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Things Are Better For Her When He's Around

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Ryan finally discovers something that he can almost barely stand to watch. Maybe...Maybe he's losing his love to his best friend.

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Like A Knife Part 14

*Cammy’s POV*

“Oh, the memories,” Ryan half whispered in my ear as a few other people found the small building and began to order. “It’s getting dark. Want to go back to my place?” He asked politely, checking to see if I was just going to go straight home from his driveway once I got in my car.

“Sure. I wouldn’t pass up a moment to be with you, Ry. You know that,” I reminded him.

So we got back in his car and silently drove back to Ryan’s house, pulling in his long, barren drive way. The sun had finally set, and night was rolling in. The orangey sky was fading, leaving us with a black, open one. We retreated inside and walked to his kitchen, as I was considerably thirsty. He opened the fridge and handed me a bottled water, knowing that I didn’t drink soda at night. At least he remembered that much about me.

We sat looking at each other at his kitchen table, searching each other’s face for some trace or hint that showed what we were thinking.

“I have an idea!” He burst out, breaking the silence between us. “Come on.”

He grabbed my hand and led me up to his bedroom on the second level of his home. Then he walked to the other side of it and pried the large window open, a warm breeze swiftly blowing past us. He gestured for me to follow, and stepped out onto the piece of roof top below his room. We climbed up to the top of the peak and sat, facing the moon that was now shining brighter and closer than ever. I smiled at what he was doing.

Trying to relive memories that couldn’t be imitated. When we were in high school, Ryan would sneak over my house at night when his mother didn’t want him out, and we’d sit on my roof and talk for hours on end, when the moon finally decided to become visible.

We looked at each other, our eyes twinkling with the light of the glistening stars overhead. He pushed the mahogany hair away from my eyes, and his warm, gentle hands lingered on my face. I put my hand on top of his, as if to make sure he didn’t move his own, and smiled lovingly, hoping for one in return.

“Cammy…You know…” He began to say, appearing to choose his words carefully. Obviously he wanted to word them the right way.

I waited for him to continue. He stumbled over himself a few times. “I, well, I…”
He managed to choke out. I smiled at his innocence.

I really wished I could hear exactly what he was feeling. I wished emotions could talk; it would make things so much easier than they normally are. I looked up at the moon, hazy light glowing on our faces.

*Ryan’s POV*

She looks perfect in the moonlight. Every feature, every beautiful freckle to her eyes, looked incredible. I wanted to remember that night forever. It was the night I planned to tell her my true feelings. I would finally allow myself for things to be right between us, to love as true lovers do. I longed for her touch, the only thing that could send the sensation of all emotions up my spine. She had lowered my hand from her face and was holding it in hers, watching the moon as if it was going to disappear any moment.

I searched my mind for the right words, the only ones that really mattered in the whole world to me. I stuttered and tripped over my own voice clumsily, hoping that I could locate my common sense before the right time was over.

I’m going to tell her.

*Cammy’s POV*

What is he trying to tell me? I traced his features with my eyes, waiting for a well earned explanation.

Maybe…Maybe tonight was different.

Maybe he would tell me he loved me.

*Ryan’s POV*

“Cammy, I think- no, I know…” I began.

I’m going to say it. Tell her that I love her.

*Cammy’s POV*

He’s going to say it. I can feel it. There’s no denying that face.

*Ryan’s POV*

“Cammy, I-”

I stopped as Brendon’s car pulled into my drive way and the brakes screeched as it came to a halt. He stepped out of his car and closed the door, squinting as he looked up at us.

“What the Hell are you doing, guys?” He yelled up to us.
Oh, nothing much. Just telling Cammy, the girl I loved more than life, the one thing I had so longed to tell her for years. And I had a feeling she was longing to hear it, too.

“We’re just hanging out,” Cammy yelled down to him. “What are you doing here?” She asked him curiously.

“You left me a note saying you were with Moony and Addi. When I found out you weren’t really with them, I got worried. Just watching out for you, Little Cammykins,” He explained, still yelling up to us.

There were times like these ones where I resented Brendon. He’s one of my closest, most beloved friends I’ve ever had, I’m not denying that. I just get either angry or jealous with him, and it’s difficult to hold all of it in. He smiled at us, eyeing Cammy with his huge brown eyes.

“What are you staring at?!” She shouted down to him.

“Nothing. You just look really great in this light,” He admitted bluntly.

That’s exactly why I hated him at times like these.

“Thank you, Brenny,” She thanked him sweetly. “You look great, too.”

“Not you, Cammy. I was talking to Ry,” He joked, pointing at me.

I couldn’t help but smile at his small remarks that had a tendency to always brighten everybody’s day.

“Oh, and I was talking to the other Brenny, not you. So don’t get your hopes up, Bden,” She mocked him.

She had let go of my hand as soon as his car pulled in, making sure that it was strictly on my lap and not in her hand instead. Cammy stood up and made her way down to the top part of the roof below my window. Brendon stood underneath the ledge, his arms outstretched.

“Jump. I’ll catch you,” He instructed her.

“I wonder if there’s a reason why I don’t believe that for a second,” She said, being the cute, witty Cammy that we all knew and loved.

Then it hit me.

She seemed more complete when he was with her.
More importantly, she was happy when he was around.
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