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Hopping Time Lines

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Pan is having a rough homelife after she turns 16 She uses Bulma's time machine and accidenly ends up in the wrong T.L She's on Planet Vegeta when Vegeta is a young prince at the age of 16 O...

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Hopping Time line Hopping Time line

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Chapter 1: The Beginnings of a New Life
Pan trudge into the house, Capsule corp. her second home, sick of the party outside. Everyone outside was too busy with their mates or dates. No one seemed to notice that Pan had walked away. Stomping around as she walked the halls in thought.

'Probably all had too much to drink, oh well.'
Pan thought miserably.

"Geez has everyone lost the will to train?!" Pan yelled out loud while punching a wall. Mentally she let out a small apology to Bulma for the hole. Out of the shadows she got a gruff answer. She nearly jumped as she saw him.

"Chibi to the G.R now for your painful defeat yet again."

'Oh wonderful his almightiness Vegeta, sheesh does his pride have no limits?'
Pan looked at him with his arrogant smirk and his crossed arms.


Vegeta stepped out of the shadows farther and began to walk down the hall; he still was only inches taller then Pan.

"I am not a chibi, I'm 16 damnit so shut it vegetable head!" Pan said trying to remain calm. It seemed as if no one knew her true name anymore, everyone had some stupid nickname for her. She knew she hit one of Vegeta's nerves and knew it meant a good pounding. Vegeta's temper flared up at the name and through clenched teeth he said two words.

"Chibi, G.R.!" Pan sighed and grabbed some training armor from her room preparing for the beating to come. She readily accepted the fight and fought back the best she could. Besides Pan, Vegeta and Goku very few people even trained anymore. All the rest assumed the threats were over, after all Goku and Vegeta had reached Super saiyan 4. Pan had been the first female saiyan at the age of 14 and had progressed greatly through her training. Goten and Trunks had almost long forgotten the days of their fusions now that they were almost 19. Gosan, Gohan and Videl's seconded child, was pretty relaxed about training; once or twice a week suited him just fine. He was 14 and looked almost exactly like Gohan when he was Gosan's age. Gosan was usually caught wearing a yellow and red gi, occasionally with a red bandana in his hair like his sister's orange one; only his held back his unruly spikes. He usually hung out with Goten and Trunks. Bra, Trunks' little sister was 17, and still hated fighting unless it was absolutely necessary. Though she loved shopping and usually drug Goten along with her as her poor victim subjected to carrying her purchases. Pan's thoughts returned to the battle as Vegeta grabbed hold of her tail which had accidentally uncurled from her waist, where it usually sat.

"Chibi you should pay more attention, you make it too easy to win." Vegeta always knew how to push Pan's buttons to infuriate her. And he had just pushed one, hard. As with any saiyan her pride was important and having it said that she was allowing someone else to win was shattering. Pan screamed and powered up to super saiyan. Vegeta smirked and did the same. He lunched at Pan while she was still powering up and knocked her off her feet. Pan hit the ground with an 'oof' and her temper was unleashed.

"Eat this Vegeta!" Pan hovered off the ground a bit and pulled her hands back to begin to power up her grandpa's famous finishing move.

"Kamahama..." Vegeta smirked like usual and got ready to block the blast. Just as Pan went to lunch the blast someone turned off all the gravity startling her and causing her to fall. Gosan landed under Pan and caught her.

"Thanks Gosan, got too caught up in the fight." She said as she stood back on her own two feet, her temper already distinguished.

"No problem Sis, just try not to train so hard. It's peaceful now, take a brake." Gosan said with a bit of concern for his sister that trained every day after their Dad finished tutoring them for the day.

"I know I should chill Gosan, but I want to be the strongest." Vegeta interrupted the siblings.

"You can't Chibi, I am the strongest, get used to it." Pan stuck her tongue out at him and grumbled a bit before beginning to walk outside back to the so called real world. Outside she looked around for her parents; there were scattered chairs, and random bits of trash lying around. But no where did she notice her two parents. All Pan saw was Bulma who came over to speak her. She sighed knowing what Bulma was going to say.

"Hon your parents said they're sorry but they went away for a conference and then a short vacation. You and Gosan can stay here and have your usual rooms. They couldn't find you to say good-bye so they left already." Pan felt the anger rising in her. She looked back at Bulma though and spoke

"It's ok Bulma, just means more training for me." Pan said now trying to hide her anger from Bulma. She turned and stalked off into the house.

'Why did they leave again? I swear Gosan and I spend more time here then at home. I just want to get away from it all!'


"Come on Panny you just need a sitter for a few days. Mommy and I need a small break." Gohan said trying to talk calmly to Pan and not start a huge fight.

"Dad I'm 14, I can handle Gosan and myself!" Pan shouted towards her parents. Gosan stood besides her just glaring at his parents too.

"No Pan you're still a child, you will listen and go to Bulma's." Gohan said trying to reason with his hot-headed daughter.

"But Dad! I told you I can handle this... can't you trust me just this once?" Pan said in a pleading voice. Her father glared at her coldly and took a step towards her. She stepped back, Gosan doing the same.

"Fine then I'm going to train! Something you never bother to do any more." She said giving him an icy glare of her own. Videl was to busy packing to even watch as Pan stormed off Gosan following after her to calm her down. As she left she mumbled one last thing.

"One day I'll be stronger then all of you..."


Pan didn't realize where she was for a few moments. Beeping objects, flashing lights, lots of metal things, she was in Bulma's lab. To her right was a pile of garbage. Off in the corner were some of her smaller inventions. But right in front of her was one of Bulma's best inventions, the time machine. Suddenly like all the flashing lights an idea flashed into to Pan's head. It developed fully in a matter of seconds.

'I could go hang out with Mira Trunks in his time line. My parents won't care they were out having a vacation.'
Thinking about it she figured Gosan was the only one who would care.

Slowly Pan opened the hatch to the time machine. She noticed a word inscribed on the side, /Hope./

'Yep that's what I need, a whole hell of a lot of it too.'
Pan left a short note to Gosan saying she was heading to Mira Trunks' home. Pan hit a few memorized buttons, but her finger slipped on the last button sending her flying some where other then Mira Trunks' time line. As Pan was sent hurdling to her new destination she somehow twisted her right wrist almost completely around. It now stuck out at a very strange and painful angle and hurt like hell. A few minutes later Pan saw her ship land in a barren land. Sand was all around her and not a place in sight.

'Oh great a desert...'
Were Pan's last thoughts as she passed out from hitting her head off the dashboard.

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