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The main character is Anastasia or Ana for short,just moved from Florida to New Hampshire to live in her Grandma's house because her Grandma is dying in the hospital. What will her await her in New...

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Chapter One: Memories

“Remember the time I fell off my bike and skinned my knee?” I ask Oreo, My Harlequin Great Dane. “Grandma used one of her home remedies and made me feel better.” I walk over to Oreo and pat him on his huge head as I thought about how my grandma taught me a lot of home remedies for many occasions. His seemingly wet eyes stare into my soul. They tear memories into jagged shards that rip apart my emotions.
I really don’t want to leave these memories, but my grandma is dying and I really want her to get better, even though the outlook is grim. Plus the change might be good. Maybe not for Oreo; he isn’t regular when the environment is new.
Oreo begins to pant, as if he was laughing at me. He jumps up, putting his giant Great Dane paws on my shoulders and licking my face with loving roughness. Oreo is taller than me when he stands on his hind legs, but almost everything is taller than me anyway.

I continue to pack up my things as I observe my old room. I look over at a spot on the wall that I drew on as a child. I used to be obsessed with dinosaurs and cavemen. Running my hand over the drawings, I note the faded outlines of prehistoric animals through the new coat of glossy, beige, paint.
Another quick flashback goes through my mind and I look at the floor that was once tarnished with a grape juice stain, but, of course, the old carpet was replaced, like all the other hidden memories. I knew the house would fill with memories like we filled it when we first inhabited it years ago.
I walk over to where the stain once was. My grape juice had spilt onto the carpet and I was left with a broken, right pinky toe at the age of nine. That toe has been abnormal ever since, and still hurts when I think about it, as it did now.
I finished packing boxes and began to bring my stuff to the moving van. My dad, Noah, and my mom, Ami, were loading their things into the truck as well. We weren’t taking much, because my grandma had furniture in the house and we were driving up there. So, we don’t have to worry about buying cars.

I mostly took after my mom, who takes after my grandma. She has the same chestnut brown hair and the same hazel eyes. The main differences are my olive complexion, which I take from my father, my height, and our hairstyles. My hair is cut in layers and feathers back, and hers is cut to her shoulders with curled bangs.
My father, on the other hand, has dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. He is a bit taller than my mom. His personality is more laid back than my mom and I, but he is still hysterical. I don’t know what my parents do for a living, but it pays well and they were transferred to New Hampshire.
I place the last into the moving van, thankfully without tripping. I’m used to the terrain here and I don’t have to worry much, but it is going to be something that I will have to worry about with I get to New Hampshire.
We sit Oreo in the back seat with me and my mom gets in the drivers side of the Silver Suburban.
“All ready?” my dad asks my mom and I when we are in the car.
“Yup, all done,” my mom gives thumbs up and leans out the window to give my dad a quick peck on the lips.
“Good. It’s going to be a long trip.” He says, walking to the moving van and we drive off. I turn around to take one last look at the place I called home for the last 15 years, letting the good and bad memories pass one more time as we drive away.
I stick my ear phones in my ears and turn my music player. The song, “When the Lights Go Down in the City,” by Journey blares in my ears, I open my eyes to the colorful fall leaves zoom past me as we embark on the road out of Florida.

The trip was long, as my father had said. We stopped a few times to let Oreo use the bathroom and get some snacks. I alternated from reading, to drawing, to listening to music, and sleeping.
The house my grandmother lives in is lovely. It is an old Victorian home surrounded by trees. My dad unlocks the door and we all step inside. The colors on the walls are warm and inviting.
“Your room is upstairs, Ana, the first door on the left.” My dad tells me as I start to explore.
“’Kay thanks.” I say and hurry up the stairs to check it out. Once I open the door, I can see why my parents chose this room for me. It has a window seat and they had it redesigned to my liking. Plus, it has its own bathroom, designed especially for me. The floors are wooden and the walls and linens are hot pink and black, my favorite colors.
I hear the floor creak behind me and I turn around to greet my parents with a loving smile. “I love it!” I beam happily. My parents give a pleased smile.
“We’re glad you like it, and there are a lot of kids your age around here.” My mother says, still smiling.
“That’s good,” I say and walk over giving each of them a hug and kiss on the cheek. “How’s Grandma doing? Is she up for visits?”
“She’s doing okay. We’ll go check on her when we finish unpacking and get cleaning.
“Okay, I’ll go ahead and get started.” I walk downstairs and outside get Oreo’s dog food and bowls so I can feed him.

Soon enough, everything is unpacked, my computer is set up, and I have showered. I am anxious to see my Grandma. Finally, we get to the hospital. Grandma looks pale and fragile and she breaks my heart.
“Ana, Ami, Noah, it’s wonderful to see you all. Do you like the house?” My grandma’s frail voice asks. I walk over to her and give her a hug.
“Yes, Grandma, we love it. How are you feeling?” I ask, releasing my hug and holding her hand.
“I’m glad, and I feel fine, Ana.”
My Mom and Dad walk over and give her a hug and kiss on her forehead. I could tell my Mom was holding back tears, as was I.
“So are the taking good care of you here, Mom?” My Mom asks.
“Yes, of course! Dr. Mune is a spectacular doctor, and he is very handsome, looks and aura wise.”
“Ha, good looks and service? Glad you’re here!” My Mom jokes.
“Indeed,” Grandma says with a smile.
It was 10:30pm, and Grandma will be getting her medicine soon, then she has to go to bed. We wait with her and carry on conversations about the house and area.
Grandma takes the medicine she needs and my Dad and I leave. My Mom is staying with her for the night. I don’t want to leave my Grandma, but she insists that I go home with my Dad. I give her one last hug before leaving.
When we arrive home, my Dad calls my Mom and I am off to bed. I get a little snack for Oreo and me and go upstairs to check email. I have a few good-bye messages from friends that I quickly reply to.
My restlessness starts to ease and I climb into bed. As my head hits the pillow, I fall fast asleep, with Oreo at the foot of my bed.
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