every time. I sighed and tapped my fingers on the railing. She was just messing around and I knew it. Finally I had had enough.
“Damn it Nik! How many times have I told you not to play around. Just kill him already!” I shouted and she stuck her tongue out at me. The guy came in to grab her while she was distracted, but Nik was always on her game. She griped his arm and did one handed hand signs so fast her hand blurred.
“Lighting Shock!”
Electricity shot through her opponent and after a moment he hung limp, dead. She threw him aside and skipped over to the stairs before the proctor even named her the winner. The room was quiet as she hopped over to me and did a victory dance. Then she gave me a pouting face.
“You never let me have ANY fun with my fights! Sure, you can give then slow and painful deaths, but I can’t even taunt them for a few minutes?” she cried and stamped her foot. I raised an eyebrow at her, but she didn’t budge.
“Because there are other fights waiting and I thought you didn’t like it when I tortured them before I killed them?” I said in a voice that was slightly mocking. She opened her moth to speak and then shut it with a snap.
“ must you use logic! It isn’t fair!” she accused and collapsed dramatically over the railing. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the matches, only to see that practically the whole room had been listening to our conversation. I sighed and glared at the proctor who quickly put up the next names. As the match started, I felt someone come up to me. It was Sakura. I glared at her, but she still inched her way over.
“Um...I was just that true? T-that you d-do that? B-because you seemed...nicer when you helped Sasuke,” she whispered tentatively and I sighed.
“Yes, but since most people look down on torture, I try and keep it to a minimum.” She just nodded slowly and rushed back to her team, scared out of her mind. I felt a smirk pulling at my face, but I suppressed it and looked around. The match was boring as hell and I just wanted it to be my turn. I needed a few more kills to satisfy my bloodlust. I realized I had dazed off when I felt Nik poke me...again. I twitched and glared at her. So she poked me in the nose. It took everything I had not to rip her arm off.
“What?” I seethed and she smiled and pointed to the screen.

Shisuta vs. Kabuto

I smirked and slowly made my way down the stairs, something no one else had bothered to do. Kabuto already stood on the floor, looking cool and collected. Let’s see how long that lasts. I know Nik hates it when I make them suffer, but he deserves it. Finally, I stood across from him and put my hand on my hip, looking extremely bored. I looked at the instructor and nodded.

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