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When Everything Came Out.

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Today was the day when everything came out. Frerard one-shot.

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Gerards POV
I was at Frank's house, watching some movie that I didn't know, play in front of my face. Frank was sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, seeming to be very interested in this strange movie.
"Hey, Frank? What movie is this?" I asked, curious.
"Um... I really don't know. I thought you would like it so.. I put it on." Frank said, I could tell he was being completely honest.
"Well, Frankly, I think it's boring" I giggled at me using the word 'Frankly' with Frank there.
He laughed along with me and fell from the couch, now laughing histerically.
"Are you alright?" I laughed.
He couldn't stop laughing, but nodded his head.

After a while, we went to go play some video games.
"Have you played any Halo games?" Frank asked me.
"Hmm.. Only the first one."
"Good, Check this one out." He handed me Halo 3.
"Looks good, lets play." I said.

Franks POV
Me and Gerard played video games for a solid hour, maybe.
By that time it was around midnight, but I wasnt gonna go to sleep. Gerard was NOT going to win.
We had this game going, whenever we had a sleepover, whoever fell asleep first would have to walk 10 steps behind the person going home. But the catch was that they had to be in their boxers, and wearing a bra. And I was not going to be that person.

"You tired?" Gerard mocked.
"Not a chance, fool." I stuck out my toungue. "You?"
"Hell no. I'm not gonna be the one that looks like a homo stalker!"
"You wouldn't need to do anything to look like that, Gerard." I teased.
Gerard tackled me to the ground and jumped on top of me. The weirdest look in his eye.
Not anger, but not humor.
"Gerard.. What are you.. Doing?" I struggled beneath him.
He didn't respond.
He put his hands behind my head and pulled my head up towards his.
"I'm doing something ," His breath hit my lips as he spoke and it made me tingle.
I didn't notice that Gerard had his hips against mine until he let out a small moan.
I realized that he was grinding his hips into mine, having our clothed crotches touching each time he would go down.
It felt extremely good.
NO!!! It didn't feel good. It couldn't! I'm not gay! Atleast.. I don't think.
I let out a suppressed moan and Gerard giggled.
"Why are you laughing?" I panted.
"Cause, I always thought you weren't gay." He laughed.
"I'm not." I protested.
"Uh huh, what do you call what you were just-"
I Pulled his neck down and brushed my lip ring against his lips and then crashed into them. He moaned from deep in his throat.
I pulled back.
"I'm still not gay." I said to him.
"But you-"
"I'm bi" I giggled.
He giggled and kissed me once again.
"Frankie?" Gerard asked me.
"I love you."
I wasn't surprised, I was kinda happy. I knew Gerard loved me since the day we became friends, I also knew that I loved him. I just didn't want to admit it. But today was the day when everything came out. Even me.
"I love you too, Gerard. I always have."
We both layed down in my bed and drifted to sleep, my head placed on his chest and his hands wrapped around my hips. I wonder who will have to be the homo stalker tomorrow.
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