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What Happens when Harry Gets Sirius' motorcycle? Let me know if I should continue or why not.

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I don’t own Harry Potter! Not sure I’d really want to. Thanks to JKR for letting us play with her story.

Chapter 1
It all started the week Harry arrived after his sixth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry to spend his last summer with the Dursleys. His companions had separated to spend the time until Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour’s wedding with their parents while he muddled through waiting for freedom. His first indication of something unusual happening was when his Uncle answered the door saying “There is no Harry Potter living here.”

“Vernon Dursley you have ten seconds to step aside or I will be moving you,” A strong deep male voice replied.

“Now see here this is my home and I…” His uncle was cut off as a second set of footsteps was heard in the hall. “Harry Potter would you finish coming downstairs,” The same voice called out.

Harry hurried down more to see how the man had shut up his uncle than curiosity about how he was known to be living here. It was only when he was on the stairs and looking at the tall barrel chested individual that he realized he might be in danger.

Seeing Harry’s sudden stop and wary glances the stranger spoke up, “My good friend Griphook suggested there might be trouble contacting you. You and I need to discuss several things.”

Nodding Harry said, “I guess my room is it then.”

“Not at all you will meet in the living room and hold your discussions there,” Vernon insisted.

The stranger looked at Harry who lead the way into the living room and sat down with nervous glances at his uncle and aunt. A few quick hand movements by his guest and his relatives found their way bared and their loudly voiced complaints unheard. “Brilliant,” Harry said.

“This discussion does not concern them. Your godfather put this in place in case he died before he was able to do this himself. I apologize for taking so long but he directed the transfer did not occur during the school months and as everything was not settled until early September this is the soonest it could occur. I have several items for you from him. One of which you will need to take custody of at the end of this meeting the others I am to give you now.”

Harry stared as from deep with in the folds of his jacket the stranger drew forth a wallet and some parchment. “The wallet contains your muggle identification, national health service card, and is charmed to always contain £400 should you need more simply withdraw what is in there, close the wallet then open it and withdraw another £400.”

“How much can I withdraw in total?”

“You could conceivably empty your vault but you would get tired of opening the wallet before you made a noticeable dent in your funds,” The stranger replied watching Harry look through the wallet.

“Hey, I’ve got an operator’s license in here!”

“Yes that is one of your godfather’s surprises. I still remember him chuckling when he passed me that for inclusion and before you ask it is all quite legal. Something about a special exemption he managed to find.”

“Okay,” Harry said placing the wallet in his back pocket.

The stranger watched this all with a smile then waved his fingers and suddenly they heard his uncle’s voice, “What’s in that wallet he gave you? If you got money you know you need to pay us for taking care of you all these years. That’s going to be a pretty penny you owe us.”

“Excuse me Mr. Dursley your nephew and I still have business to finish. I’m sure once we’re done you can address any issues you have with him after I’ve left. Now if you don’t mind I need to inventory his school trunk.”

“Right this way sir,” Harry said leading him to the cupboard under the stairs when Uncle Vernon had locked his school trunk away.

After examining the lock the stranger stared at Vernon until he fished out a key and unlocked the door. “Is it all here?”

“All but a few text books.”

“Go get them and your owl’s cage send the owl to a friend and then bring everything you own down here. Once it’s here distract your uncle for a few seconds.”

Harry was puzzled but did as requested returning a few minutes later with just a handful of items. The stranger raised his eyebrow questioning Harry who nodded then walked up to his uncle and asked his permission to go outside to talk with the stranger.

Vernon reluctantly agreed remembering at the last minute that the stranger might be able to get him in trouble.

“I’m all done here,” The stranger said backing out of the cupboard and watching as Vernon re-locked it after checking that Harry’s trunk was still in there. He watched them exit and walk over to a motorcycle parked at the curb.

“It’s Sirius’s bike!” Harry exclaimed his eyes tearing up at the sight of it.

“Actually the correct statement is it was Sirius’s bike it’s yours now. The saddlebag on the left side contain a set of leathers for you and I’ll just put your things in the right saddlebag,” He said pulling out a greatly reduced school trunk out of his pocket before slipping in into the saddlebag.

“What’s in the cupboard?” Harry asked suddenly understanding the request to distract his uncle.

“A bit of magic nothing more. Now you are at a decision point Harry. You can return to your uncle’s home and continue to live as you were before or you can hop on this motorcycle and disappear.”

“But I can’t ride a bike let alone this motorcycle,” Harry protested while looking longingly at the bike.

“Yes you can. See this switch here,” He said pointing to a toggle beside the tank. “Right now it’s in a position that causes this to react just like a broom but with its wheels on the ground. There’s a manual your godfather wrote explaining every control on this bike that is in with your leathers.

“What about my guards?”

“Dung took over just before I arrived. I insured he found a good cache of fire whiskey just before he arrived and for some reason he’s now asleep and you won’t be missed until at least the end of his shift. More likely you won’t be missed until Moody arrives for his shift and starts looking for you.”

Harry looked back and forth between the house and the motorcycle a few times before he straddled the motorcycle asking, “You have a way to get wherever you’re headed?”

“Of course Mr. Potter.”

“See you later and tell your friend Griphook I much appreciate this,” Harry said turning the key and jumping down on the starter. The bike roared to life and with concentration and a little body English Harry was off down Privet drive and away from his relatives. He knew he’d need to come back and deal with Voldemort and all those issues but right now he was a teenager with his first taste of total freedom and he was intending to enjoy it to the maximum extent possible.

Griphook stood watching him navigate the bike as if he was born on it, which unknown to either of them he almost was. Lily Potter had tired of being nine months pregnant and at her insistence Sirius had taken her for quite an aerobatic ride that had jump-started her labor. He didn’t realize what was going on until her water broken soaking the seat causing him to land quickly. With James’ help they managed to get her in the house and in her bed before the midwife arrived and delivered the newest Potter.

Later the next day as Hermione was wondering why Harry’s owl Hedwig arrived without a letter from him Harry rode in to a situation that young riders of classic bikes are told to avoid at all costs. A gang of bikers gathered around him then the one in charge said, “Little boy I think that bike would make a nice gift.”

Harry just looked at the speaker wondering just how stupid the guy was.

“I don’t think he understood you Bart,” one of the larger bikers said smiling in a decidedly unfriendly way.

“Let me rephrase it. Little boy if you want to live you should sign the bike your daddy bought you over to someone who can ride it.”

“That would be you?” Harry asked his voice even while his anger raged inside of him.

“Why yes it would let’s get pull over here and get it over with,” The leader said with a grin on his face thinking, ‘Talk about taking candy from a baby.’

Harry got off his bike then pulled the leader off his throwing him to the pavement of the warehouse parking lot as he screamed, “Listen asshole you just aren’t big enough or bad enough to scare me. So get on your bike and lead your sheep out of here.”

“Boys he’s mine,” The leader said getting up and advancing on Harry.

At the same instant Hermione was in her room looking out at a star know as Sirius praying Harry was all right. Harry ducked the first swing of the leader. He was big and clumsy just like his cousin Dudley Dursley and Harry had plenty of practice dodging his cousin. This individual Harry could punch back however and with every miss he drilled three or four hard punches to the leader’s gut. When he felt the leader tire Harry crossed him up throwing one at his temple for all he was worth. The leader went down in a heap. As Harry stepped back the leader looked over at his gang saying, “Get him boys.”

Harry looked at the group as knives and chains appeared in various hands and he suddenly wished that he could do magic but it’d get his wand snapped for sure. Unsure why he was even doing it He raised his right hand and yelled, “Gryffindor!”

The gang was in shock as the boy suddenly had a sword in his out stretched hand. One of the older gang members swung his chain at the sword intending to wrap the chain around it and yank it out of the kid’s hands. But when the chain hit the sword the chain was cleaved in two and suddenly the kid’s words came to mind and he wondered just who was big enough and bad enough to scare him.

As he watched his gang circle the boy unenthusiastically their leader got off the pavement and grabbed one of their knives saying, “He’s just a kid don’t let that sword frighten you,” And swing at Harry with the knife.

His Quidditch reflexes allowed him to dodge the knife as it cut his shirt but did no other damage. The same could not be said for the leader who lost the hand holding the knife and was cut from right hip to lower left rib as Harry swung the sword through two quick slashes, before dropping back into a ready position as the leader followed his intestines to the pavement. His eyes scanning the gang to see where the next attack was coming from.

“Holy shit, I aren’t never scene anything like that before,” One of the gang members whispered louder than he intended. While the gang members looked at each other slowly nodding in unspoken agreement before lowering their knives and chains to the pavement.

“What’s up?” Harry asked confused.

The one who’d tried to wrap a chain around his sword spoke up, “You’ve just sliced up Bart and didn’t flinch or break a sweat. We figured if we didn’t want to end up like him it might be best to disarm and talk peaceful like.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Harry said lowering the sword from the ready position but keeping it in his hand. “Who are you guys?” Harry finally asked.

“We’re the Warlocks.”

“Right…” Harry said unimpressed.

“No really we are a motorcycle gang and the one that isn’t going to make it was our leader.”

“So do you want to take him to a hospital?”

“Nah, we’ll call in a rumble report to the police after we’ve left the area. Care to go with us?”

“Sure I need a place to stay. That is if I can trust you.”

“After that display I’m sure you’ll be safe,” The chain wielder said drawing nods from the other members.

“All right let’s go,” Harry said climbing back on his Triumph.

After riding with the gang across half the city they pulled in to a small lot that held a warehouse. The lead rider got off his bike and pulled on a chain rolling up a door, which the riders went through. Once inside Harry looked around noting the couches and TV set up over in one corner under an overhanging setup that must have been offices at one time.

While he was taking in the sights the members of the gang parked their bikes and got off heading for various areas of the warehouse. Suddenly a female shriek drew everyone’s attention. “There’s a bloody snake over here,” She yelled once she got her emotions under control enough to talk.

“Don’t worry hot stuff I’ll deal with it,” One of the big members said picking up a club.

“Let me try,” Harry said speaking up and getting off his bike.

“Better let Thor do it we keep running in to adders in here, don’t know why,” The individual who’d invited him along said.

“Nah, Let me try,” He said looking at the group.

“He wants to kill himself it’s no skin off my nose,” Thor said backing off and letting Harry go first. The gang gathered round far enough away to be safe but close enough to watch the snake attack and they were sure that was what would happen.

Harry rounded a partial wall panel that had been placed and found a snake curled up on a water bed. When the snake looked up Harry asked, [What are you up to?] in Parseltongue

Several blinks of its eyes later the snake replied, [I need a warm place for a nest it is time to lay my eggs.]

[This is not a safe place others here wish to use it and would harm you and your eggs.] Harry replied as the gang looked at each other confused that their new friend was hissing at the snake and the snake was hissing back.

“Oy, what’s going on?” the girl that had screamed called out.

“She wants warm place to nest and this bed is evidently the warmest thing around,” Harry said.

The girls in the gang looked at each other realizing that if it was true none of them was going to deny another female a place to nest. “I know a place she can use,” The group’s blond said speaking up.


She told Harry were it was and how to get there. Harry relayed the instructions and everyone gave the adder a wide berth as she slithered out of the bed leaving through a crack in the wall.

“Yea, I know block up that hole,” Thor said watching the look the gals gave him. “Nice going, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get that snake off the bed without wrecking it and I spent good money on it.”

Harry looked around catching the wary look some were giving him and the nodding looks of acceptance coming from others. As everyone went to their areas for a second time Thor walked past Harry with a board and hammer in his hand.

“You can take Bart’s place,” he said nodding towards the old office area. “Looks like his old lady is bunking with Tiger over there. Have a good night’s sleep, you should be safe,” He finished heading over to close the hole the Adder had disappeared through.

Harry had followed his nod and now had a name to put with the member who’d tried to wrap his sword up in chain, Tiger.

Several days later Tiger and Thor approached Harry saying, “Hey Snake, the gang is thinking about heading down to Italy to catch our boys friendly. Want to come along?”

“How soon do you need to know?”

“We’re thinking of leaving within a few days that’ll make it an easy ride down.”

“Sounds good.”

Thor took Harry aside moments later saying, “Snake, you might want to consider taking a bird with you. I know several of our old ladies are talking about getting someone to keep you warm at night.”


“You do swing that way?” Thor asked nervousness in his voice.

“Yes I do. It’s just a little complicated right now.”

“What’s complicated about it? Call her up and ask her if she wants to go to the friendly with you. No matter what she says put Shella on the phone and let her talk. That will do two things, first it will let the others know you have a squeeze and second Shella can talk most girls into anything.”

A few hours later Harry found himself in a phone booth with Shella, “Hey, This is Jim Black I was wondering if you wanted to go down to Italy and catch the friendly going on?”

Hermione wasn’t the smartest witch in generations for nothing. She recognized the voice the instant he spoke and when he addressed himself using an alias combined with the fact Hedwig had arrived without a letter she tailored her response to match, “Now why would you want little old Jane Harris to go with you,” She replied keying in Harry to the name she’d be using.

“Jane I thought you might like it. Hold on Shella wants to talk with you,” Harry replied passing the phone.

Shella hustled Harry out of the booth and spent the next five minutes girl talking with Hermione before opening the door saying, “She’s staying with some friends and needs to give you directions,” while passing the phone to Harry.

“James how am I going to pack what I need into one of your saddle bags like Shella said?”

“Are you or are you not over seventeen?”

“Oh…, right it slipped my mind,”

“Just be done by the time we get there. I assume you and Shella decided on a time.”

“Yes I’ll be ready tomorrow morning. I have a passport do you?”

“I think there was one with my license I’ll check if not we’ll make a special side trip without the gang and visit the alley. Now how do I get to your house?”

That night there was a very heated discussion in the Granger household. “Let me get this straight just because some boy from her school called up and invited her. My sports hating daughter is going to climb on the back of a motorcycle tomorrow and ride to Italy to watch a football game that doesn’t mean anything?” Alan Granger said trying not to shout.

“Now dear,” Jane Granger said trying to insure her husband didn’t alienate their daughter.

“I wouldn’t phrase it quite like that,” Hermione Granger said her whole body in a posture that every Gryffindor could have told her father meant clear out or you’ll be torn to shreds by her sharp whit tongue.

“Well just how would you phrase it?”

“Your daughter is climbing on the back of her best friend’s bike and riding with him wherever he wants to go in order to keep him alive and safe,” Hermione replied.

“Best friend?” her mother asked.

Hermione’s attention snapped to her mother and from her mother’s eyes she knew what the question really was. “Yes best friend,” She chose to reply.

“And what will happen if I decide to stay home tomorrow and toss this boy out on his ear when he comes to collect you?” Alan asked looking as if he was intending to do just that.

“Then you’d probably be starting out on the wrong foot with your future son-in-law,” Hermione asked finally answering her mother’s question.

Alan glanced between his wife and daughter stunned at that revelation, watching the silent communication as his wife tilted her head and his daughter nodded in response.

“How far?” Jane asked far calmer that she felt.

“Just a few hugs on his part and I might have kissed him once or twice. I expect all that to change on this trip. Without anyone else around to upset my plans I hope to get inside his defenses,” Hermione admitted.

“What do you want us to do tomorrow?” Jane asked her daughter.

“Give me a hug and a kiss before you leave. I’ll be gone when you get home and I’ll try and call every few days or so to let you know what’s going on.”

“What should we do if someone comes looking for you?”

“If you know them, tell them I’ve decided to travel for few days and take a message,” Hermione said with a shrug.

“I do not like this. You’ve just arrived and now you’re off gallivanting with a boy,” Alan Granger said firmly.

“Don’t worry Dad, He’s as protective of me as you are. And he won’t force me to do anything I don’t want to do,” Hermione said attempting to reassure her father.

“All right,” Alan said watching his daughter turn and head up to her room to pack.

The next morning following a tense night for all concerned her parents took a while to say good bye with hugs and kisses. Jane watched her husband leave before leaning over and whispering to her daughter, “I heard what you said last night. Just how much are you not willing to do with this boy?”

“Anything he wants, I am willing to do or will be before he even gets far enough along to think about it,” Hermione said looking her mother in the eye.

Jane looked at her daughter realizing she’d reached the point where all she could do was hang on and pray they’d raised her right. “Stay safe,” Jane said giving her daughter a hug and leaving.

About an hour after they left Hermione heard the sound of motorcycles coming up her street. Running to look out the window she saw Harry riding up to her walk and getting off surrounded by a gang on bikes. Hermione was very glad her father had left Harry was wearing a leather vest with patches on it looking every inch the type of boy that would cause her father to bust a blood vessel.

Before she knew it he was at the door and she was rushing to pick up her backpack and with a double check of the house she pulled the door shut behind her. If she didn’t think divination was such a hoax the feeling passing through her would have caused shivers and second thoughts, however she knew Harry needed her help and that was enough reason for her.

Harry took her backpack and turned around allowing Hermione a good glance at the patch on the back of his vest.


“That’s the men folk, we’re just with them and if you ride with Snake I guess that covers you too, I’m Shella and this lunkhead here is Thor.”

“Snake you didn’t say she was a babe,” Tiger said looking over as Harry helped Hermione stuff her backpack into one of the saddle bags.

“Snake?” Hermione whispered.

“Tell you later.”

“Let’s ride!” Tiger yelled as he saw Jane settle in behind the newest member of the Warlocks.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Harry for a while then she looked around she noticed the other women leaning back against the bars on the back of the seat relaxing so she did the same hoping Harry knew what he was doing.

Noon found them waiting to board a ferry across the channel and Hermione was finally able to get Harry alone “How did you get hooked up with this group?” She asked as he released her from a hug he’d given when he’d thanked her for coming along.

“Their leader tried to take my bike,” Harry replied causing Hermione to raise an eyebrow and he added, “Things got a little tense and Godric’s sword made an appearance. From what I hear the former leader is in the hospital and will be there for quite a while.”

“And they took you in just like that?”

“Well they didn’t like the guy to begin with but he was the best fighter of the group.”

“So how did Snake come about?”

“Oh that’s easy, Shella found one on her bed and I dealt with it. Hence Snake,” Harry said smiling.

“Hey if you two aren’t goanna snog send her over here so we can get to know her,” Shella called out from where the women had gathered.

“I think I’ll go find out the truth,” Hermione said walking away from Harry her hips swaying like they never had at Hogwarts.

“Damn that’s one fine piece,” Thor said looking at Harry. Harry nodded then turned to look at the guys as Thor asked, “So you and her?”

“Nah, she’s my best friend.”

“Trust me on this Snake, she’s got the hots for someone here and she doesn’t know any of us,” Thor said.

Harry looked at him then at Hermione before looking towards Tiger who nodded in agreement. Harry shrugged causing Tiger to say, “Snake if you don’t make an attempt someone else will and you’ll lose your best friend.”

“But if I do I may lose her,” Harry replied.

“If you don’t you will lose her,” Thor replied before adding, “Look, Shella knows I think the world of her, but I had to ask her to be my woman. Tiger over here has had the hots for Brenda since she showed up but Bart spoke first and he lost her for a while. Bart didn’t treat her too well but he was the leader and not one to take someone messing in his business well. Now that he’s out of the picture Tiger decided it was time to move before anyone else did.”

Hermione was talking with the girls as they discussed topics ranging from watching out for other gangs to the best way to get a tan on the back of a bike while flying down the road. She could feel eyes on her and when she turned to find the culprit it turned out to be Harry. Smiling at the feeling that brought to the surface she turned to continue the discussion only to find it had turned to her. “So do you like Snake?” Brenda asked.

“We’re best friends.”

“Yea while like that dude said in a movie men and women can’t be friends without something going on between them,” Brenda continued.

“Harry doesn’t see me that way.”

“You’re female, all males see you that way he’s probably just hiding it,” Shella chipped in.

“We were thinking of which of our friends would be the best one to hook Harry up with for this trip when Thor took Harry aside and warned him. Next thing he did was call you. When we stop for the night we’re probably going to get a few hotel rooms. To save money it’s normally two to a bed and you’ll be hearing the next bed squeak. If that’s not in your plans for Snake it’d be better for everyone if you bowed out now,” Brenda said as the girls worked on Hermione.

“I trust Snake, I’ll spend the nights with him,” Hermione said.

“In bed wearing very little if anything?” Brenda continued.

“Not a problem,” Hermione said trying to hide her unease at the thought of Harry comparing physically to the two women she was talking with.

Shella noticed her glances and decided it was time to help this girl out, “Don’t worry about how you compare to us. I’ve been watching the girls he’s noticed since he’s been riding with us. It’s only been a few days but Snake only has eyes for you. You know what they say.”

Hermione struggled for a moment before admitting her ignorance, “No I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Honey men are like rugs,” Brenda said then as Hermione’s face filled with confusion she continued, “Lay them right the first time and you can walk on them forever,” before breaking out in laughter that all the girls joined in.

After about a two hour ride through the French countryside they stopped at a small roadside inn in La-Targette that Thor claimed to have stumbled across despite having checked out their route ahead of time and possible stopping points. The gang booked half a dozen rooms before heading out and grabbing dinner at a restaurant where the owner of the inn assured them would be welcome. although she’d been taught all her life to avoid people that lived like this Hermione was slowly warming to gang she found once she got to know them they were friendly in their own way. Of course she realized it might be because she was with Harry and he’d earned their respect the hard way she admitted to herself.

Shella looked at Hermione as she got up from the table. Hermione followed Shella to the lady’s room when Shella said, “It was decided you two will room with me and Thor. Why don’t you two go get in bed back at the inn. Thor and I will be about half an hour behind you two to time to get under the covers.”

Hermione muttered her thanks and grabbed Harry’s arm as he took their room key and headed off. Harry was quite the gentleman and waited outside the room until Hermione called for him to enter. Which he quickly did to find her under the covers and against the wall waiting for him. He quickly slipped out of his leathers and into bed beside her. Harry did his best to avoid touching Hermione when he got in but she turned over and looked at him asking, “So am I your old lady or not?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Harry sputtered having a good idea what the term meant.

“Let me see before we board the ferry you’re responding quite well when we hug now that we’re alone in bed you’re staying away like I’ve got cooties or something.”

Harry hemmed and hawed for a moment trying to figure out the correct response before he decided to just flat tell her the truth. “Hermione if I hug you or even go further I’m afraid of what will happen with us.”

“Does that mean you like me or hate me?”

“Hermione I know you and Ron were close and it looked like I was with Ginny but I’ve got to tell you the truth and if you want we’ll go find a train station or someway for you to go back home after I’m done we will. Hermione, Ginny is not who I want to be hugging when I hug. I realized it long ago but it always appeared to be you and Ron so I’ve kept my distance.”

“You mean you want me?”

“No I need you like I need air. I talked myself in to accepting you and Ron but during the ride today when your arms where around me. I can’t describe how great I felt even when you stopped and leaned back I knew you were there with me. Right now if I stopped talking and gave you a hug I’m scared how much more I’d want.”

Hermione had her half of this debate in her mind the morning Harry had called and invited her along. She knew for her it would mean the end of her and Ron without any guarantees that Harry would replace him. Now she knew and opened her arms. “Come over here you stupid boy.”

Harry did soon found out hugs with Hermione lead to kissing Hermione, which was even better. When they heard other bikes pull in they stopped and just relaxed until their roommates arrived. Harry was tired from the day’s ride and was soon fast asleep while it took Hermione a long time to relax and get used to the fact there was another body in her bed.

Pleasant thoughts were going through Harry’s mind. For a change he was thinking how soft and warm the pillow was he’d pulled against him to ward off the early morning chill of Hogwarts’ boys dorm rooms. When a voice called out, “Time to rise you two we should be on the road in an hour or so,” dragging Harry from the arms of Morpheus. ‘What the heck?’ he thought for only a moment before his brain engaged and he realized the soft pillow he was hugging was actually his best friend.
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