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Oh, The Beautiful Memories That Haunt My Past

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Pete and Ryan aren't exactly getting along. They may just want the same thing...Will they resolve it like civiized adults?

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Like A Knife Part 12

*Cammy’s POV*

I spent the next hour or so getting to know the newest additions to the Decaydance family. Addi and Moony really weren’t that bad; I was on the line of loving them and hating them to death. Emotions get confused easily in this overwhelmed little heart of mine, and sometimes they got the better half of me.

“Favorite food?” I asked them as we browsed Pacific Sun for some new skinny jeans that we all took a liking to.

“Chocolate!” Addi said gingerly.

“Cookie dough ice cream!” Moony informed me.

“That’s my favorite, too, Moony,” I explained to them.

“Favorite color?” I continued my interrogation.

“Blue,” Moony said first, before Addi could make up her mind.

“Purple..? I don’t know, really. I can’t decide. I’m not very opinionated when it comes to useless things like colors,” Addi admitted.

We bought the jeans we had found at first, taking the two for one deals. I bought a bright red pair and a purple pair, both that clung to my legs as they should have. I liked the feeling they gave me, and finally understood why Brendon, Ryan, Spencer and Pete constantly wore them.

It was about two forty five when I finally looked at my cell phone for the time.

“Hey, guys, I have to go meet up with someone. I had a great time…I’ll see you later, okay?” I suggested, as we walked toward the door.

“Yeah, of course,” Moony agreed. “I had a great time, too.”

“Bye, Cammy!” Addi said, waving ecstatically. She seemed like the type of girl that liked making new friends, and hated making new enemies, just as I did.

I rushed towards the door and continued out to my car. I thrust the key in the ignition and pulled out of the crowded parking lot, driving onto the roads. There was a small amount of traffic, but it had gotten worse since this morning.

I continued down the back roads and found Ryan’s house, a single car sitting in the driveway. I pulled up next to his and hoped for the best; I still couldn’t brush off the thought of me being the cause for an argument between two best friends. It brought a feeling of guilt if not remorse with it, and I tried to shake it off.

Nothing worked.

I stepped out of my car into the Nevada sun and was about to knock on the door when he opened it. A smile was forming as he saw my face, and likewise, I was grinning as well. I couldn’t help it; when you’re in love, things like a curl of the lip that just might be the hint of a smile can drive you mad. Especially when they’re as taunting as Ryan’s.

“Hey, Cams. I’m glad you got her all right,” He told me, gesturing to come in.

I went to go sit down on the familiar black couch, but decided against it. That was the only piece of furniture I could possibly have a grudge against, as so many heartless things I had encountered were found there. Instead I sat down in a smaller couch across the room.

“So, about you and Pete’s fight. What happened, exactly?” I wondered.

*Ryan’s POV*

Here we go again. This is my cue to hurt Cammy again, to crush her spirit and steal her hope all at the same time. To take it and run away with it, unable to stop myself. I remembered what had happened the night before so clearly.

“Guys, do you think Cammy’s been acting strange lately?” I asked as we all sat in the living room watching MTV Cribs.

“Of course! She hasn’t been her normal self lately, and it’s bothering the Hell out of me. If I ever find out what happened…” Pete drifted off, implying a threat. “Do you guys know what happened to her? Weren’t you with her earlier, Bren?”

“Yeah I was…I-I’m not sure what happened though. All I know is it wasn’t me,” Bden said innocently, trying to pretend he had no idea what was going on.

“So does anybody know why she’s acting like a zombie?” Pete wondered out loud.

Everything got quiet then, Addi and Moony sitting silently, unable to comprehend what was going on. I avoided Pete’s eye contact and tried my hardest not to show my guilt that was rising up in my throat.

“Ry?” He questioned, hoping for me to find my voice and answer him.

“Um, yeah. I-I know why she’s acting differently…” I admitted quietly, swallowing hard.

“Well tell me!” He insisted, the rest of the group wide eyed and watching in extreme interest “Shit, it was you, wasn’t it?”.

“Well…” I said timidly. And I explained the story to them, everything about what had happened in the past week or two. “So, I guess…I guess it’s my fault.”

“How could you do that, Ry?! She’s just a girl, and she’s fragile. God damn it! She’s not going to be the same. You stole everything from her! She’s just an empty face now. I remember when I used to look in her eyes, I saw emotion. Now do you know what I see? Nothing. And it’s all because of you, Ryan. The great, amazing, incredible, Ryan fucking Ross,” Pete shouted at me.

“Pete, I didn’t mean to hurt her! The words came out harsher than I wanted them to!” I objected, in an angrier, irritated tone.

“Well, then, you shouldn’t have said anything! You don’t feel anything, do you? How can you not wish that she was back to her normal self?!” He yelled, louder now.

He had no idea how much I wished that.

“You can’t tell me how feel, Pete! Hell, you’re not a fucking mind reader! Don’t tell me what I think,” I insisted, matching his tone.

“You don’t deserve to be her friend! You’re a bitch, Ryan Ross. A heartless, cruel, unfeeling, insensitive, egotistic bitch!” Pete exclaimed, his eyes full of rage.

I got up and stormed out of my own house. It was a nightmare being relived, only between me and Pete, another one of my best friends. I couldn’t stand myself.
“Ry, tell me what happened. I need to know,” Cammy told me sternly.

“It’s a long story, Cams. You better brace yourself,” I warned her, sitting down next to the fragile girl whose eyes were indeed much emptier than before.

And I braced myself to tell her the details.
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